40 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Living Room

Want a new look for your living room? Or perhaps you are looking for a craft to make and sell? DIY Wall Art for the living room is an excellent choice!

Wall art if you purchase it most often costs about $50 and up, this is something people are willing to pay when they find something terrific and that is high quality. Remember that the living room of the home is a busy room that everyone enjoys. It is the room where you most often entertain guests. A family also will usually spend family time there, such as watching TV, reading storybooks and playing board games. So it is understandable that a family will want wall art that represents who they are as a family – or a couple – and also that looks its very best.

We’ve found you 40 terrific wall art projects, ideal for the living room. You’ll see painting, scrapbooking, projects with quotes, geometric wall art and so much more here. There are projects here that are terrific for beginners to try.

If you want to sell wall art, we recommend you visit the homes of a couple of family members and friends, to notice their decor and see what is important to them. Try to get a sense of what type of wall art you want to create and what your ideal customer is, who would be buying it from you.

Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Roman Numerals Wedding Date Art

Newlyweds? Here is terrific wall art for your first home together.

From DesertDomicile

Semi DIY Colorful Canvas Art

Want something bright and colorful? Try this vivid canvas art.

From PepperDesignBlog

Circle Paintings Floating Frame

Fun for kids and adults. Display your best artwork in this unique floating frame.

From ArtBarBlog

One Hour Canvas Art

Want a stunning modern art painting? Even a beginner can make one, in 1 hour!

From LoveCreateCelebrate

DIY Canvas Artwork

Want to make a painting that looks great? Even if you are beginner, this is a good one to try.

From OohILikeThat

Inspired Canvas

Bright and colorful. This really is inspired!

From ThePleatedPoppy

Marker Wall Frames

Here’s a unique look. Add marker wall frames to your wall decor.

From BHG

Canvas Scroll Wall Art

Sweet & old fashioned. Here is wall art you’ll love to have in your living room.

From LoveGrowsWild

Scrapbook Flower Wall Art

Like flowers? Try this pretty one, make with scrapbooking.

From ConsumerCrafts

Acrylic Birch Tree Painting DIY

New to painting? Here is one even beginners can make and still get terrific results.

From TheBeautyWithin

Two Minute Canvas Art

Love modern art? In a few minutes you can DIY your own!

From LoveCreateCelebrate

Elmers Glue Wall Art

How pretty! This is make with a little Elmers Glue.

from VirginiaAndCharlie

DIY Paw Print Wall Art

Do you have pets? Make wall art that includes their paw prints!

From DecorByTheSeashore

Glitter Chevron Canvas Tutorial

Chevron stripes are all the rage! Try a Chevron canvas for your new place.

From JohnnyAndRach

How to Make Your Own Number Subway Art

Want something sophisticated? Try this fun contemporary art canvas.

From LoveCreateCelebrate

DIY Painted IKAT Art

Like the IKAT look? Make your own inspired painting.

From LoveGrowsWild

Wordy Wall Art

Love quotes? Pick your favorite and make it “pop” on a canvas.

From BrownSugarToast 

Make Easy DIY Art with a Canvas Stretcher Frame and Pretty Fabric

Stylish and elegant. Take your favorite fabric, its just about that simple.

From LiaGriffith

Hexagon Wall Planter

Love plants? Show them off in these unique wall art style planters.

From LoveCreateCelebrate

White Birch Slices Wall Sculpture

Isn’t this sweet? White Birch slices in the shape of a heart.

From Etsy.com by urbanplusforest

Verse of the Week Wall Art DIY

What’s great about this wall art is that you can change it all the time. This is a great beginner’s project too.

From TheBeautyWithin31

DIY Large Scale Wall Tapestry

Want something unique? Try this DIY wall tapestry.

From Curbly, with Fabric.com

Easy Kids Art Project Citrus Stamped Canvas

Fun for kids & adults to make! Bright and cheery for your living room too.

From BusyMommyMedia

DIY Farmhouse Inspired Marriage Vows

Newlywed or celebrating an anniversary? Here is sweet wall art for your living room.

From TheBeautyWithin31

DIY Herringbone Canvas Art

Like stripes? This wall art is great for a trendy living room decor.

From IShouldBeMoppingTheFloor

Making Mossy Wall Art

Love the natural look? Try this in your living room to get lots of compliments.

From Curbly

DIY Tropical Wall Art

Want something to remind you of the tropics? Try this fun wall art project.

From LiaGriffith

DIY 3D Wall Art

Here is a unique wall art project that is sure to be noticed. Perfect for a large space too.

From Curbly and Mandy from Vintage Revivals

DIY Wall Art Anyone Can Make

Like a contemporary look? Here is living room wall art that is simple to make too.

From DabblesAndBabbles

Mounted Orchids and Succulents

Have a green thumb? Here is a unique way to display your favorite plants.

From LiaGriffith

How to Make Agate Inspired Art Work

Love gemstones and minerals? Here is a fun project, to create DIY wall art for your living room inspired by them.

From JenniferRizzo

Easy Gold Foiled Art

Want something elegant? Try making this gold foiled art for your walls.

From LiaGriffith

DIY Yarn Wall Art

Want to make wall art for the living room but not something in a frame? Try textiles!

From Oteotu

DIY Wall Art

Doesn’t this look great? Here is wall art you’ll have fun making.

From TheEmbellishedNest

Charlotte Stenciled Wall Art

Both feminine and a little vintage. This is wall art that is simple to make but also looks lovely.

From CuttingEdgeStencils

Fired Ink Art

This looks like professional, contemporary art! But its so simple, you can actually make it with your kids!

From ItsAlwaysAutumn

DIY Wall Art Tutorial

Isn’t this sweet? Try this charming wall art for your living room.

From NearNormalcy

DIY Large 7 Typographic Wall Art

A perfect choice if you are looking for large wall art. Celebrate the day you bought the house, your wedding anniversary or a child’s birthday.

From DesertDomicile

Super Cute to hang at Christmas

Doesn’t this look kind of like snowflakes or tie-dye? Made with spray paint and paper doileys.

From Phomz

DIY Vintage Prints Wall Art

Aren’t these sweet? Simple to make too.

From ItsAlwaysAutumn  with Illustrations from The Graphics Fairy