DIY Foam Cuckoo Clock for Kids

How to Make a Cuckoo Clock from Foam Sheets


Thank you to Megan from for this wonderful kid-friendly craft idea on making a cuckoo clock. She has great assortment of cuckoo clocks here.

From millennials to baby boomers, this project is a fun and easy activity for all! You may think that it would be challenging to create your own functioning cuckoo clock, but it is actually easier than you might imagine!

Enjoy some time with your kids and get their creativity flowing! By following these simple steps, you will have a stunning cuckoo clock in no time. So, let’s get started!


  • Foam Sheet (6×9”)
  • Ruler
  • Clock Movement
  • Scissors
  • Xacto Knife
  • Foam Circles/Bird for decorating
  • Foam Glue/ Hot Glue
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Old Clock Movement
  • Round object of approximately 4” diameter
  • Soda Can Tab


  • Foam Sheet A- front sheet of the clock
  • Foam Sheet B- back sheet of the clock

Select 2 foam sheets (Complete the following instructions on BOTH foam sheets)

1.) Make the Roof

Measure and mark 6” up the long side

Measure and mark 3” in up the short side of the rectangle

Cut the roof alongside the ruler

2.) Make the cuckoo window (Complete on only one foam sheet- this will be foam sheet A)

-Measure and mark 3” across at the base of the roof and then draw a line from the peak of the roof to the center (the center is the 3” mark you just made)

-Measure and mark 3/4” inch on either side of the 3” center mark

-At the 3/4” marks, measure up 1 1/2”

-Use any round object (we used a tablespoon) to trace a curved roof over the 1 1/2” marks

-Cut out cuckoo hole

*****Save cut out piece for later!!!*****

3.)Make shutters for cuckoo window

-Take the hole you just cut out and saved. Select a sheet of another color.

-Trace the hole you cut out onto the other color

-Cut it in half down the middle


-Decorate shutters to your liking

-Glue shutters to the sides of the cuckoo window


4.) Add siding to the clock case body- Only Foam Sheet A- (We matched this color to the window shutter color)

-Cut out 2 strips that are 1” wide and 5” long

-Glue them to the edges of the clock case body

5.) Make a small hole for shaft of the clock mechanism (that the hands attach to) on Foam Sheet A

6.) Make a hole for the clock mechanism (Complete on the other foam sheet you did not use for the cuckoo hole- Foam Sheet B- this will be the back of your cuckoo clock)

-Cut a rectangle that is big enough for the clock mechanism that you purchased. The rectangle should be in the center of the body of the back sheet

7.) Attach the front and back of the clock (Select a new piece of foam. We matched this color to the siding and window shutter colors)

-Cut 1” wide by 5” long strips (need 2 strips)

-Glue the strips to the clock case’s sides of Foam Sheet B

-Cut another 2 strips (both 1” by 4”)

-Glue these strips to the roof’s sides on foam sheet B

Let glue dry

-Now glue the front (Foam Sheet A) to the top of the four sheets you just glued on

Let glue dry

8.) Make the clock face

-Select a sheet of another color (we use purple and don’t match it with anything else)

-Draw a 4” diameter

-Cut circle of clock face. (We traced a circle that had a 4” diameter)

-At the center of the clock, cut a small hole for the clock mechanism’s shaft

-Put four larger foam circles as the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock places

-Place two smaller foam circles between each of the larger circles.

-Decorate to your liking

-Glue to the center of Foam Sheet A

-Follow the instructions on your clock mechanism and install the hands and battery.

9.) Create perch for cuckoo bird (Scroll to see picture of perch complete)

-Cut 1 1/2” by 1 1/2” square

-Glue to the back of the clock and bottom of the window frame.

-Cut another strip of the same color that is 2” long and ½” high

-Glue to the inside of the bottom of the window

-Let glue dry

-Glue Cuckoo Bird to perch

10.) Finish Roof (we used red)

-Cut 2” wide by 6” long

-Glue to the cuckoo clock roof

11.) Glue a soda can top to the back of your clock to hang it from

12.) Attach pendulum

-Decorate a wide popsicle stick to your liking

-Glue to the bottom of Foam Sheet A

Enjoy your finished cuckoo clock! Make sure to hang it in your child’s bedroom or perhaps next to your favorite projects.