40 More DIY Rock Painting Ideas

If you like to stroll through your town, or hike in a pretty place, chances are you’ve come across hand-painted rocks. These are a new, popular DIY trend that have made a resurgence. In some communities, people post on Facebook in their local groups where people can find the rocks and then the people who’ve found them share photos of both finding them & then re-hiding them.

For a DIY-er, hand painted rocks are an ideal project. Why? Well, some are quite simple and others are much more intricate. It is easy to choose a rock design you can complete in an afternoon, or one that will take you a couple of weekends to do. There are so many choices for types of rocks you can DIY. Some of our favorites include rocks with messages or inspirational sayings – as these are perfect to give to someone, or to keep with you when you need that extra pick-me-up as you go about your day.

Hand painted rocks are a fun family DIY project or are great to do for a kids’ party. The only challenge will be drying the rocks before sending them home, it may be best to have families pick them up at a later day and time.

We’ve found you 40 fun hand painted rock projects to try. And we know that you will want to DIY some of these great colorful rocks. Whether to add to your own garden or front walkway to greet guests, or to leave when you take your next walk as a nice surprise for someone when they walk along the same path as you.

So let’s get started. Happy DIY-ing!


Bring these to the beach for a fun day! A great DIY to try for the summer.

From SustainMyCraftHabit

Elephant Rock Art

So charming. A beautiful painted rock.

From Etsy.com by ETANGRusticArtStudio

Ladybug Painted Rocks

So charming! Why not paint some ladybugs?

From CraftsByAmanda 

You Are Loved

Isn’t this beautiful? You are Loved.

From Etsy.com by TanaBarisoff

Kawaii Candy Corn Halloween Painted rock

Want a fun Halloween project? Try this DIY.

From ILovePaintedRocks

Hand Painted Flowers Stone

So pretty. Perfect if you love poppies.

From Etsy.com by ClaudinesArt 

Vintage Camper Painted Rocks

So charming. Here is a fun painted rock.

From AttaGirlSays

Painted rock “HOPE” inspirational garden stone prayer rock

Want to send someone a hopeful message? Here is a lovely painted rock.

From Etsy.com by Moodstones

How to make easy chick painted rocks that are perfect for Easter

Want a great DIY for Easter? Try these.

From RockPainting101

Set of 4 candy polka dot stones

Love candy? Take a look at these charming rocks.

From Etsy.com by CreateAndCherish

Glow in the Dark Monster Rocks

Perfect for a Kid’s party! Try this DIY!

From CraftsByAmanda

Smile Rock Inspirational Word Rock

Know someone whose smile you love? Give them this charming rock.

From Etsy.com by TanaBarisoff 

Minion Stones – a fab Minion Craft

Love the Minions? Try this fun DIY.

From MumInTheMadHouse

Initial Rock

So charming! The perfect monogrammed gift.

From Etsy.com by TaraBarisoff 

Painted Rock Garden Markers

Growing vegetables? You’ve got to try this DIY.

From CraftsByAmanda

BE KIND Hand Painted Stone

Isn’t it lovely to be kind? Pretty hand painted stone.

From Etsy.com by LynnsFunCreations

Large river rock crescent moon

Isn’t this beautiful? We love the colors on this rock.

From Etsy.com by Annasrocks7702 

Bee Happy Painted Rock

Do you want to Bee Happy? Why not look at this rock?

From Etsy.com by AlleluiaRocks

Skull Rocks

Perfect to DIY for a Halloween party. Simply adorable.

From CraftsByAmanda

Toy Story Alien Rock Painting for Kids

Love the movie Toy Story? Here is a fun DIY rock to paint.

From SimpleEverydayMom

Star Wars Jawa Rocks

Star Wars fan? We know you’ll want to try this DIY.

From CraftsByAmanda 

Pet Cactus Rocks

So adorable! Try this fun DIY.

From TheBestIdeasForKids

Mandala Stone

Simply stunning. You can’t help but admire the intricate painting here.

From Etsy.com by GoMandalas 

Daisy Painted Rocks

So charming. Perfect for spring.

From CraftsByAmanda

Zendangle Spring Rocks

So charming! We love the hand lettering & flowers on this rock.

From RockPainting101

Strawberry Painted Rocks

Love strawberries? Sweet and fun painted rocks.

From CraftsbyAmanda 

Forky Painted Rocks for Kids

Painted rocks for kids are fun. Try this DIY.

From SimpleEveryDayMom

Snowflake Painted Rocks

What great Christmas gifts! Make them for family & friends.

From CraftsByAmanda

Apple Blossom Trees

Perfect for springtime. Try this fun DIY.

From RockPainting101

Painted Rock Chicks

So cute to DIY for Easter and springtime. Add these to Easter baskets.

From CraftsByAmanda 

Pocket Monsters

Super cute & not too scary. Try this fun DIY.

From Instagram, posted by awkwardart_tward 

Father’s Day Hero Stones

Want to say Happy Father’s Day? DIY these.

From CraftsByAmanda

Butterfly Rocks

Who doesn’t love a butterfly? Keep one around always with these DIY rocks.From RockPainting101 

Tulip painted rocks

Bright cheerful tulips on this rock. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

From RockPainting101 

Spring Wreath Painted Rock ~ Spring stone painting that inspires!

Charming & a fresh breath of spring to put in your pocket and bring wherever you go. Ideal for more advanced rock painters.

From RockPainting101

Picnic Blanket Rocks

Who says ants at a picnic can’t be fun? So adorable!

From RockPainting101

Sunset Rock – Blending paints to create a sunset on a rock

Here is a stunning rock painting we know you’ll want to try. Do this DY.

From RockPainting101 

Sunset Rocks

We’ve posted a sunrise rock – now here’s a sunset too! Try this fun rock DIY.

From RockPainting101

Penguin Painted Rocks – Cute Christmas Painted Rocks

Don’t these bring a smile to your face? Try DIY-ing these on round or oval rocks.

From TheSoccerMomBlog