55 Wedding Centerpieces – Ideas on a Budget

Whether you are getting married or looking for a DIY craft to make and sell, you’re going to want to know just how simple it is to make beautiful wedding centerpieces. Not only can you get terrific results, but it’s easy to stick to your budget.

Because DIY projects and crafting are more popular than ever before, you’ll find supplies are well within reach. If you want to create DIY wedding centerpieces with flowers, we recommend either using flowers that are local and in season, or silk flowers to help keep the costs down. It might surprise you just how many beautiful blooms there are to be found close to you.

Mason Jars are a terrific choice if you want to make DIY centerpieces. They are high quality and have a vintage style to them. You can make a very simple centerpiece, just by adding a voltive candle or a bunch of flowers to it. Or try decorating the Mason Jar to compliment the wedding’s decor and theme.

This is something to especially keep in mind, if you are creating wedding centerpieces to make and sell. Many brides search for items that will match their wedding decor and theme. So it is not enough to simply offer a “pink” centerpiece or a green one, a bride will want a very specific shade of a color. Typically brides select 2 or 3 colors to focus their wedding decor. You will make brides very happy if you can customize the centerpieces to match their wedding colors. This is also an excellent way to attract customers to your DIY business too!

Happy DIY-ing!

Mason Jar Tea Lights

Love the rustic look? Try these sweet mason jar tea lights as DIY centerpieces.

From HubPages

Rustic Blush and Ivory Rose Wedding Centerpiece

Having a rustic theme wedding? Try a centerpiece like this with beautiful roses.

From Etsy.com by KateSaidYes

DIY Citrus Floral Centerpiece

Charming and fun. This is a DIY centerpiece that will make everyone smile.

From StyleMePretty

Wedding Centerpiece for Book Themed Wedding

Love books? Here is a charming centerpiece.

From Etsy.com by FancyMadeFits

DIY Dimensional Paper Lantern

Isn’t candlelight romantic? Best of all, these DIY centerpieces help you stick to your budget.

From APieceofRainbow 

Cotton Centerpiece

Like the rustic look? Here is a natural, cotton centerpiece.

From Etsy.com by AllKindsOfDesigns

How to Create a Quick and Pretty Centerpiece

Use this tutorial to make a DIY centerpiece. Its easy with flowers that are in season to save more money too.

From StyleMePretty 

Wedding Table Numbers

Love the rustic style? Here are fun centerpieces that are also the table numbers too.

From Etsy.com by JarfulHouse

Wedding Topiary Centerpiece

Sweet and old fashioned. These are charming centerpieces.

From Decorations12

Wedding Centerpiece Engraved Birch Vase Flower Centerpiece

Isn’t this sweet? The wood vase has a carved heart with the couple’s initials on it!

From Etsy.com by InesesWeddingGallery

Mercury Glass Vase

Sweet and old fashioned. This is a charming centerpiece.

From Etsy.com by PeonyAndPetunia 

Wedding pomanders kissing balls

So romantic! These kissing balls are very sweet.

From Etsy.com by KimeeKouture

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Lush and romantic! These are pretty centerpieces perfect for a wedding.

From Etsy.com by LuxuryByLexi

Candle Holder

This is a very classic wedding centerpiece. It works for many wedding decor styles.

From lonesomehobo

Wedding Centerpiece

Perfect for a beach wedding. Look at the pretty shells!

From Etsy.com by EEBdesigns

Mason Jars Table Reception Decor

One of the best things about Mason Jars is that you can spray paint them different colors. It is easy to match them to your wedding decor and theme.

From Etsy.com by BeachBluesBaby 

Wood Centerpiece

Here is a charming rustic centerpiece. Try this one for your wedding.

From Etsy.com by susieswoodshop

Submerged Babys Breath for a Winter Wedding

Sweet and romantic, baby’s breath is a great choice. These DIY centerpieces are especially good for winter too.

From MonCheriBridals

Centerpiece Cylinder Vases

Luxe and glamorous! Here are centerpieces with a bit of bling!

From Etsy.com by ThePartyDeeva

Vintage Garden Wedding at Harding Farms

Lanterns with a simple candle are a classic wedding centerpiece. This is a very simple DIY to do.

From Blog.ChesterFlowers

Wedding Table Numbers

Perfect as a centerpiece! Now everyone will know what table to sit at.

From Etsy.com by WildFireFlies

DIY Botanical Ice Luminaries

Fun for a winter wedding. Especially if you love nature and flowers.

From APieceofRainbow

Wedding Centerpiece Mason Jar Light

Sweet and old fashioned. These Mason jars are covered with lace and ribbons!

From Etsy.com by GamesOfLight

DIY Small Rustic Crate

Love the rustic look? Try this charming crate full of flowers.

