40 DIY Fun Leggings Designs & Tutorials

A simple walk through town or looking on social media, and you’ll quickly notice just how popular leggings are for women, teens and girls! But its not just about wearing “simple” leggings that started in the 1980’s – today’s leggings are unique, creative and fun. If you are a DIY fan, then these are the leggings that you want to create!

Don’t be shy if you’ve never picked up a needle and thred before. We’ve got some no sew projects and also some that are ideal for beginners to try. There are 40 legging projects here, something for everyone to enjoy.

So whether you wear your leggings to the gym or yoga class, or like to hang out in them. Or if leggings are what you put on when you go out with friends to a fun festival or for “club wear” then we’ve got just the pair that you’re going to want to make.


What we think is really going to make you smile is that we’ve also found you a couple of great posts about customizing your leggings. Why? Well, when you make DIY leggings, its not just about making your own but making sure they fit your exact body type and shape – because, well, leggings really “hug” your body. So do take a look at their tips to get that “just right” fit.

We can’t wait to see your leggings! Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Crazy Leggings

Love those leggings with wild and fun patterns? Make your own!

From PrettyQuirkyPants.com

Winter Warm Ribbed Leggings

Leggings can be so cozy in cold weather. Try these ribbed style, under jeans too!

By Etsy.com by knitandgreen

DIY Graphic Leggings Skinned

Looking for a truly unique pair of leggings? Take a look at these!

From Instructables.com

DIY Knee Patch Leggings

Here is a tutorial for knee patch leggings. It uses a Cricut machine!

By PagingSuperMom

Tie Dye Leggings

Here is a favorite legging style. With tie dye you can do something simple or more complex with the design.

From Etsy.com by CucurClothing

Tribal Leggings

Here’s a fun pattern for leggings. Stylish and unique.

From Etsy.com by PrimitiveTribalCraft

DIY Slashed Leggings

Inspired by the Kardashians. We know you’ll want these leggings!

By CutOutAndKeep.net

Yoga Pants a tutorial

Like leggings? Try making yoga pants too!

From Sweet-Verbena

Boho Leggings

See how a bright and fun colorful pattern makes your leggings really pop? Everyone will notice these leggings!

From Etsy.com by TulipeStudio

Monarch Butterfly leggings screenprint

These leggings are stunning. They’re screenprinted and so colorful!

From Etsy.com by AkuaCreative 

DIY Gypsy Leggings

Using stencil and a bleach pen, you can make artistic looking leggings. Give these a try!

From GypsyMoments

Black Galaxy Leggings Bleached

These leggings truly have a unique look. A lot of women like the galaxy look!

From Etsy.com by BareCanvasClothing

Womens Leggings

These leggings are dyed in such a unique and colorful way. Everyone will admire them!

From Etsy.com by Sunjunki 

Light Up Leggings

Here is a unique legging project. You’ll receive lots of compliments on these!

From Instructables.com

No Hem Bow Cuff Leggings

You’ll see these on tiny tots and women alike, because they look adorable! Learn how to make bows for your leggings.

From Madmim

Braided Leggings Festival Wear

Like going to festivals? Take a look at these leggings!

At Etsy.com by roufe 

Vinyl Leggings

Want the rocker look without the high pricetag? Make these vinyl leggings, perfect for a costume too!

From Instructables 

Heart Patch Leggings Knock Off

These leggings look adorable and are simple to make. A perfect beginner’s project!

By EleganceAndElephants.com

DIY Zebra Print Leggings Using Bleach

Eyecatching and fun, these are great leggings. Perfect for a beginner project too!

From Instructables.com

Yoga Pants

Love leggings? You can also make yoga pants.

At SewYourTV.com

No Sew Braided Leggings

Wow! What a pair of leggings. These are fun to make.

From Instructables

Create Custom Leggings in 30 Minutes

One of the big challenges in making your own leggings is getting that perfect fit. This post at Spoonflower shows you exactly how to do that!

From Spoonflower

DIY Suspender Leggings

Here’s a unique looking pair of leggings. Great for beginners too.

By PrettyQuirkyPants.com

Tight Leggings Free Pattern

This pattern is available in sizes XS to XL. You can easily customize it for the leggings you prefer.

At SewYourTV.com

Braided Spiral Leggings

Perfect for a festival or party. These are eye catching leggings.

From Etsy.com by ShambaWear

DIY Patterned Leggings

These are perfect for school or to wear for your next workout. Great to make in your favorite color!

By PrettyLifeGirls.com

Easy Sport Lycra Leggings in Under An Hour

If you want leggings purely for fitness, then choose these. Here’s a great pattern to try!

From Spoonflower

Make Your Own Custom Fitting Leggings

This is a great post to look at, because it will help you get that truly custom fit for your leggings. Even if you are new to sewing, take a look and you’ll learn some helpful tips!

From Tashadelrae.com

Tutorial Bandage Leggings

Perfect for club wear or just for fun. These bandage leggings are eye catching!

From SylAndSam.com

DIY Leggings

Here is a pattern for how to make your own leggings. As you can see, they are simple to make.

From ScatteredThoughtsOfACraftyMom.com

DIY Cell Phone Pocket for leggings

Make that walk or run a lot easier. With this pocket, you’ll always have your cell handy!

By ThePetiteSewist.com

DIY Heart Patches

Aren’t these sweet? Just in time for Valentine’s Day too!

From TwoThirtyFiveDesigns.com

DIY Bandage Leggings

Want leggings that really get attention for your next workout? Try these!

From MoreCompositionPlease

Galaxy Leggings

This print has become super popular and now you can make your own. Its out of this world!

From VintageEdge

Stamped Leggings

Here are cute leggings you could make with many different designs. A great one for a beginner to try!

At ItsAlwaysAutumn.com

Braided Leggings

Look at how stylish these leggings look! With cutouts!

From Etsy.com by Ahzalhea