DIY Sharpie Marker on a Lamp Shade Idea

Sharpie Marker Lamp Shade
This is a lamp shade DIY project that has personality and doesn’t cost much to do. This project was originally on but is no longer online. If  the original poster would like it removed, please contact us. We also moved many of the comments over so you can read the previous discussions. This was listed on our sharpie marker ideas page.

..Well I couldn’t deal with it’s blahness anymore. So I whipped out some left over cotton fabric (looks like linen), a thick black sharpie & for no cost recovered the shade with words….More specifically, I wrote a free flowing love letter to Olly from his Mommy & Daddy…and I must say I love the edge it gives his room. And how many little boys do you know who have lamp shades for their reading nook covered in words? Not too many that I know of ;.) For those who think I have lost my marbles & decor sense feel free to skip the rest of the post so I can preserve my credibility haha…the rest of you thanks for supporting me & my crazy idea haha. It may not be the look for everyone, but it’s good for us because it fits the whimsical feel of his room…The idea of him having a serious room went out the window the minute I hung up a family portrait involving mustaches haha.

I hope it’s something that sparks the idea in him as he is growing up to create and think outside the box….well, let’s hope that’s what he takes away from it and not to go around the house writing on mommy’s lamps shades ;./ haha. Have a great day!