40 Craft Room Design Ideas for Better Organization & Creativity

Love to craft & be creative? If you have the space, then you’re going to want a designated room, especially for crafting.

One of the best things about making a room for your own crafts is that this helps keep you well organized with your projects. If you decide to do your own room, we highly recommend you first think about how the room should be organized – considering what type of crafts you do most often and what other crafts you would like to try. You’ll want to keep crafting supplies handy and also away from getting dusty or picked up by curious toddlers!

Craft room organization projects are good to make and sell, because even if crafters don’t have a specific room only for crafts they may appreciate having some of the organization systems. If you are the type of person who can put together IKEA furniture for example, you could charge a fee for this to help crafters. Or even refurbishing old furniture, to make it ideal to hold crafting supplies – this is both eco-friendly and a way to still treasure a beloved piece of furniture.

To make and sell these organization systems, consider what types of crafts you know a bit about and could create systems for. Sewing for example needs very specific crafting organizational supplies organization. So does scrapbooking.


Take the time to talk to the crafter, to understand how they would like to use the room or space. Also ask them if their children will be crafting too, as this may change how you design things.

Happy DIY-ing!

Crafting a Craft Room

Creating your craft room can be a work of art itself. Make it functional, but pretty too!

From TheBudgetDecorator

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Use a lot of markers, pens, washi tape, etc? Try this DIY drawer dividers.

From IHeartOrganizing

Craft Room Reveal

Love to sew and fabric crafts? This craft room is perfectly designed for this!

From HoneyBearLane

My Copic Storage

Love to use pen and ink? Here is a great way to store your favorite pens easily.

From Tangiink

An Attic Crafts Room

Your craft room can be anywhere in the house you have space. Simply look for a space you aren’t using much.

From BHG

Sewing Craft Room Ideas and Updates

Sewing your favorite craft? Here is the perfect sewing craft room.

From SewManyWays

DIY Craft Table

A craft table can be helpful, especially for jewelry making or pen and ink crafts. Here is a DIY craft table to make.

From ThriftyDecorChick

10 Secrets Behind This Tidy Craft Room

Here’s a craft room created for lots of different types of crafts. Best of all, they can invite others over to come craft with them too.

From GoodHousekeeping, crafting space of Jaime Favor blogger at Raising Up Rubies

Craft Room Desk Tutorial

On a budget for your craft room? You’re going to like this DIY project!

From HowToNestForLess

Family Craft Room Makeover

Here’s a great family craft room. Space for everyone to be creative.

From BHG

Craft Room Makeover

This craft room is perfect, especially if you like to do a couple of different types of crafts. You’ve got a big counter space for crafting too!

From HoneyBearLane

Craft Room Makeover

When her son moved out, this Mom turned his room into her craft room. Take a look!

From GoodHousekeeping 

Before and After an Unused Garage Becomes a Colorful Craft Studio

Don’t use your garage much? Why not turn it into a crafting room!

From DesignSponge

Make Your Crafting Space Pinterest Worthy

What’s the best craft space? One that’s pretty & super organized too.

From GoodHousekeeping

Craft Room Storage Made Easy

Its not enough to have a craft room. You’ve got to keep it well organized.

From BHG

Stenciled Pegboard

Pegboard is very popular in craft rooms. Did you know, if you stencil it that your pegboard will be so much prettier?

From OrganizingMadeFun

Closet Craft Room Makeover

A small closet becomes the perfect spot to craft. Look at how well organized this is!

From GoodHousekeeping

Simple craft supplies storage ideas

Got a lot of ribbon? Don’t let the cats play with it, organize it easily instead this way.

From Craft.Ideas2Live4

Craft Room Makeover Reveal

Pretty, with pink stripes and blooms. This is a room that’s ready to craft in!

From HowToNestForLess

An Organized Craft Room – How to Organize Ribbon

Have a large craft room? Don’t neglect organizing your supplies, try what this crafter did!

From OrganizingMadeFun

How to clean and organize your craft space

Isn’t this terrific? Remember that your craft room will work well, if you keep it well organized.

From HubPages

Craft Room Wall with Whites and Brights

Look at how bright and colorful this craft wall is. Everything is also easy to find.

From Craft-o-Maniac

Oh Happy Day Studio Tour One Desk 4 Ways

Look at the creative “inspiration board” behind the desk. The desk has lots of space for digital creations as well as other types of creativity too.

From OhHappyDay

Craft Room Progress and Storage

Creating a craft room? One of the big things you’ll want to think about – is lots of storage!

From HowToNestForLess 

Ribbon Storage Ideas

Love ribbon? Keep it stored easily following these tips.

From Craft.Ideas2Live4

Reader Space Craftaholics Craft Room

Here is a craft room with a special nook for sewing. If you make clothes, quilts or stuffed animals, then this something you would want.

From IHeartOrganizing

DIY Wall Organizer

If you have a craft room, you’re going to want a wall organizer. It keeps all of your crafting necessities handy.

From DesignSponge

Something Turquoise Craft Room Part Four

Be amazed at how organized and beautiful this craft room is. This is not a pricey craft room, but its easy to see everything easily on hand.

From SomethingTurquoise

Craft Room Ideas on a Budget

Don’t think you have to have a fat bank account to make a craft room. Stretch your budget, and see what you can do!

From SouthernHospitalityBlog

DIY Craft Room Pegboard Wall

Isn’t this adorable? Perfect for a Mom and daughter to share too!

From ByDawnNicole 

Something Turquoise Craft Room Part Three

Finding the right furniture is important to creating a great craft room. See how nicely this dresser keeps everything well organized.

From Something Turquoise

Paper Craft Storage in IKEA Shelving

Love paper crafts? What you probably need is large shelves, to store your papers neatly.

From StampNStorage

Reader Space Craft Room Meagan Made

Look at these storage towers! Perfect for scrapbooking and other paper crafts.

From IHeartOrganizing

Craft Room Pegboard

Like to do a variety of crafts? This pegboard shows you how to keep it all well organized and tidy.

From PrettyProvidence

Reader Space A Creative Place to Craft

If you are serious about crafting, then you may want to design the entire room especially for crafting. Just as this reader at this blog site did.

From IHeartOrganizing

Craft Storage from an Old Hutch

Sometimes repuposing furniture can be a great idea for your craft space. Look at how much this hutch holds.

From PositivelySplendid

Workspace Upgrades

What we love about this pegboard is it includes both a clock and live plants. There is a table right under it with 2 sewing machines.

From FabricPaperGlue

Amanda’s Showroom

Look at how Amanda has organized her craft room itself to be as pretty as the rest of the home decor. All of the markers and crayons are visible, in attractive containers.

From StyleBlueprint 

Extra Large Pegboard for Craft Room Organization

This pegboard is larger than others. Perfect if Mom and several daughters are crafting!

From HoneyBearLane

How to Build Your Own Pegboard Office Supply Organizer

This organizer is for crafts, office supplies and storage. See how it uses buckets and brackets to maximize storage ideas?

From CravingSomeCreativity