45 Craft Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell


Why do we make crafts and put together DIY projects? Well, for the love of course, but in some cases for money. Not the love of money, that’s bad, but because getting paid to do what you love is considered a very successful life. So, with that in mind, I present 44 craft ideas that range from “dang simple” to “kinda hard,” especially if you can’t sew. There is something for every crafter; and I believe every one of these ideas can sell at any craft show or even on Etsy. In fact, a few are already proven sellers on Etsy.com (and we linked to those that are) and many of those have sold out so there is room for you to make more of anything. If you have had success at a craft show, please share. This site isn’t just about me sharing ideas with readers, but you sharing ideas with me and also my readers.

Let me know if any of these most excellent craft ideas are something you have sold before or if you think you might try to sell online or at a craft bizarre, expo or whatever your hometown calls your craft sale. Can you believe it? 44 craft ideas and not a single mason jar to be found?

Lost Sock Board for the Laundry Room



Oh, how clever. This is a good idea for a craft project that will definitely sell on a craft show. Who doesn’t have a box of socks with a no matching sock to be found. Now you can see them easily to match the lost sock. And, it will likely give you a chuckle every now and then. Found on 1,000 Things To Do. (This site does have time-out issues, speaking of…)

Time Out Stool Tutorial


This lovely and playful idea for putting a child in time out seems like a winner to me and a great conversational piece that would be an easy craft project sell and make. Found on Christiney’s Crafts.

Dollar store plate charger and chalkboard paint- what a GREAT idea to sell at craft fairs

DIY Christmas plate

Found on lizziscreations.blogspot.com

Handmade Franciscan Earthenware Cake Stand in Turquoise

Handmade Franciscan Earthenware Cake Stand in Turquoise

Item has been removed from Etsy.com. Here is a copy.

Lollipop Stand for Sale

lollipop stand

Found on meetthedubiens.com

Have a Rock Concert in your Garden

Find some rocks, get some paint and maybe some googly eyes and you have a fun and cheap DIY craft to sell at your next craft show.

Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Found here: Homemade Dog Treats

Washi Tape Clocks

Tansforming an ordinary clock with some pieces of washi tape makes this on the the easier crafts to make and sell. Choose from many creative and eclectic washi tape patterns.


Nail Cross Pendant


Found on mollydodd.wordpress.com

Dishwasher Magnet, Clean or Dirty

dishwasher clean dirty magnet

Found on auntnubbyskitchen.blogspot.com

Handmade Display Shelf Makes Hot Wheels Even Hotter!

Handmade Display Shelf

Found onLumberJocks.com

Cute collar & tie for your dog

A great craft project that will sell very well to all those dog owners who love their canines.

Cute collar & tie for your dog

Found on ammothedachshund.com

Football Onsie

hobby lobby brown onesie + felt = Football Fun

For the baby whose Dad loves football. Know any Dads like that? I thought so.

football onsie

Found on tiffkeetch.blogspot.com

Glass Gem Marble Letter Magnets

Glass Gem Marble Letter Magnets

Found on twobigtwolittle.com

Seatbelt Pillows

Make these super cute, super easy Seatbelt Pillows before your summer road trip. No more neck strained car seat sleeping!


Found on superjenn.com Original post is now here.

Child’s Art Apron from Dishtowel!

painted rocks

Found on dollarstorecrafts.com

Wine Cork Keychains

wine cork keychaings

Found on addicted2decorating.com

Snowman Poop Gift for Christmas

Heard you’ve been naughty so here’s the scoop – all you get for Christmas is Snowman Poop.

snowman poop

Found on enchantedladybugcreations.blogspot.com

Painted Rocks for Garden Organization

painted rocks garden

Found on lubirdbaby.com

Recycled Box Notepads

Recycled Box Notepads

Found on infarrantlycreative.net

No-Sew Market Tote

No-Sew Market Tote

Found on marthastewart.com

Jewelry Pail Organizer

Jewelry Pail Organizer

Found on dollarstorecrafts.com

4 ingredient doggie treats

4 ingredient doggie treats

Found on browneyedbaker.com

genius!!! hot pan handle holder

genius!!! hot pan handle holder

Found on untrendylife.com

How to transfer a photo onto a slab of wood… for a unique diy photo display

From The Art of Doing Stuff

Get your own wood art

This is sourced from The Art of Doing Stuff. Great job, Karen!

Video Tutorial – DIY Wooden Picture

Turn Inexpensive Frames Into Chalkboard Signs

 chalkboard signs

Paint the frames, and then paint the glass with chalkboard paint.

Wine Glasses make Great Candle Lamps


You can do this easy DIY craft using wine glasses by following the directions here. These make great crafts to sell for weddings and romantic evenings.

Upcycling Old Knife Holder

Upcycling Old Knife Holder

Sand, Paint, and Decorate: You see knife blocks ALL THE TIME at goodwill.

Found on austinstaynplay.blogspot.com

Roadway Crochet Throw for a Children’s Toy

Crafts for children are usually easy to sell. Moms and Grandmothers love to buy for their children.

roadway Crochet Throw

Found on ravelry.com

Blue Snowflake Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments that are unique make great sale items at craft shows.

Blue Snowflake Cupcake Christmas Ornaments - Cherry & Glitter

Found on etsy.com

DIY Cookie Basket Made From A Paper Plate

Easy way to package bake goods at craft sales.

DIY Cookie Basket Made From A Paper Plate

Found on onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Growth Charts… Maybe measure him on his birthday every year?

Growth Charts Maybe measure him on his birthday every year

Found on etsy.com

Chalkboard wine bottles

chalkboard wine bottles

Found on Etsy

Jelly Bean Bracelets

jelly bean bracelets

Found on artzycreations.com

DIY How to Transfer an Image to a Rock

DIY How to Transfer an Image to a Rock

Found on VillaBarnes.com

Coat Rack. This would be so easy to make and sell

Coat Rack. This would be so easy to make

Found on cargocollective.com

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets

Found on mamamiss.com

Candles in Tea Cups

candle teacups

Found on heygorg.com

Do It Yourself: Etched Glass Water Bottle

Do It Yourself Etched Glass Water Bottle

Found on creativegreenliving.com

Pallet Sign Hand Painted Chevron Pattern Chevron Sign

Pallet Sign Hand Painted Chevron Pattern Chevron Sign

Found on etsy.com

Denim Side Pouch or Pocket

Denim Side Pouch or Pocket

Pinned by Nastja Rozman

Glass Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are an inexpensive item that you can sell in bulk online at at craft shows. Glass magnets look nice, are easy to make and sell at craft sales.


Found on marthataylorphillips.blogspot.com

Seashells On A Craft Wood Letter

Seashells On A Craft Wood Letter


I can’t find the site that made this, but this looks to be the earliest source I could find for credit (July, 2011). If you know who did this, let me know and I’ll update this listing. Great idea for a beach home.

DIY Crafty Coffee Cozy

diy coffee cozy

Found on craftystaci.com

DIY seed bombs

DIY seed bombs

Found on Project Wedding

Do you have any craft ideas that sold really well for you?