40 Home Office Organizing Ideas

Hey! Do you have a home office? Well, you’re going to be excited about the DIY projects we share with you today then. We’ve got 40 great DIY’s, especially for your home office!

If you have a home office, then you completely understand just how important it is to have everything just as you like it there. While a company buys your office furniture, computer and supplies – if you have a home office, then most likely you’re footing the bill for everything you put there. So this is the perfect place to add your personal style and custom create a space where you’ll be happy to work.

What we think will please you the most, is just how budget-friendly most of these projects are. When you start to review them, you’ll realize that many of them can be done for under $40 and most likely all of them are under $150! To create a home office, with furniture, that’s quite astounding!

So get ready to DIY and make your office a place where you’ll be glad to say “Hooray, it’s Monday again!” Happy DIY-ing!

Organizing Paperwork

Get files under control. Create a system that works.

From CleanAndScentsible

Tiered Baskets

Do you use a lot of office supplies? Try this DIY.

From ObsessiveAndCreative

Home Organization 101 week 4 office

Isn’t this a great home office? Very well organized!

From ABowlFullOfLemons

How to Organize Messy Cords and Cables

Don’t know which plug is for what? Organize them!

From TuxedoCatsAndCoffee

Stationary Station

Isn’t this pretty? What a lovely home office.

From IHeartOrganizing


Want to DIY a great desk? Try this one with a concrete surface.

From Home Depot

Home Office Organization

This is perfect for a busy home office. Look at these great tips!

From ABowlFullOfLemons

Ode to Mail

Get a lot of business mail for your home office? Organize it all!

From MyLifesATreasure 

Easy DIY Roman Shades

Got computer glare? DIY a great pair of window shades.

From TheMomOfTheYear

Dollar Store DIY Vintage Locker Bins

Have a lot of office supplies. DIY these great bins.

From AEHomeStyleLife

How to Build a Magnetic Chalkboard

Want to organize it all? Try creating this DIY chalkboard.

From LoveCreateCelebrate

Label Cords at Both Ends for Maximum Organization

Too many cords in your home office? Time to get organized.

From ApartmentTherapy

DIY Metallic Sconce

Does your home office need light? Try this great DIY.

From SugarAndCloth

Organizing Cords and Cables

Have a lot of cables? Try this great DIY.

From BlueIStyleBlog

DIY Fabric Roller Shade

Aren’t these pretty? Perfect for your home office.

From PlaceOfMyTaste 

Before and After A Tiny Closet Becomes a Charming Home Office

Feel like you don’t have the space for a home office? Read this and be inspired!

From DesignSponge

Does Feng Shui Really Work?

One way to organize your home office (or any space) is to use Feng Shui. The author of this article used a Feng Shui expert, who advised them on how to best organize the home office.

From ApartmentTherapy

Easy Roman Shade

Want your home office to look professional? Make custom window shades.

From BowerPowerBlog

Our Family Command Center

Trying to keep track of a lot of moving parts? Try a command center.

From TheHomesIHaveMade

How to Make a 15 Minute Window Shade

Want to give your home office a special look? DIY these lovely window shades.

From YoungHouseLove

Before and After Colorful Modern Office Redo

Wow! Doesn’t this office look great?

From DesignSponge

DIY Murphy Desk

Small home office? DIY this great foldout desk.

From Shanty 2 Chic

Mobile Command Center

Great choice, if your home office is the kitchen table or whatever space is available! Look at how simple this is to create.

From ABowlFullofLemons

Painted Fold Down Desk

Small space for your home office? DIY a great desk like this.

From HoneyBearLane

Command Center Reveal

Want to organize dates & paperwork? Turn to a command center.

From TheCaldwellProject

Drop leaf desk for home office or child’s study desk

Just have a corner for your home office? DIY this great desk.

From Home DZine

5 Steps to Set Up a Paper Decluttering System

Problems with too much paper? Try this decluttering system.

From MomsChooseJoy

Tim’s Dual Use Home Office

Small space to work in? DIY a great desk like this.

From ApartmentTherapy

Time to Get Organized

Keep track of everything, with a great command center. Perfect for home small businesses.

From OneCreativeHousewife 

What’s in Your Toolbox

Isn’t this charming? A rustic DIY desk.

From DesignSponge 

Paper Organization

Too much paper? Get baskets and files to keep everything in place.

From ABowlFullofLemons

How to Banish Desk Clutter, Once and For All

Lots of receipts in your home office? Keep them tidy in a pretty jar.

From AllYou

7 Simple Steps to Organizing Your Paper Clutter

Have paper clutter? Tidy it up with these helpful tips.

From DesignImproved 

How to Organize Paper Clutter

Got paper clutter? Organize it easily here.

From ChicOnAShoestringDecoratingBlog

School Paper Storage System

While this shows a storage system for school papers, it is easy to see this could be adapted for one’s home office. Its a great system to put into place!

From SimplyKierste

Easy Personalized Mail Organizer

Want to keep home office mail organized? Try this great DIY.

From HerToolBelt

Home Organization 101 Week 4

Have a lot of paperwork and need to keep it all? Try this great binder system.

From ABowlFullofLemons