32 DIY Ideas for Couples Halloween Costumes


There is hardly anything cuter than a couple who wants to dress up for Halloween together. Thinking up a fresh idea for a Halloween costume isn’t easy and when you add another person to the idea it can get a little harder. So we are trying to provide easy costume ideas for couples. The Halloween costume ideas are easy enough that you could put them together in a weekend and usually you’ll have all the things you need in your home or trip to WalMart or a vintage clothing store can provide. So cheap and easy, in other words. But we also wanted to provide creative costume ideas for your couple. Hopefully here you will see a few ideas that hadn’t occurred to you and maybe something with a new spin on an older idea. In any case, get to scrolling and see what costumes you and your partner can make this Halloween.

Barbie and Ken Halloween costume idea

barbie and ken halloween costume idea

A couple from the silver screen in black and white for Halloween

black and white actors Halloween costume


Bride and Groom Zombie Couple for Halloween

bride and groom zombie costume idea for couples

Couples Halloween Costume – Puppet and Puppeteer

puppet and puppeteer halloween costume

Get Plugged in with this DIY electrical outlet and plug costume for couples

DIY electric plug halloween couples costume

Old Spice Shower Guy and Soap scrub for couples costumes…so clean

diy shower couple halloween costume

Halloween Costume for a couple of babies, who are adults


The Chef and Croissants Halloween Costume Idea


Amish Halloween costume is a simple DIY idea for a couple

Easy DIY Amish couple costume

A mermaid and fisherman for a couples Halloween costume is a great idea

fisherman and mermaid DIY halloween costume idea
image by CostumeWorks.com

Fry and Leela Couples Costume for Halloween is an out of this world idea.

fry and leela halloween couples costume idea

Cold Miser and Heat Miser make a fun and simple costume idea for a couple

Heat Miser & Snow Miser halloween costumes
image by CostumeWorks.com

Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny is a fun costume idea for Halloween for couples

hugh hefner and playboy bunny couples costume

Jack Skellington and Sally Halloween costume idea

jack and sally halloween costume idea

Juno Halloween Costume Idea for a girl and guy


Lego Bride and Groom for Halloween Costume – Very creative and easy idea to make.

lego-bride-groom-halloween costume
image by CostumeWorks.com

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes for Couples

Mario and luigi halloween costumes for couples

Minions are simple DIY ideas for a Couples Halloween Costumeminions costume idea for a couple

Leonardo and Mona Lisa Costume idea

Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci Halloween Couple Costume

Cops and Doughnuts make great costumes for couples

police officer and doughnut couples halloween costume

Popeye and Olive Oil are classic choices for Halloween costume idea for couples

popeye and olive oil creative couples costume

Anchorman costume with Ron Burgundy Ms. Corningstone

ron burgundy corningstone couples halloween costume

Couples costume as silent film actors

Silent Film Stars Couple Costume

Beer Pong Costumes – Man is beer and woman is pong.

simple DIY beer pong couples costume

Morticia and Gomez from the Addams Family – Easy costumes for a couple

The Addams Family Morticia and gomez couple costume

Creative idea for a couple – Tooth and Tooth Fairy

tooth and tooth fairy couples costume halloween

Just a couple of nerds and their candy for Halloween

image by ihalloweencostumes.om

Van Gogh and a painting for Halloween costumes


Wayne’s World Couples Costume is a throwback for sure

waynes world couples costume

Wilson and Tom Hanks from Castaway as a couples Halloween costume

wilson tom hanks Halloween-costumes-ideas-for-couples-funny

Fairy Tales come true for this Red Riding Hood and the Wolf costumes

wolf and red riding hood halloween couple costumes

Smurf and Smurfette Costumes for a couple

smurf couple halloween costume idea

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