40 DIY Socks You Can Make Yourself

Are you looking for a quick DIY project that offers fantastic results? If so, we’ve got a real treat for you! DIY socks! Making socks is not just for little old ladies in rocking chairs, it’s actually hip and cool. If you consider yourself to be a fashionista, you’ll love that you can pick the exact colors and fabrics that are perfect to match your outfits.

Socks make a great gift. Be practical for a moment and remember that we all wear them! So consider DIY-ing them for your family and friends, as this is a homemade gift they will likely use repeatedly and really appreciate.

We’ve found you 40 terrific sock patterns. From knit, crochet, fleece and sewing patterns too. There are patterns especially for babies and kids, and then ones for adults also. So you’ll find that perfect, cozy pair of socks, whether you need light socks to wear in summer, socks to go with your workout, or a cozy pair for when it is snowing.

If you’re new to DIY projects, we especially want to encourage you to try making socks. They don’t take more than an afternoon or a weekend to make, and you’ll see terrific results. So this is a project that can only increase your DIY skills and confidence.


So let’s get started. Happy DIY-ing!

DIY “If You Can Read This” Kids Socks

So Adorable. Also very fun to DIY!

From CasaMonCada

Happy Feet Splash Sock Free Knitting Pattern

These have a lovely colorful splashy pattern to them! A fun knit sock for beginners.

From NobleKnits


Yoga Socks Free Knitting Pattern

Want to keep your feet cozy while doing yoga? DIY these.

From StartKnitting

Comfy Crochet Slippers

Love to crochet? DIY these great, cozy slippers.

From WoolPatterns 

All Twisted Up Yoga Sock Pattern

Don’t these look like fun? Make these before your next yoga class.

From BClef 

YinYang Kitty Ankle Socks

Meow! DIY these adorable ankle socks.

From Ravelry

Free Yoga Sock Knitting Pattern

Tried the magic loop method? Use it to DIY these great socks.

From Bromefields 

Lake Town Socks

Aren’t these amazing? You’ve got to DIY these.

From EasyCrochet 

Ajao Socks

Don’t these look unique? DIY these great socks.

From Knotions

Easy Crochet Slipper Socks

The best thing about these socks? You can make them for kids, or adults – every size you want!

From MakeAndDoCrew

Pilates or Yoga Socks

Perfect for the gym. Get fit and keep your feet warm too.

From Ravelry

Crochet Yoga Socks

Are you a huge yoga fan? You’ve got to crochet these.

From BHooked 

Valkyries Boot Socks

Need boot socks? This is your DIY then.

From Knotions 

Island Time Socks Free Knitting Pattern

So pretty! Make these ankle length socks.

From NobleKnits

Lollipop Forest Socks

What fun socks! DIY a pair of these for you, and then one for a friend too!

From Knotions

Hunca Munca

Oh, so sweet! DIY these adorable baby socks!

From Ravelry 

Else’s Estonian Lace Socks

So delicate and feminine! DIY these pretty socks.

From Knotions 

Alaska Knitted Ankle Socks

So pretty! DIY these lovely socks.

From AmazingKnitting 

Basic Ribbed Socks

Perfect for new knitters. DIY these great socks.

From Ravelry

Treble Strip Socks

So pretty and dainty! If you crochet, you’ve got to DIY these socks!

From Ravelry 

Making Fleece Socks

Perfect for those cold and snowy days. DIY fleece socks.

From ThriftyFun

ZigZagular Socks

So much fun! DIY these socks, perfect for teens!

From Ravelry

Tutorial by Rae: Dragon Slippers

Both adorable and so cozy. Make these for your kids!

From Made-by-Rae

Chevron Striped Socks Free Knitting Pattern

Love chevron stripes? DIY these fun socks.

From NobleKnits

Microwavable Socks for Toasty Tootsies!

Are your feet always cold? DIY these for you or a family member.

From Instructables

Classic Socks Free Knitting Pattern

Bright, colorful and fun! DIY these great socks.

From NobleKnits

Bywater Socks

Love stripes? These women’s socks are so cute!

From Ravelry

DIY Splatter Paint Socks

So creative and colorful. These socks are fun to make.

From ClubCrafted

Cabled Inset Socks Free Knitting Pattern

Love the colors for these socks! DIY these for you or a friend.

From NobleKnits

Fleece Sock Tutorial

Perfect for beginners! Make these for hiking and outdoor activities.

From SaltyPeanutsStitchery

Tie Dye Socks Tutorial

Tie Dye is super fun! DIY these as a family.

From CraftPaperScrissors

Julie Lace Socks Free Knitting Pattern

So delicate and pretty! DIY these lovely socks!

From NobleKnits 

Cozy Socks from Polarfleece Blanket

DIY-ing using materials you already have is very smart. You can make these socks using a blanket.

From Instructables

DIY Non-Slip Socks Kids Craft

Here’s a fun kids craft! DIY some easy no slip socks.

From OneCreativeMommy 

Ultra Comfy Fleece Socks

One of the best things about fleece socks is they are super comfy. DIY these!

From CutOutAndKeep