From RockMyWedding

Set of 4 Painted Mason Jars

Aren’t these charming for your wedding? Sweet and old fashioned.

From Etsy.com by WhimsyCharmBoutique

Modern Wedding Centerpieces

Here is a unique centerpiece. It will certainly get a lot of compliments.

From WeddingChicks

A Blooming Pumpkin

Here is a sweet and romantic centerpiece. Its perfect for your Fall wedding.

From HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs 

Do It Yourself Wine Bottle Centerpieces

These are cheerful and fun! Perfect for an evening wedding.

From WeddingChicks 

Faux Peony Arrangement

These are sweet and romantic Spring flowers, perfect for a Springtime wedding. This is a great centerpiece to make!

From AFloral

Twigs and Marshmellows Centerpieces

These are especially fun for a winter wedding. Perfect for a wedding that is a big family day too.

From WeddingChicks

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

Here are unique wedding centerpieces. They are stylish and fun.

From WeddingChicks 

DIY $5 Elegant Dollar Store Centerpiece Tutorial

Want luxe centerpieces without the pricetag? Try this tutorial for pretty floral ones!

From CreativeLifeofaGlamWife

Sweet Blush White Peach Wedding Centerpieces

A touch of elegance! Here are beautiful centerpieces you can DIY.

From MonCheriBridals

Thrifty Hurricane Tutorial

These centerpieces DIY-ing them, only costs you about $2 each. And they look so pretty too!

From TwoTwentyOne

DIY Winter Floral Centerpiece with pops of Marsala

The color scheme of this wedding centerpiece is especially ideal for a winter wedding. You can save money by using silk flowers from the dollar store.

From GreenWeddingShoes

DIY Flower and Teacup Centerpieces

So charming! Perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding.

From WeddingChicks

Pot Your Own Succulent Centerpieces

Do you have a green thumb? DIY your own potted succulents for centerpieces.

From WeddingChicks

Elegant Gold Stemmed Wedding Centerpieces

Looking for tall centerpieces? Try these simple but elegant ones.

From MonCheriBridals

Gussied Up Dollar Store Candle Holders

Oooh, sparkly! Perfect for an evening wedding, and so fun to make too!

From IShouldBeMopppingTheFloor

DIY Upcycled Metallic Tin Can Wedding Centerpieces

Want eco-friendly centerpieces? These upcycle tin cans, in such a pretty way!

From MonCheriBridals

Do It Yourself Fresh Fruit and Flowers Centerpiece

Having a summer wedding? These are charming centerpieces to make!

From WeddingChicks

Clever DIY Book and Succulent Wedding Centerpieces

Are you a book lover? Here’s the perfect DIY centerpiece to choose on a budget.

From MonCheriBridals

Simple Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Love the rustic look? Try these DIY budget centerpieces.

From MonCheriBridals

Funky Finds Turned Into Surprising Centerpieces

If your wedding has a theme, why not have objects that relate to it? You can shop at flea markets or tag sales to find them inexpensively.

From WeddingChicks

DIY Easy Fall Pumpkin Arrangement

Fall wedding? Try these charming DIY centerpieces!

From AFloral

DIY Flower and Sand Centerpieces

Having a beach wedding? These DIY centerpieces are budget friendly and perfect!

From Something Turquoise

Safe Haven Inspired Wedding

You’re going to love these sweet and old fashioned centerpieces. Made from mason jars filled with fresh flowers.

From WeddingChicks

DIY Gold Painted Bottle Centerpieces for Wedding Tablescapes

Want eco-friendly DIY centerpieces that are also stylish and elegant? Try these gold sprayed bottles!

From MonCheriBridals

DIY Flower Pot Centerpiece

Perfect for a garden or backyard wedding. Try these DIY centerpieces.

From SomethingTurquoise

Elegant DIY Pearl and Candle Centerpieces

Looking for DIY centerpieces for an evening wedding? Try these beautiful ones, with pearls and candles.

From MonCheriBridals

Yarn Wrapped Table Numbers

Bright and colorful! These are perfect for your centerpiece.

From SomethingTurquoise

Rustic wedding centerpiece box

Isn’t this sweet? It’s a rustic box, filled with flowers.

From Etsy.com by PerryhillRustics

Berry Basket Wedding Centerpieces

Aren’t these charming? Perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

From MonCheriBridals

Rustic Centerpiece

This sweet centerpiece is made with silk roses. Its perfect if you love the rustic look.

From Etsy.com by blueorchidcreations

Floating Candle Centerpieces

You’ve got to see this tutorial. It shows you how to make both flowers and candles float so elegantly!

From MonCheriBridals