40 DIY Garden and Yard Tool Storage Ideas

Hey! Do you have a green thumb? If so, we bet you like to spend a lot of time in your garden or yard. One of the real challenges can be organizing all of the tools you use to care for your beautiful outdoor property. We’ve got some terrific DIY projects especially for that. So you’ll always know where your pruning shears, rake and extra long hose are, at all times.

When you’re a DIYer and like to garden, this is the ideal opportunity to really customize what you use to store your tools. You can make a bigger or smaller organizer that is exactly what you need. If you want to make it out of a specific material such as pallets or recycled wood, then you can do this too. Its easy to also paint it to match your garage or home, so it looks attractive. Not only does this save you big dollars, but lets you get what you want – because you made it!

Organizing your tools not only keeps them where you can find them, but also makes sure you don’t buy tools that you don’t need. We’ve all been in the circumstance of buying a tool because we thought we lost it – only to find it while cleaning the garage. Save that money so you can splurge on great new tools or beautiful plants for your garden.

Get ready to create some terrific DIY projects, so your garden always looks great and tools are organized. Happy DIY-ing!

Garden tool storage

Keep everything handy. Use the back of your shed.

From Flickr by Janeen

Garden Tool Bucket Caddy

Have an old pair of jeans or shirt? Make this great tool caddy.

From Instructables

Organizing Garden Tools with a Repurposed Rake

What a classic. Perfect DIY to store your tools.

From AndersonAndGrant

Small Storage Shed

Keep your garden tools handy. Try this DIY.

From DecoratingYourSmallSpace

Supports for DIY Tools

Keep your garage tidy. Know where your tools are.

From Faideingiardino

DIY Garden Hose Storage

Don’t let hoses get tangled. Keep them tidy.

From TheGardenGlove

How to Build a $0 Garden Shed in 5 Steps

Want to save money? This is a budget friendly garden shed.


From MorningChores

DIY garden tool rack

Need a big tool rack? Try this one.

From WikiSailor 

How to Build a Tool Shed from Repurposed Doors

Doesn’t this look pretty? Keep tools easily within reach.

From GardeningAndLiving

Garden Tool Box

Need a box for your tools? DIY this one.

From Instructables

Turn a Wooden Pallet Into a Garden Tool Rack

Want to hang your tools? Try this DIY.


Hexagonal Garden Shed

What a pretty garden shed! You can keep all of your gardening supplies here.

From Instructables

Pegboard Storage Solution

Keep garden tools where you can see them. All on a pegboard.

From MarthaStewartLiving

Country Garden Shed

Isn’t this sweet? DIY a gardening shed for your tools.

From Instructables

Long Handle Tool Storage Rack

Have garden tools with long handles? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

Garden Carryall

How vintage. You can make a simply carryall for your garden tools.

From BHG

Garden Tool Rack

Have long tools? Here is how to easily store them.

From Instructables 

Storing His Garden Tools Ideas

Isn’t this bright and colorful? Make from pallets.

From NafeUseMagazine

Garden Tool Rack with Foldable Bench

Want great storage for your tools? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

Long Tool Organizer Cart

Want to keep track of your rakes? Try this.

From Instructables

Garden Tool Rack 2

Need to keep garden tools handy? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

Garage Organizer

Find everything in your garage. Never lose your yard tools.

From MarthaStewartLiving

DIY Garden Tool Box

Want to organize garden tools? Make this DIY.

From Instructables

Lantern Hose Holder From a Wooden Post

Want to keep your hose outside? Try this DIY.

From MyNewGardeningPlan 

Floating Garage Shelves

With these shelves you can keep tools easily within reach. Try this DIY.

From Instructables 

Free Garage Storage

Want to store your lawn tools? Try using pallets.

From UnexpectedElegance

Plans for a Garden Tool Rack

Get a great tool rack. Keep your tools easily organized.

From MaulTech

DIY Garden Hose Holder

Isn’t this nice? Keep your garden hose handy.

From LoveGrowsWild 

Garage Storage Lifehack

Get a more organized garage. Know where your lawn tools are.

From FixLovely

a NEW tool organizer

Keep your tools up from the dirty floor. This is a great DIY organizer.

From ExploreNewNess

Hancock Shaker Village

Know where your tools are. Try something like this.

From SlowLifeLove

Garden Tool Rack

Want to keep your garage neat? Here’s how to easily find all of your garden tools.

From Instructables

Hold Everything Pallet Tool Rack

Always find your tools. Try a rack like this.

From RecyclArt

How to Build a Spigot Handle Garden Tool Rack

Want to easy reach all of your tools? Try this great tool rack.

From ThisOldHouse

The DIY Garden Tool Storage Idea

This one is simple to make. It helps you store many garden tools.

From NewlyWoodWards

Pallet As A Garden Tools Organizer

Love pallets? Use one to organize your garden tools.

From RecylArt

Garden Tool Organizer

Here’s a great organizer. You can stand it up in the garage or shed.

From RunnerDuck

Garden Tool Storage

Perfect for lawn and garden tools. You can even put wheels on the bottom if you wish.

From PVTNetworks