40 Creative Painting Ideas for Your Wall

Want to give a room in your home a new look? Decorators and realtors agree that a fresh coat of paint is the least expensive and best way to do it. Fortunately today, you’ll find there are tons of creative DIY painting ideas that you can try. Even ones where a beginner whose only held a paintbrush a couple of times will feel confident about getting great results.

One thing we’ll encourage you to consider is to think about having a “feature wall” in any room. This is a wall where you add extra embellishments, where people notice it instantly. Doing special painting effects to every wall in a room might make it look a bit, well, overwhelming depending on the style and size of the room you choose. So sometimes less is actually a whole lot more! Choose one wall and let that creative painting style you love really “pop” out and everyone will admire it.

Painting DIY projects often are ones that you simply don’t want to tackle alone. This is a time where it is entirely socially acceptable to ask family and friends to join you, to help with a painting project. Remember that it is your duty to supply lunch, dinner, snacks and soda/beverages to keep your volunteer painting crew happy and fortified. Also remember when you get the call to help them with a painting or DIY project, that it is your turn to say “yes!”

A fresh color of paint can totally change the look of a room. Remember that lighter colors typically make a room look bigger. Brighter colors are often energizing, but can be a little too intense for something like a child’s bedroom or a room that you want to have soothing activities like sleep. But today’s “rules” about painting are much different than they were even 10 or even 5 years ago, and just about any color that you “love” is certainly okay to use if you want to give it a try!

Happy DIY-ing!

How to Paint an Ombre Wall

This is one of the most popular trends in painting today. Best of all, even a beginner can do it!

By Behr

Forest Feathers Wall Stencil

One of the best things about stencils is that you get a delicate and elegant look. But beginners will find them easy to DIY.

From Esty by StenCilit

Painting a Chevron Pattern on Sloped Ceiling Walls

This is a vintage yet modern look. It brings style and a fun attitude to any room.

From Instructables

Paint Vertical Stripes

Want to make a room look larger? Try painting vertical stripes in the same color, one shade lighter and the other a little darker.

By HomeDepot

Wall Stencil Pattern Ribbon Lattice

Here is a stencil to get a look all over the entire wall. Its perfect for a showstopping style.

From Etsy by royaldesignstencils

DIY Fabric Wall Panels

Want to try a new look in a room, but not sure about it? Try fabric wall panels!


From StyleMePretty.com

Painting Striped Walls

Want to give walls great style? Why not make them striped ones?

From Instructables

Panther Skin Pattern

Here is a chic and modern stencil for your walls. Everyone will admire the new look!

From Etsy by StenCilit

How to Paint a Castle Wall

Here’s a fun painting style to try! Perfect for a kids playroom too!

From Behr

Paint Splatter wall decor design

Here’s a modern look. Why not choose paint splatter!

From Instructables

How to Paint an Ombre Wall

Here’s a lovely DIY Ombre wall to try. You can use 1 or 3 paint colors for great effects.

By RedOnline

Paint a Mural in a Childs Nursery

Hiring someone to paint a mural in your child’s room can be quite pricey. This is a great project to DIY.

From Instructables 

Chalkboard Wall with a Twist

Have creative kids who like to draw? Consider painting a chalkboard wall for them to enjoy.

From LovelyEtc

DIY How to Paint a Mural Winnie the Pooh

This is an adorable DIY painting project, for your child’s room. If you like to sketch and paint, give this one a try!

From Instructables

Painted Brick Walls

Here is a unique look for DIY painted walls. They look just like a brick wall.

By Behr

1860s Wall Stencil Pattern

One of the great things you can do with stencils is simply do a border. Try this one for a historical look.

From Etsy by PeacockProud

Paint Chip Wall Art

Here is a unique wall DIY project. Doing this might even help you choose a great color of paint too!

From Instructables

Tree Mural for Kids Room

Isn’t this sweet? Two owls in a tree, especially for 2 girls’ bedroom.

From Futurist Architecture, credit to original source unknown

Tetris Paint Wall

Like video games? Remember Tetris all day long, with this unique geometric painting DIY.

From Instructables

DIY Geometric Wall Pattern

Here is a stylish look to paint on your walls. Look at this fun geo pattern!

From Behr

How to Paint Wall Stripes

This is a paint DIY project that is great for beginners. The results will make you smile!

From Instructables

How to Paint Leaves

Make a mural or pretty border, using charming leaf patterns. Here’s how to get started!

From FlowerPatchFarmHouse

Galaxy Spray paint Art

The Galaxy look is very popular with fashion and decor. Why not paint a wall with the Galaxy style?

From Instructables

DIY Ombre Wall

Here is a simple to follow tutorial on how to get a fantastic looking ombre wall. Just follow the directions for a very stylish look.

From PS-IMadeThis

Nursery Design Ideas Striped Wall

Here is a stylish project that even a beginner can do. Try a striped wall!

From Behr 

Map of the World

Here is a great idea to paint on your child’s bedroom walls. Help them learn a bit about world geography.

From FuturistArchitecture, source unknown

Paint a Tree Mural

This is a charming DIY mural you can make. Its perfect for a child’s room or playroom.

From Instructables

Lace Fabric Wall

Want a sweet, old fashioned look to your walls? Try lace!


At DearBeautifulYou.com

Create a Geometric Pattern on Your Wall

Here is DIY painting project that can make any room look larger. Make a geo pattern!

From Behr 

Honeycomb Wall Pattern

Here is a great DIY wall painting project perfect even for beginners. Use your favorite paint colors!

From FuturistArchitecture, source uncredited

DIY Moon Mural

One thing we really like about this mural is that it is a silhouette. Which makes it simple, ideal for a beginner to do.

From Behr

DIY Painted Plank Wall

Psst! Can you do a simple painting job? Here’s a way to make it look super stylish – great beginner’s project!

From LovelyEtc

City Life Mural

Here is a charming mural to add to any room. You can paint it in with your favorite colors.

By FuturistArchitecture

DIY Geometric Wood Feature Wall with Floating Bench

Create a wall with texture, with wood in a geometric pattern. Everyone will admire this in your entrance or kitchen especially.

At BePurposed

Tree with Hammock Mural

Isn’t this a wonderful way to encourage your child to read? A tree mural where you add a bookcase and a hammock!

From FuturistArchitecture, source uncredited

How to Create a Geometric Wall with Everlong Paint

Here’s a great DIY project for beginners with that decorator showcase look. Take your 3 favorite colors of paint and you’re ready to get started.

By Eliza-Rose

Vintage Modern Navy and Grey Nursery

I have to admit that navy and grey are not colors I would think of for a baby’s room. But this painting DIY shows us that being imaginative with color can give you a great style.

At LovelyEtc

How to Install a Fabric Feature Wall

This is a popular home decor trick that makes any room look great. It also is often very simple to do or even refresh with a new look.


From HGTV.com

Iron On Wall Art

Did you know you can iron on walls? Here are fun tips on how to do it!


By ThisThriftyHouse

How to Stencil a Lace Doiley

Give your walls a vintage look with paper lace doileys. Here is how to stencil with them.


from RoyalDesignStudio.com