10 simple tips to decorate your home

Having a visually appealing home can be difficult especially if you have budget limitations. But we all know important it is to have a home that has enticing aesthetics but is also functional. Many designers over the period of time have come up with amazing ideas to decorate home interiors. From adding a fresh coat of paint to treating windows and polishing the floors to adding pillows, there is a lot you can do to bring out elegance out of your dwelling.

Here are 10 simplest and relatively inexpensive ways to decorate your home. Have a look:


  • Paint


Paint is one of the most effective way to give room a fresher feel. Perhaps, it is one of the most difficult as well. You have to then choose the remaining décor that complements the existing color theme.

Nevertheless, some colors can add immense glamor to your house. You can either go for bold or soft colors. It depends on your preference and personality which color you want to go for. Some prefer painting the doors black which creates an elegant feeling without spending much money.


  • Pillows


Pillows are basically for two purposes. First, they can enhance the elegance factor in your house if chosen correctly. Second, it provides your guest a comfortable environment offering a cozy feeling to your rooms.


Make sure you make the surroundings as comfortable as possible by using pillows that are large enough to rest on. Also go for softer options. Overstuffed, large pillows creates an elegant appearance and of course enhances the comfort levels several notches higher.


  • Window treatments


Home without window treatments will look incomplete and unfinished. This is a must have accessory. In fact it is one of the most inexpensive ways to add elegance to your house.

You need to make smart choices when purchasing window treatments. Choosing a flimsy material will look cheap. Also try to avoid see-through materials. Stick with elegant materials like natural silk, cotton and linen. You can even try wood blinds and woven bamboo shades if draperies are something you do not prefer. Also keep in mind that you need to dress your windows. This will ensure that your house looks well-designed, orderly and elegant.


  • Hardware finishes


Your home can never be complete without hardware finishes. There are many home improvement stores providing drawer pulls and knobs but they are expensive. They can even be of poor-quality. You can go for better pieces elsewhere. It is recommended to head towards smaller hardware stores and antique shops. You can find drawer knobs and other hardware items of standardized quality at a much affordable price which will give your home a unique look.


  • Lighting


Yes, lighting makes a difference. Most contractors will go for standard lighting fixtures which are the same used again and again. Designer light fixtures will add more elegance to your house than the standard pieces.


Fortunately, there are many tricks that can be used to boost the visual appeal without spending much. You can consider second-hand stores and flea markets to get unique lighting fixtures. Some piece may require buffing but it can give it a million dollar look. Also have a number of different light sources including floor lamps and table lamps.


  • Accessorize


Average home lack the mandatory accessories that really enhances the elegance and functionality of a space. It is false that accessorizing increase the budget. There are many affordable ways to accessorize your house within the limits.

Always try to accessorize with good frames, mirrors, tables and other important appliances. Make sure you use high quality material and also consider brand’s reputation. Not accessorizing will cost you in the long run. Homyden is one of the brands where you can achieve this effect.


  • Furniture


Furniture defines your personality and reflects your image. This is why it is important to choose the finest furniture in the market. You need to invest in buying tables, couches, seats, sofas, cupboards and other furniture. Buying cheaper one can cost you in the long run since they are not of standardized quality.

You must have elegant piece of furniture in your house to give an amazing overall look to your house and also make the space more usable. Also make sure that furniture compliments the existing décor and try to use the best materials. Give attention on the quality of wood being used in furniture construction.


  • Details


When it comes to decorating your home, it is all about getting into the details. You need to look over subtle details in order to enhance visual appeal of your area. Looking over the slightest things will add finishing to your home and enhance its elegance.


  • Hardwood


Hardwood is always preferred over carpet. Wall to wall carpeting in a home can look good but it doesn’t look as elegant as gleaming solid hardwood floors. Hardwood provides a charming appearance which can even be found at an affordable price.

Purchasing hardwood for your home can be a wise investment. It lasts a long time and even increases value of your house. You can even look for different types of wood available in the market. Birch and oak are two cheaper options. You can go for darker colors to make the theme bolder.


  • Housekeeping


This is the final thing to keep in mind once you have decorated your house. Initial decoration is not enough. There is need to keep it clean and maintain it overtime. In fact it is the most effective way to enhance your house’s visual appeal.

You must take care of all the stains and spots. Clean your windows, furniture and every other aspect of your house. A clean and tidy house looks better decorated. Regular cleaning will avoid clutter and mess which will not only make you and the guest feel better but also allows other elements to stand out. Regular housekeeping can add on to the already existing décor and make sure it remains intact for a long time.