40 DIY Indoor Privacy Screens

Hey! Do you want to create more space or privacy in a room? You’re not alone – many homeowners face this challenge. Whether you have a large living room area that also works as your dining room too, and you’d like a separation between them. Or you have a home office that’s located in a room and you’d like a bit of privacy for your workspace. Or perhaps too much sunlight comes in from the morning in certain windows and you’d like to block it so it doesn’t damage old furniture or paintings.

You’ll be pleased to know that indoor privacy screens are quite simple to make. These are a bit old fashioned, homes have had privacy screens for centuries. Modest women used to change behind them, also with the assistance of their ladies in waiting who would fetch clothing for them. So you see, these privacy screens have been used for decades, even by royalty!

We’ve found you 40 fun DIY projects so you too can have an indoor privacy screen. Make one out of wood, metal, plastic or even fabric. The choice is all yours. Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Easy Room Divider

Make the most of any room. Create this great DIY room divider.


From Blog.KOVIFabrics

Swirl Privacy Screen

Isn’t this beautiful? Lovely swirls!

From Etsy.com by AlizeMetalWorks

Sheet Music Decoupaged Pax Room Divider

Love music? Here’s a great privacy screen to make.

From Instructables

How to Build a Herringbone Privacy Screen

Isn’t this privacy screen great? How stylish.

From HGTV 

Lighted Room Divider

Isn’t this elegant? It has sparkly lights.

From Instructables

Mid Century Modern Pine Screen

A lovely modern wood screen. Its a standout in any home.

From Etsy.com by HearthsideHome

Cardboard Shoji Screen

This is a very traditional privacy screen. Try this DIY.

From Instructables 

How to Make an Outdoor Privacy Screen From PVC Pipe

Here’s a great way to make a privacy screen. With durable PVC pipe.

From HGTV 

Room Divider

Isn’t this pretty? Perfect for a girl’s room.

From Instructables

How To Create Dreamy Bedrooms Using Bed curtains

Here’s a great privacy screen. Use bed curtains!

From Homedit

Cardboard Room Divider

How eco-friendly. Here’s a great room divider.

From Instructables

Privacy Screen use indoors or out

This lovely privacy screen is made of teak. Its perfect for your home.

From Etsy.com by WestminsterTeak

Room Divider Screen With a Laser

What lovely scrollwork. This is a beautiful privacy screen.

From Instructables

Steampunk Tri Fold Room Divider

Like the steampunk style? Take a look at this privacy screen.

From Instructables 

How to Build a Therapy Ball Rack (and a Bonus Project!)

Here’s a great privacy screen for a kids room. Its easy to take the fabric off to change the design.

From Speech-Specialed

islamic Indoor Privacy Screens

Here is an islamic Indoor Privacy screen. isn’t it beautiful?

From Etsy.com by Misterrobotcouk

Great privacy screen for my deck!! Made out of pallet wood, should be heavy enough to not blow over

Got pallets? You have everything you need to DIY privacy screens.

From WebCodeShools

Privacy Accent Screen

Aren’t the flowers pretty? This is a lovely metal screen.

From Etsy.com by RusticaOrnamentals


Here is a classic privacy screen. Its very stylish.

From InMyOwnStyle

Balcony or Patio Privacy Screen

Isn’t this lovely? Its the perfect privacy screen.

From Etsy.com by PrivateSpacers

Make a light-transmitting room screen

How sweet! Here is a charming privacy screen.

From VTwonen

Divider moroccan screens

The scrollwork is quite charming. A lovely way to offer privacy to any room.

From Etsy.com by Puzzlider


Beautiful and perfect for the holidays. This is a fun privacy screen to make.

From ok50

Building a Screen Rack

We love this one because its bright and colorful. Its also portable, on wheels.

From Kootutmurut

Best Interior Wood Doors

Here’s a great privacy screen. Made from an old barn door.

From InteriorBarnDoors

Create a Folding Screen

Here’s a stylish privacy screen. Its also quite colorful too.

From OneKingsLane

Screen Play

Here’s a simple indoor screen you can make. A great beginner’s DIY.

From HomeHardware

Photography Woes

Here’s a unique privacy screen. Its actually a vintage window.

From SweetMelanie

Decorative Wood Screen Kit in Walnut

How modern! What a great privacy screen.

From Etsy.com by EclecticOx

Kitty Litter Screen

Here’s a great screen. Because even pets need privacy.

From Etsy.com by ThumbsPetsStudio

Woven Wood Privacy Screen

Here’s a classic style privacy screen. Try this one.

From TheSawDustMaker 

Photo Room Divider

Here is a lovely privacy screen. You actually can display family photos on it!

From Instructables

A Minature Room Divider

A sweet old fashioned room divider. Look at the lovely roses.

From Etsy.com by TheFreckledBerry

Wood Pallet Room Divider

Love wood pallets? Try this privacy screen.

From MyFriendStaci

PVC Room Divider

Need a privacy screen but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Try this one.

From Instructables

Interior partition

Made from pvc, this is very durable. Its a stylish privacy screen.

From Etsy.com by Puzzlider

Compression Shelf Room Divider

Here is a very efficient privacy screen. It also acts as an organizer too.

From Instructables

love these vintage shutters as a room divider

Here’s the perfect room privacy screen. Its quite stylish too.

From IndoorLyfe 

Snaptastic Room Divider

Here’s a unique room divider. Give this one a try!

From Instructables

Eco Interior partition

Look at these lovely trees. This is a great privacy screen.

From Etsy.com by Puzzlider