40 Cheap DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Can Do

Now, if you are a DIY-er, then we know your garage is one of your favorite places to be! So don’t neglect the opportunity to make a few great DIY projects especially for this place in your home. Because not only will they help your garage to look better, but they will let you easily organize your tools and stuff, and save you a lot of money and hassle all at the same time.

We’ve found you 40 budget-friendly DIY projects that will easily help out any garage. Whether you’d just like to make it better for your family to use, or you’d like to improve it for your own DIY projects, there’s something here for everyone! Best of all, there are projects here that are ideal for beginners or more advanced DIY-ers to try.

Always remember to measure the space you are going to put your DIY garage project idea in, because quite a few of them you can easily customize exactly to your own garage space. So don’t rush, take the time to get those exact measurements and then double check them. You’ll be glad you did! Happy DIY-ing!

Organizing the Garage with DIY Pegboard Storage Wall

Don’t know where to find your tools? Make that much easier with this DIY pegboard storage.


From TheCreativityExchange

Cordless Tool Station Downloadable Plan

Got cordless tools? This DIY will keep them well organized.

From WoodMagazine

Spray Paint Shelf

If you are a DIY-er, then you want this. Its a budget friendly project and will hold lots of spray cans.

From InfarrantlyCreative

Total Garage Makeover

Beautiful wood counter and storage from this garage makeover from WoodMagazine.com

DIY Helping Hands Tool and Material Holder From PVC

Now here’s a DIY you’ll want to try. It makes it easy to do projects solo.

From Instructables

Sharpening Station Downloadable Plan

Doesn’t this look great? It keeps your tools sharp too.

From WoodMagazine

Your Spray Paint Storage

Here’s a simple cabinet to keep all of your spray cans handy. A great DIY too.

From GarageJournal

Magnetic Tool Hanger

Here’s a great way to keep tools out of the way. But you also have them easily on hand.

From Instructables

Make Your Own Self Cleaning and Sharpening Garden Tool Holder

Every DIY-er knows you have to keep tools clean and sharp. Here’s a project that will help do both.

From OneGoodThingByJilee

PVC for Spray Paint Storage

Got a lot of spray paint cans? Keep them handy with PVC.

From Pinterest, uploaded by Oswin Ooze, original source unknown

Blade Caddy Downloadable Plan

If you work with a blade saw, you know its important to protect them and also your family too. Here’s a DIY to do that.

From WoodMagazine

Cheap and Easy Garage Tool Hangers

Your DIY ideas don’t have to cost a fortune. Try this one to keep tools handy.

From Instructables

Repurposed Crib Paint Shelf

Here is an eco-friendly way to re-use an old crib. You can store a lot of paint too.

From MyLove2Create

Double Decker Garage Storage Shelves

Tight on space in the garage? Take a look at this shelf DIY project.

From TheFamilyHandyman

Air Hose Hanger Downloadable Plan

One challenge about a garage? The hose winds up all over the place!

From WoodMagazine

Sorting Tray

Tired of keeping screws and nuts in plastic bins? Why not make your own wooden organizer?

From WoodGears

Garage Family Bike Storage

If you’ve got family bikes, here is a great DIY. Keep them easily organized.

From IHeartOrganizing

Stand up Tool Storage Downloadable Plan

Got a lot of tools? Try this DIY to keep them organized.

From WoodMagazine

Long Tool Organizer Cart Made with CNC

Have long tools you want to keep handy? Try DIY-ing this organizer.

From Instructables

Making Tool Holders

This DIY tutorial shows you how to customizer your tool holders. So you get exactly what you need.

From WoodGears

Leftover Paint Storage

When you have a lot of DIY projects, you wind up with extra paint. Store them in glass jars so you’ll see how much you have lefts.

From TrueValue

Garden Tool Rack

Have big garden tools? Here is a great DIY to store them.

From Instructables

Garden Tools

Like pallets? Its easy to make garden tool organization with them that looks great.

From NafeuseMagazine

Tool Storage

This is ideal for long or tall garage tools. Its easy to DIY this!

From Sparky-YoungBloodStudios

Simple Tool Holder for Slatwall Hung in Garage Shop

Want to keep metal tools nearby? You’ve got to DIY this!

From Instructables

Garage Organization Part 1

Keep all of your family’s essentials where you need them. Its easy in the garage with labeled and stacked bins.

From ABowlFullofLemons

How to Make a Tool Carousel From a Paint Bucket

Here’s a great DIY for your tools. All you need is an empty paint bucket!

From Instructables

A Groovy Garage

This classic medicine cabinet holds lots of garage essentials. Its easy to get DIY projects done.

From IHeartOrganizing

Garage Mudroom Weekend DIY

Does your garage double as your mudroom? Add this to help organize your family.

From WildRuffle

Adding Storage Above the Garage Door

Want to use every inch of storage? Don’t forget above the garage door.

From JaysCustomCreations

DIY Bike Rack for $20

Does your family have a lot of bikes? Make this cheap bike rack.

From Instructables

DIY Workbench Free Plans

If you have more space for a workbench, try this one. Its a good sturdy one perfect for DIY projects.

From Shanty-2-Chic

DIY Fingerprinting Scanning Garage Door Opener

Isn’t this cool? Try DIY-ing this for your family garage.

From Instructables

Classic Workshop Storage

Keep nails, screws and other small items easily in reach. Baby food jars are the perfect size!


From Flickr.com by knapsack

Cheap, Easy Storage

Here is a great idea to keep things handy. All you need are soda and water bottles!

From PopularWoodworking

Super Easy DIY Garage Shelves

Here are classic garage shelves you can make. This is a good beginner project. Be sure you can patch your drywall.

From Shanty-2-Chic

Garage Storage Cart

One of the best things about this cart is you can use all of the sides. Lots of shelves too.

From WoodsmithPlans

The DIY Garden Tool Storage Idea That Will Save Your Sanity

Tired of looking through your garden tools, wondering where the rake is? DIY something like this and you’ll save a lot of time.

From NewlyWoodwards

Screwdriver Holder

Look at how this keeps your screwdrivers handy! Its easy to see which size you need for a project.

From Flickr.com by bradjustlnen

DIY Garage Storage Super Sturdy Drawers

Need more storage in your garage? Try these heavy duty shelves.

From FamilyHandyman

Fold Down Workstation

Not everyone has room in their garage. This workstation you can fold up and down.

From WoodsmithPlans