40 Terrific DIY Dog Houses for Fido

Got a dog or a puppy? One of the best DIY projects you can do is to make a doghouse. This is also a terrific family DIY project too. Older kids and teens can help in many ways, with just a bit of supervision.

Your pup will feel super special, with their own custom created dog house. We’ve found you 40 terrific DIY dog houses to take a look at. Some projects are especially ideal for beginners, others have lots of intricate details such as shingles or even air conditioning. If you are brand new to woodworking crafts, we highly recommend you start with one of the beginner DIY dog houses first, or to ask a friend or family member who is a bit more knowledgable than you are to help you.

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is your dog’s size when you create a dog house. It is best to make a dog house that your pup can easily lie down in and take a little snooze, so you’ll want there to be plenty of room for your dog and even a little extra so they don’t feel cramped in there. Some families and individuals have multiple dogs and will actually create a doghouse that fits multiple dogs. Yes, this can be done but you’ll want to create plenty of space so everyone is nice and comfortable!

A great idea when DIY-ing your dog house is to match it in some way to your home. So if your house is yellow with white shutters, why not use that same color combination on the dog house?

We know your dog will be thrilled with their new dog house. Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Doghouse Gazebo

Looking for a no door doghouse? Try this one!

From JenWoodHouse

Dog House

Here is a dog house. A great project for a beginner DIY.

From Instructables 

Dog House with Roof Top Deck

Look at how happy this dog is! Your dog could be that happy too!

From HomeDepot

Build a Mini Ranch for your Pooch

Doesn’t your dog deserve to be spoiled? Here’s a great DIY dog house.

From Sunset

Tropical Dog House

Now this is a dog house to make your neighbors smile! What fun!

From Imgur, posted by iwanebe

Crooked Dog House

Want a dog house with lots of charm? Try DIY-ing this one.

From Ana-White

How to Build a Dog House

One fun thing about this dog house is that it has a porch. Its perfect for your dog.

From ModernBuilds

Extra Large Dog House

Isn’t this sweet? Its the perfect dog house.

From Etsy.com by YourMomSupply

Dog House with Shade Porch

Here is a classic dog house to DIY. It even has a porch!

From WoodworkerPlans

DIY dog house

Here’s a classic dog house. Perfect for your dog or puppy.

From HandymanTips

The Upstate Estate 2 Dog House

Isn’t this charming? The perfect house for your pups.

From OfficialDogHouse

Luxury Pallet Kennel with Sun Deck

What a great DIY dog house! Lots of room to be cozy.

From Instructables

Mobile Dog House

Like to go on vacation and travel with your dog? Make this mobile dog house.

From Instructables

East Fork Dog House

Isn’t this sweet? What a charming dog house.


From Ana-White

Look! Recycled Fence Doghouse

Here is a nice roomy doghouse. Its very comfortable.

From ApartmentTherapy

Large Dog House with Covered Porch

Isn’t this sweet? Perfect for a large dog.

From OfficialDogHouse

Dog House Cottage Style

Here is a classic dog house. Fun to make for your dog.

From Instructables

Storybook Style Carved Dog House

This looks like a dog house out of a fairy tale. Your dog would love it.

From Etsy.com by MonsterCityStudios 

Small Dog House

Have a small dog? Take a look at this dog house.

From Instructables

Adirondack Cabin Dog House

Love the Adirondacks? Try this sweet cabin dog house.

From OfficialDogHouse

Modified Garden Shed for Combo Dog House

Trying to make 1 thing do double time? Here’s a great way to create a dog house!

From Ana-White

Dog House for Claustrophobic Dogs

Here’s a great dog house if your pup doesn’t like being closed in. Its a good cover from the elements.

From Instructables

The Dog Mansion

Have a big dog? Try this DIY dog house.

From Instructables

A New Home for Lucy Modern DIY Dog House

What a great looking dog house! It will make any pup feel welcome.

From WoodshopDiaries

How to Build a Dog House with Air Conditioning

Now if your temperatures are mild, you’re going to think people spoil their dogs with air conditioning. But some parts of the world and the U.S.A., the temperatures can rise to 100 degrees F and above.

From Instructables

Designer Dog House

Modern and contemporary dog house. This one is very stylish.

Hillside Contemporary

From Etsy.com by DesignerDogHouse

Upcycled This Pallet Dog House

Doesn’t this dog house look great? Perfect for indoors or outdoors.

From 101PalletFurniture

Modern Dog House Plans

Here’s a fun dog house. One you can easily DIY with the plans.

From Etsy.com by ModernDogHouse 

How to Build a Dog House

Here is a classic dog house. This is a great one you can DIY.

From All-About-Dog-House

Shingle Roof Dog House

Here’s a charming dog house. Your pup will feel right at home here.

From Etsy.com by SheerlineCreations

ep13 Geometric Doghouse

Here’s a unique and fun dog house. Its geometric.

From Homemade-Modern

Personalized Dog Log Cabin

Isn’t this cute? A log cabin dog house.

From Etsy.com by CarvedByHeart

An Eco Doghouse for the Family Pet

Want to be eco friendly? Try this doghouse.

From ApartmentTherapy

DIY Pallet Doghouse

Got pallets? Its easy to make a doghouse at home.

From 101PalletFurniture

Dog House Plans for Small Dogs

Have a small dog? Try DIY-ing this dog house.

From MyOutdoorPlans

An Old Refrigerator Becomes a Dog House

Here is a way to make use of an old refrigerator. Its got plenty of room in it too.

From ApartmentTherapy

How to Build a Dog House Step by Step

Here’s a classic dog house project. Perfect to DIY.

From RemoveAndReplace

Dog House Created Using Leftover Building Materials

Want eco friendly inspiration for your DIY dog house? Take a look at this one.

From ApartmentTherapy

Give Your Dog’s House a Green Makeover

Here’s a dog house that does double duty as a planter. Doesn’t it look lovely?

From ApartmentTherapy

Hot or Not? Bowhaus Dog House

Artsy and fun. This dog house is very creative.

From ApartmentTherapy