43 DIY Room Decor Ideas for Decorating Your Home


Is your home looking a bit drab and dull? Would you like to freshen things up, but wonder if you really have the time and the money to do it all? Well, if you are a DIYer – you actually have a lot more opportunities to create a beautiful home décor than most. We’ve found you 43 great DIY home décor projects just for you.

Whether you are brand new to DIY projects or are an experienced DIYer, you’ll find a great project here. We’ve also got projects to freshen up lots of places in your home, in a variety of styles. Whether you like modern, contemporary, vintage, eco-friendly or something boho, there are projects for you.

One of the great things you will notice is that a lot of these projects can be easily done in a weekend’s time, or even in a long afternoon. Quite a few of the projects make a terrific housewarming gift. So if you have friends or family – or a new neighbor – who have moved into a new home, you can create that special “just for you” gift to welcome them properly.

Our favorite thing about being a passionate DIYer is that you truly have the ability to customize the look of your home. When you go shopping for home décor, you are at the mercy of the stores and home décor designers for what colors, designs and styles they want to show you. But if you want to make one of these projects in your favorite colors or add a saying or family monogram to it, this is as easy as pie. Happy DIY-ing!

DIY String Art


Delicate and elegant, its perfect for your room! Best of all, its easy to make too.

From HoneyAndFitz.com

Anthropolgie Knock Off Pillow


If you love the Anthropologie style, then you may have admired thier pom pom pillow. Well make one for a whole lot less!

From TheInspiredRoom.net 

My Scrap Wood Lamp with Hand Painted Shade


If you are good at drawing or doodling, then this is a great lampshade for you to make. Give it a try!

From NotJustAHousewife.net 

Stenciled Damask Lampshade


Here is a contemporary lampshade you can make. Its the perfect choice to brighten any room.

From TatertotsandJello.com

Painted Rug Tutorial


Here is a home decor DIY project that gives a very stylish look. It is also ideal for beginners to try.

From NotJustAHousewife.net 

Re Purposed Sweater Pillows


Here is an eco-friendly project. Make old sweaters into new, cozy pillows!

From Tidbits-Cami.com

Easy DIY Bench


New to making furniture? Start with a small project, like this easy DIY bench!

From NotJustAHousewife.net

DIY Holiday Sequin Pillows


Add a little sparkle and bling to any room. Good for the holidays or anytime actually.

From TheProperBlog.com

Flower Lampshade


Here is a unique looking floral lampshade. It has a very modern style.

From CreationsByKara.com

Indigo Mud Cloth Pillow Knock Off


Want stylish pillows? Make this knock offs of the Indigo Mud ones, and save a bundle of cash too!

From NotJustAHousewife.com



Did you like bean bags chairs as a little kid? Well poufs are the new version, and you can make your own!

From DecoratingYourSmallSpace.com

A DIY Pillow


Make a classic pillow, with rainbow colored tassels. This is a fun project to do with your teens.

From RachelSchultz.com

Easy Macrame Plant Holder


Indoor plants add such joy to a home. Bring plants indoors with this easy plant holder.

From LiaGriffith.com

No Sew Fleece Pillows


Don’t like to sew? Its okay, you can still make cozy fleece pillows!

From Joann.com

DIY Spray Paint Decor Balls


Accents and accessories are important when you decorate. Here is an inexpensive, easy DIY project to try.

From CreationsByKara.com

Frilled Ruffled Lamp Shade


Here is a lampshade that is great for beginners. It has a very elegant, vintage look.

By CraftyTexasGirls.com

Pennant DIY Pillows


Here is a great pillow for your college or high school student’s room. Honor their sports participation!

From HeatheredNest.com

Pottery Barn Knock Off Christmas Pillow


Make your home festive during the holidays. Pillows are a great accent for any room you have.

At CreationsByKara.com 

DIY Pottery Barn Lamp Shade


Love the Pottery Barn style? Make this girly and feminine lampshade for less than the brand name costs.

From JenniferCiani 

DIY Bandana Pillows


This is a project you can actually do from bandanas from the dollar store. Make these simple pillows!

From HeatheredNest.com

Botanical Copper Wall Art


Now this is easy to make, and so stylish too. Decorate your home with copper wall art!

By LiaGriffith.com 

Make a Mini Rose Wreath


The best thing about these wreaths is their size. Add them to brighten any room in your home, with a touch of flowers.

From LiaGriffith.com

DIY Flower Lights


Here is a fun project for your family room or teen girl’s room. They’re made from cupcake liners too!

At OhHappyDay.com

DIY Chevron Pillows


Brighten your living room or family room with modern pillows. This is a project you can do in an afternoon.

At HoneyBeeVintage.com

Magnolia Leaf Wreath


Bring a touch of springtime into your home, with this paper wreath. Stylish and simple to make.

From LiaGriffith.com

Jewelry Holder


Attractive and simple, this is a great way to keep jewelry on hand. Best of all, you’ll always be perfectly accessorized.

From LauraThoughts81

How to Make a Tribal Pillow


Here is a stylish pillow that many will want to try. This is a super quick project too!

From NotJustAHousewife.net 

Crepe Paper Boxwood Topiaries


Make your living room look so elegant. Add these unique topiaries that last year-round.

By LiaGriffith.com

DIY Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade


Sweet and feminine, this is a great lampshade. Choose this DIY project if you like the shabby chic style.

At JenniferCiani

DIY Love Your State Wall Art


Not only is this great for your home, but it makes a terrific housewarming gift. This is simple to make if you like papercrafts.

At HoneyBeeVintage.com

Vintage Book Page Wreath


If you are a book lover or adore vintage, then this is the project for you. Perfect for a home office or living room.

At JenniferCiani

Pink and Red Honeycomb Wall


Bring a touch of the 60’s to your teen’s dream room. Not only is it groovy, its easy to do too.

At VintageRevivals.com

Bible Verse Pocket Pillow Cover


This classic pillow cover features a very traditional Bible verse. Perfect for your home or a housewarming gift.

From JenniferCiani 

DIY Wall Flowers for 25 Cents


So sweet and very unique. Make these simple wall flowers for just pennies.

From HoneyBeeVintage.com

15 Minute DY Gold Bracket Shelves


In a small room, these are especially a great way to make good use of space. Very sturdy shelves too.

At Vintage Revivals.com

Make up Magnet Board


Teen girls and women will find this so handy. Its also simple to make.

By LauraThoughts81

DIY A Frame Ladder Shelves


Make organization an actual showpiece of your dream room, with these modern style shelved. In ladder style, everyone will admire them.

From VintageRevivals.com

DIY Paper Heart Wall Art


Like papercrafts? Do this with hearts, your monogram or another design.

From HoneyBeeVintage.com

DIY Slatted Headboard


Now this is a headboard everyone will notice. Its an expensive project that most can do in a weekend too.

From VintageRevivals.com