40 Cool DIY Cat Tree Kitty Condos or Cat Climbers

Do you have a cat? If you are a DIY fan, then we bet you’re going to be thrilled to know there are lots of projects out there especially for cat lovers. You can make your feline a kitty condo, cat tree, cat scratchers and other types of kitty furniture.

One of the best things about DIY-ing your cat condo or other types of kitty furniture is you can easily match it to your home decor. When you buy it in the store, you are simply at the mercy of whoever has designed it for pets. Sometimes it fits in with your living room or porch and other times it does not. But if your DIY it, its easy to custom create it using colors, patterns and other accents that easily blend nicely with your living room, so you get your mother-in-law to give you the thumbs-up on your latest DIY project!

But most importantly – you’ll get a huge thumbs-up from your cat! Because no one knows your cat better than you do. You realize if they love to climb or have a favorite place to sleep or other special things they like to do. You can custom create a cat condo or other kitty furniture to easily match your feline’s purrsonality and temperament. So if they especially love to nap on towels, why not use towels as the fabric on the inside of the condo?

We’ve found you 40 fun feline approved DIY projects to try. Some are especially ideal for beginners and others are better for more advanced DIY-ers. So what are you waiting for? Your cat is eagerly looking forward to their new, fun playspace! Happy DIY-ing!


Make a Cat Tree Using Real Branches

Here’s a cat tree you’ll be glad to have in the living room. Its made with real tree branches.

From ByBrittanyGoldwyn

Wash Cardboard Cat House

Isn’t this cute? Its a sweet house for your cat.

From Etsy.com by CacaoPets

Wall mounted cat shelf

Fun to climb and nap on. Its also pretty for your home decor too.

From Etsy.com by CloudNineCatTrees

Cat Hommock with Two Sisal Steps

Isn’t this cozy? Fun to climb on too!

From Etsy.com by PurrfectCatbirdSeat

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Here is a classic scratching post. Your cat with love this!

From DreamALittleBigger

Cat steps

What’s so fun about these is a cat can basically climb your walls! Fun for kitties who love to climb and be active.

From Etsy.com by CatPlayFurniture

Cat House

Isn’t this fun? Your cat will be so cozy here.

From Instructables

Mousetrap cat tower

Isn’t this charming? It looks like a mousetrap!

From Etsy.com by SquarePaws

Tree Stump Cat Condo

Doesn’t this look natural? A tree stump as a cat condo.

From Etsy.com by stabob 

DIY Cat Condo

Here’s a unique DIY Cat Condo…made from a stool! A fun project.

From DianaRambles

SQUARAL Cat Staircase

Does your cat love to climb? Here’s a fun climber for them.

From Etsy.com by AilurosWorkshop

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Now you’re cat is really ready to have an adventure! This will look great in your home too!

From Etsy.com by CatastrophicCreations

Natural Wood Custom Designed Handcrafted Multi level Cat Tree Condo

Love the rustic look? Give this cat tree a try.

From Etsy.com by BearandSheep

Feline bed

Here’s a sweet and cozy bed for your cat. Isn’t this adorable?

From Etsy.com by CaptCatnip

How to Make a Cat Condo

This is a very stylish DIY cat condo. Made from baskets.


Wall Mount Sisal Cat Step

Does your cat love to climb? This is the perfect addition to your home.

From Etsy.com by CustomKittyCreations

Modern Cat Furniture Felt Cat Basket

This is rather unique, the shape is actually a flower. Your cat will love this!

From Etsy.com by IndreNaujokiene

Outdoor Cold Weather Cat Condo

Do your cats spend time outside when its cold? Here’s a cat condo just for them.

From Instructables

DIY Cat Tree with Wine Crate

Here’s an eco-friendly use for old wine crates. Your cat will be so happy too!

From Pinterest, saved by Marie-Claude Laurin (note: please let us know if you know the original poster!)

Cat Tower

See how cozy the cats are? They can sleep and climb.

From Etsy.com by HoBowTower

Cat Activity Wall

Want your cats to stay active? Give them a DIY activity wall!

From Instructables

Cat Tree with Baskets

Look at how cozy this is. Its great to DIY.

From S-Media-Cache (please let us know if you are aware of the original source)

Duct Tape and PVC Cat Condo

This cat condo is perfect for multiple cats. Its great for sleeping and climbing.

From Instructables

Quite Possibly The Greatest Cat Condo Ever Built

Its mostly upcycled, which is impressive. It also offers a variety of things for any cat to do, which is very cool!

From ThePeacefulAxolotl

Stretch and Claw the Natural Way Make a DIY Scratch Post

Any cat would love to scratch their claws on this? Its simply purrfect!

From PurinaOne

PVC Kitty Condo

Here’s a great kitty condo for beginners to DIY. Your cat will be nice and cozy.

From Instructables

Kit-ty Tree Deluxe with Topper Assembly

How pretty! This will encourage your cat to climb.

From Etsy.com by PetTreeHouses

The Survivalist’s Cat Tree

What’s so great about this is it has natural tree branches, ropes and lots of things to climb on. DIY this for your cat!

From Instructables

Pallet Cat House

Isn’t this adorable? A cat condo that looks great for your porch too!

From Instructables 

Simple Cardboard DIY Catscraper

Do you have an urban kitty? Why not give them a skyscraper to scratch on.

From Shelterness

DIY Cat Tree House

Here’s a fantastic cat tree. Lots of room to climb.

From Instructables

On 2 Tree Cat Condo Large Round

Perfect for climbing. Best of all, its so pretty.

From Etsy.com by On2Pets 

Solid Wood Cat Tree 6 Story

Does your cat love to climb? This is a cat tree for them.

From ALittleMarket

Fixture Displays Cat Climbing Tree with Cat Condos House 12240

Here is a classic kitty condo, complete with soft carpet covering it. Its ideal for several cats.

From Etsy.com by PodiumsEtc

DIY Palm Springs Inspired Kitty Scratch House

Isn’t this sweet? Perfect for your cat to scratch their claws in.

From Shelterness

Handmade Organic Safe Haven for Cats

Here’s a great cat condo. Perfect for climbing and napping.

From Etsy.com by PawsofNacogdoches

DIY magic carpet cat hammock

Why, you’ll wish there was a bigger one for people too! Its so cozy, perfect for your cat.

From SettleDownSlinki 

Trendy DIY Color Blocked Cat Scratcher

Give your cats a stylish place to scratch. Here’s a great DIY project.

From Shelterness

Make a Cute Cat Condo Remodel

This cat condo has been through a remodel. Look at how happy the cats are.

From ByBrittanyGoldwyn

See How This Kitty Got a Truly Awesome Play Space

Now this is totally DIY and very unique! We bet your cat would have a lot of fun here.

From TwentyTwoWords