40 Fun Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Want to stay outdoors even more? Here’s a DIY you’ll especially want to try! DIY some outdoor lighting and its easier than ever to be outdoors with family and friends.

We’ve found you 40 fun DIY outdoor lighting projects. So whether you are a beginner or more advanced, there is a DIY project for you. There are also electric, solar and projects using candle light too. So there’s easily something for everyone. Some of these projects you can do together as a family or perhaps older teens can do them with a bit of supervision.

In most climates its easy to enjoy the outdoors until temperatures go below freezing. So we’ve got plenty of time to get out there and have a bit of outdoor fun with family and friends. Try some of these DIY projects and make your outdoor and backyard area even more special!

How to Incorporate Smart Outdoor LED Lights on a Balcony

Want a great looking balcony? Try this!

From Instructables

Outdoor Chandelier

Perfect for a wedding. Isn’t this lovely.

From Etsy.com by BlueLotusDesignsShop

Quick Outdoor Marquee Letter

Fun for teens and kids! Make a marquee letter.

From TaterTotsAndJello

diy project paper bag lanterns

Here’s a simple DIY. Perfect for outdoor lighting for parties too.

From DesignSponge

Solar Fairy Dust Ball

Aren’t these sweet? Perfect for your garden.

From Gardeners

Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial

Perfect for outdoor fun. Great for parties too.

From GrowCreativeBlog

How to Make Grapevine Lighting Balls

Here’s a fun DIY. Make light balls.

From LynneKnowlton

Boho hanging candles

Aren’t these great? Perfect for your backyard.

From Etsy.com by LilyPadsAndSunshine

diy project eriks recycled wine bottle torch

Love to entertain? Try this great DIY bottle torch.

From DesignSponge 

Fairy lights

Here is a classic outdoor style of lights. They are easy to make too.

From Etsy.com by ElectricCrowns

Entertaining Outdoors

Look at how adding a variety of lights can make any setting magical. Its lovely.

From Tomorrows-Adventures

diy project karen’s coffee can lanterns

Here’s a simple DIY. Make these for your outdoor garden.

From DesignSponge

DIY Rusty Faux Metal Paper Star Lantern

Looks great! This is perfect outdoor lighting.

From APieceOfRainbow

Crafts an original lamp with glasses of Yogurt

Isn’t this charming? A great outdoor lamp.

From Decoracion

164 feet 400 LED String Fairy Lights

Isn’t it astounding how simple tiny lights can look so great? These are called Fairy Lights.

From Etsy.com by perfectholiday

Easy DIY Outdoor Chandalier

Isn’t this lovely? Perfect for an outdoor glow.

From AllThingsHeartAndHome

Horse solar light

Isn’t this cute? Perfect for your garden.

From Etsy.com by CrossKnots

Egyptian Fanus Lights Inspiration Throughout Ramadan

Aren’t these charming? Very simple to make too.

From KitaProperty

Solar LED light mosaic mason jar

Isn’t this stunning? Such a vibrant glow.

From Etsy.com by JasonLab

diy project katie’s glass jar moroccan lanterns

How stylish! Outdoor lighting that looks great.

From DesignSponge

White Cat Lantern Fairy Lights

Cat lover? Try these fun fairy lights.

From Etsy.com by narongsak

Solar Light Ladybug

This would make anyone smile! A cute ladybug light.

From Etsy.com by PracticalArt1992 

Summer Solar Powered Chandelier

Want elegant outdoor lighting? Try this for your porch.

From NotJustPaperAndGlue

Outdoor Chandelier Lighting Made with Trash and Krylon Paint

Here’s unique outdoor lighting. Very stylish!

From Instructables

dachshund solar light

Isn’t this cute? Its a solar light for your garden.

From Etsy.com by CrossKnots

Shabby chic style white lace lamp

Want something unique outdoors? Try these Shabby chic style ones.

From Etsy.com by KnuckleheadKnobs

Chicago Cubs Solar Light

Chicago Cubs fan? Try this fun solar light.

From Etsy.com by GardenDreamsDecor

Butterfly Night Light

How unique! Its powered by solar light.

From Etsy.com by JKDezignss

Decorating a Small Balcony w Smart LED Outdoor Lighting

Want your balcony to look great? Try LED lighting.

From Instructables

Garden Lantern

Isn’t this pretty? Its powered by solar energy.

From Etsy.com by KellysCreativeOutlet

LED Floating Ball

Want something fun for a party? Try these LED floating balls.

From Etsy.com by Christmas 168

10 Ft Outdoor Christmas Light Tree Decoration

Want to decorate for Christmas? Try this festive light tree.

From Instructables

Horse Bit Mason Jar Solar Light

Horse fan? You’ll like this solar light.

From Etsy.com by treasureagain

The Fox in the Autumn Leaves Outdoor Light

Want a unique outdoor light. Try this one.

From Etsy.com by DireSwanStudio

Turn Your Outdoor Lights Into Motion Detector Lights

Want motion detecting lights? Try this.

From Instructables

Solar Halloween Mason Jar Lights

Decorating for Halloween? Try these fun outdoor lights.

From Etsy.com by treasureagain

LED Outdoor Umbrella Lighting

Want a great looking umbrella? Its perfect for backyard parties.

From Instructables

How to Plan and Hang Patio Lights

Want your patio lights to look great? Try these helpful tips.

From ChristmasLightsEtc

Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

Want to make your backyard look great? Try this LED lighting.

From Instructables