Do you have a bit of crepey skin that gives away your age? Its so frustrating – we eat right, workout regularly and still, this skin can even wind up looking so much older than the rest of us.

Crepey skin can appear in many places, especially where skin gets thinner and more delicate. Some of the first places you’ll see it include around your eyes, at your neck and chest and under your chin. Some women also see cellulite, a form of crepey skin that pops up on your thighs. While every woman (yes, even those beautiful models!) does have a touch of cellulite, when you start to get that “cottage cheese” effect on the tops of your legs, its time to look for something to help.

Fortunately there are many home remedies for crepey skin. Please do use your own good common sense when trying a home remedy – there are no “miracle cures” or “magic remedies” that are going to make it vanish completely, especially not overnight! If you have questions about using a remedy or other skin conditions, then do consult your doctor or dermatologist before trying them. A good home remedy can be just as effective – or sometimes even better – than buying a pricey cream in the stores. You also are avoiding putting a ton of chemicals onto your skin, which do get absorbed into your body through your skin. This is one of the top reasons women love to turn to home remedies (like honey lollipops), because they 100% control all of the ingredients that go into them.

Here are 40 home remedies for crepey skin. So whether you are feeling shy about going to the beach, want to look your best for “date night” or a job interview or are simply tired of noticing your crepey skin in the mirror, there’s one here we know you’re going to want to try. Stay Beautiful & Happy DIY-ing!



Dry Brushing The Most Amazing Natural Skin Care Technique You Arent Using

Dry brushing feels wonderful! Its also a great way to get rid of crepey skin.

From NWEdible

DIY Anti Aging Skin Serum

This skin serum firms and tones your skin. Goodbye crepey skin for good!

From PrimallyInspired

How to Improve Crepey Neck Skin

Your neck skin ages your right away. Improve this skin and look younger!

From Livestrong

Homemade Rice Mask that reduces and prevents wrinkles

Don’t like how crepey skin has creeped onto your face? Try this DIY rice mask for a better look!

From 101BeautyTips

How to Tone Saggy Skin

Let’s face it, crepey skin sags too. That’s one of the reasons you look much older.

From Livestrong

Botox Effect Mask That Will Rejuvenate Your Face

Want to give your skin a real lift, without going to an MD? Try this natural face mask to look younger.

From JustBeautyTips

Crepey Skin Remedies

Try these facial exercises to get rid of crepey skin.

From Wrinkle-Free-Skin-Tips

Natural at Home Facelift

Tired of sagging and crepey skin on your face and neck? Try this natural at home facelift treatment.

From TheIndianSpot

How to Get Rid of Crepey Eye Skin

Can’t stand the crepey skin around your eyes? Try these tips to get rid of it!

From Livestrong

Top 10 Castor Oil Benefits for Skin Care

You’re going to want to add Castor Oil to your beauty regimen. It is perfect for treating wrinkles!

From Top10HomeRemedies

How to reduce cellulite appearance in 1 week

Hate cellulite and crepey skin? You’re going to want to try this at home remedy.

From WomenIdeas

Firm and tighten Skin with Egg mask

Here is a great mask to tighten your skin. This is very simple to make too.

From TheIndianSpot 

Anti Aging DIY Cleanser Recipe

Want to firm your crepey skin? Here is a cleanser to help you look youthful.

From PrimallyInspired

How to Get Rid of Cellulite and Loose Skin

Look younger and improve your skin. Your cellulite and crepey skin can look much better.

From Livestrong

Skin Firming Mask with Coffee

Want to firm and tighten your skin? Then you’ve got to try a coffee facial!

From TheIndianSpot

Start Dry Brushing to Reduce Cellulite and Toxins

Want to make your crepey skin really dissappear? Then you’ve got to try dry brushing.

From DrAxe

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Here is a simple rice based mask that prevents wrinkles. You’re going to want to try this for your crepey skin.

From MyLifestyle

10 Simply Ways to Tighten Your Neck Skin

Hate the loose skin at your neck? Try these beauty tips.

From StyleCraze 

DIY Skin Rejuvenating Face Mask

This is a face mask especially for aging skin. Why, its like an at home DIY face lift!


From WomenIdeas

Dry Brushing for Firmer Skin

Want to reduce cellulite and crepey skin? Then you’ve got to try dry brushing!

From TheIndianSpot

Skin Soothing Recipe

Make your crepey skin glow and get toned. This is a great DIY recipe.

From PrimallyInspired

How to Use Coconut Oil to Reduce Cellulite

Can’t stand that crepey cellulite skin? Try a bit of coconut oil to reduce it!

From StyleCraze

Firming Eye Cream

Hate the crepey skin around your eyes? Blast it away with this natural eye cream.

From PrimallyInspired

Natural Skin Tightening Tips

Try these helpful tips. Soon you’ll have tighter, firmer skin naturally!

From 101BeautyTricks

Homemade Anti Aging Cream with Miraculous Effect

Want your skin to be wrinkle free and less crepey? Try this DIY anti-aging cream!

From WomenIdeas

Homemade Vitamin C Serum

If you want your skin to be firmer and look younger, then you’ve got to add a Vitamin C serum. Here is a natural recipe for one!

From PrimallyInspired

14 Best Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil for Skin and Health

If you want fresh, young looking skin then get to know about evening primrose. Its very easy to use too!

From StyleCraze

Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

Hate crepey skin? Here’s how to get rid of it naturally.

Cellulite skin at woman buttocks isolated on white.

From MeraKilane

5 Amazing Benefits of Red Wine for Anti Aging

If you want to turn back the hands of the clock on your face and skin, choose red wine. Just a glass a day has lots of benefits.

From StyleCraze

Get Rid of Loose Neck Skin

Tired of having a flabby neck that gives away your age? Do these exercises and take off a few years!

From BeautyStylo

5 Exercises to Eliminate the Dreaded Double Chin

Hate the crepey skin under your chin? Get rid of it quick with these simple exercises!

From TipHero

5 Ways to Get a Firmer Youthful Neck and Chest

If you hate your crepey skin, you should know that neck and chest skin reveals your true age very quickly. So try these helpful tips from Redbook to look younger.

From RedbookMag

3 Everyday Habits That Cause Crepey Skin

Want to avoid crepey skin? Remove these simple, everyday habits from your life.

From Rejuvenate

DIY Homemade Facial Toner

Want to keep a youthful glow and have tight skin? Try this lovely homemade facial toner.

From RedefinedMom

Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Does your neck have crepey skin and wrinkles? Here are some helpful tips to reduce your wrinkles and crepey skin!

From HowRid

6 Wonderful Home Remedies for Sagging Skin

One of the worst things about crepey skin is that it sags. Learn the secrets to improve your skin.

From IndescreetBeauty 

Drink Your Way to Clear and Glowing Skin

Are you tired of how aging skin looks? Try this simple drink recipe, for clear and glowing skin each day.

From PureFiji

Using Coconut Oil in These Forms It Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger in 2 Weeks

Can’t stand your crepey skin and want your glow back? Try coconut oil for a simple remedy.

From LoveThisPic

Anti Aging Coffee Bean Face Oil Recipe

If you have crepey skin and other signs of aging on your face, you just need a little coffee. Well, to try this great coffee bean face oil that is!

From PrimallyInspired