40 Pallet Signs for Weddings

If you’re looking for crafts to make & sell, we highly recommend looking at ones for weddings. Most couples will splurge a bit when it comes to their wedding, as they want the very best for this special day. They want their guests to enjoy every moment and often have family and friends who have traveled from a far distance to come for the wedding vows.

Pallet crafts are a great choice and signs for weddings are fun to make. You have so many choices! Keep in mind that some couples are looking for funny signs, others are looking for signs with beautiful calligraphy, some are looking for religious signs (such as Bible verses) to celebrate the day.

If you decide to create pallet signs for weddings, sit down and think of what types of signs you want to create. Here are a few that we can suggest:

  • Entrance to the wedding
  • Entrance to the reception
  • Directions to the wedding, reception and other parts of the event\
  • Aisle signs
  • Signs for the Bride & Groom’s chairs
  • A menu sign
  • Signs for restrooms
  • A sign that is a wedding guestbook
    …and so much more!

Happy Signing!

Reclaimed Wood Guestbook Sign

Here is a modern take on the guestbook. It also makes a lovely keepsake too!

From Etsy.com by pixelsandwood

Wooden Sign Mint and Peach Wedding sign one

Here is a creative sign to welcome guests to your wedding. It lets everyone know what event is taking place.

From WeddingChicks.com

Wooden Sign Mint and Peach Wedding sign two

This is a Bible verse, ideal for a rustic wedding sign. It shares your commitment to each other.

From WeddingChicks

Happiness is being married to your best friend

Here is a wedding sign to remind everyone how special your romance is. That you’ve found your true love.

From Etsy.com by GGSIGNS

You will forever be my always

Here is a romantic wedding sign. This is one that will make everyone smile.

From Etsy.com by ColarchikAndCoCrafts

Trust Me You Can Dance

Here’s a funny sign for your wedding reception. Get everyone out on the dance floor!

From Etsy.com by JadeForestDesign

DIY Wood Wedding Sign

Love the rustic look? Here is the perfect wedding reception sign for you to DIY!

From LydSayerinBlog

How to Create a DIY Family Sign for Your Wedding Date

This is a wooden wedding sign that everyone will admire. Welcome your guests and let them know today is extra special!

From LoveGrowsWild

Now That We Are Together Forever

This is a funny and great sign to greet guests for your reception lunch or dinner. Remind everyone they can sit wherever they wish to.

From Etsy.com by gingerbreadromantic

Choose a Seat Not a Side

Here is a funny wedding reception sign. Its great to welcome your guests and make them smile too.

From Etsy.com by CypressandWhim

Personalized Wood Wedding Sign

This sign is inspired by a popular romantic song. Its ideal for your wedding reception!

From Etsy.com by WinfreyHomeDesigns

Rustic Pastel Wedding

Here is a terrific pallet wedding sign! It lets guests know how the day/evening will unfold.

From MyHotelWedding

Mr and Mrs Chair Signs

Let everyone know where the happy couple sits. They are now known as Mr & Mrs!

From Etsy.com by florasouthdesigns

Welcome Wedding Wood Sign Shabby Chic

If you like the Shabby Chic look, then this is a great sign to choose. It uses modern font choices too.

From Etsy.com by WorryLessCraftMore

Bible Verse Sign

This wedding reception sign features a traditional Bible verse. Its a lovely way to greet your guests.

From Etsy.com by MulberryMarketDesign

Wood Pallet Sign Tutorial

Here’s a sweet and romantic wood pallet sign. Its perfect for your wedding!

From ThinkingCloset

Jenny Adams Mallard Island Wedding

Here is a sweet idea for wedding favors – announce them with a hand painted wood sign! No matter what type of favors you choose, this will be a big hit!

From KyleMichelleWeddings

DIY Wedding Chair Signs

Now everyone knows where the bride and groom sit! These look charming at your reception.

From MountainModernLife

God Gave Me You

Here is a religious rustic wedding sign. Its perfect for your wedding day.

From Etsy.com by reLovedSigns

Wedding Aisle Signs

These signs, for the wedding aisles quote popular Bible verses. The Bible verses are about love.

From Etsy.com by ThePeculiarPelican

Wood Sign Made with Stickers

Here is a sweet wedding sign, that you can make with kids. It is a sign done with paint & stickers!

From SimplyMal 

How to Build and Paint a Wood Sign

Here is a sweet and sentimental wood sign. Its perfect for your big day!

From CreativeRamblingsBlog

Pallet Art Wedding gift

We aren’t going to encourage you to carve your initials into trees. But this pallet art is sweet and old fashioned!

From Etsy.com by LucysLikeables

I’m Just Here for the Cake

This is a wedding sign that will make anyone laugh! Who would just attend a wedding for the cake?

From Etsy.com by oldecountrystrokes

Alternative Signing Wedding Guestbook

How charming this wood wedding guestbook is! Your guests sign the leaves.

From Etsy.com by zazagallery

Rustic Wedding Sign

Love the rustic look? Take a look at this big welcome sign!

From Etsy.com by RosaLilla

Handmade Backyard Florida Wedding

Here is a lovely wedding sign that reminds everyone of the vows you will take. It’s sweet and romantic.

From GlamourAndGraceBlog

Open Bar Wedding Sign

This is a sign with a real touch of humor. If you are having an Open Bar, this is a sign that will make everyone smile.

From Etsy.com by Primitiveweddings

Reception Signs

This is a sweet wooden sign in a rustic style. Try this style, especially if your guests have to walk to your wedding location after parking the car!


Wood Customizable Welcome Sign

This sign is both charming and sweet. Its the ideal way to welcome guests to your special day.

From Etsy.com by SarahRochelleCo

Be Our Guest

Here is a lovely rustic wood sign to welcome wedding guests. It is done in modern calligraphy.

From Etsy.com by TangledPonyDesigns

Painted Wedding Sign

With calligraphy and delicate leaves, this wedding welcome sign is especially ideal for a garden wedding. Look at this sign for a spring or summer wedding.

From Etsy.com by florasouthdesigns

Wedding Tree Guest Book

This is perfect for your garden wedding. Guests sign your wooden guestbook.

From Etsy.com by MarshmellowInkLLC

Wedding Welcome Sign Rustic Wood Wedding Sign

Love the rustic style? Take a look at this welcome sign for your wedding day!

From Etsy.com by OAKYdesigns

Guestbook Sign

With this charming rustic sign, everyone will easily notice your guestbook! Put it on the table, right next to your guestbook.

From Etsy.com by OAKYdesigns

Personalized wedding sign

Here is a beautiful wedding welcome sign to warmly greet your guests. Take a look at this one to get the day off to a great start.

From Etsy.com by infinitegracedesigns

Welcome to Our Love Story

This is a lovely way to greet your wedding guests. Its perfect for a backyard or garden wedding.

From Etsy.com by RandAHomeDecor

Ring Bearer Sign

This is humorous and a great way to treat your ring bearer. Everyone will smile and laugh!

From Etsy.com by RandAHomeDecor

Wedding wood sign Bride and Groom Chair

These wood signs are perfect for chair decor. Everyone will know where the bride and groom sit.

From Etsy.com by RandAHomeDecor

Welcome to our beginning

Here is a charming wedding wood sign. It easily welcomes all of your guests.

3d blank frame on white vintage brick wall

From Etsy.com by CanvasVows