40 Home Renovations That Will Hurt Your Property Value

If you’re like most homeowners we know, you’re concerned about your home’s value. Who wouldn’t be? When you’re a DIY-er, you have a power that not everyone has – the ability to actually raise the value of your property, without causing your wallet severe pain.

But we want to encourage you to be savvy, because not every DIY project out there is actually going to be helpful to your home & property’s bottom line value. Some of them may even lower what it will be worth. This is critical to know, if one of the reasons you are sprucing it up is so you can put your home on the market in a couple of months, or sooner.

Here are 40 projects to learn from. Yes, they are all great projects. But! As you can see, they can leave you vulnerable to lowering your property’s value. Some of them have an outdated look, or just way way too much personality. There are some DIY projects here that may make it hard for a future homeowner to imagine what your property would be like if they did their own thing with it.

Remember – your home is truly your “castle” and yes, you should feel nice and comfy there everyday. But when your goal is to increase the property value, you’re trying to think about someone else’s valuing of your property and what they would pay for it, not simply your family’s sentimental value of your home.


Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Chandelier from Wood Beads

Light fixtures are tricky. This one is a definite “no” because it is so extreme.

From DesignerTrapped 

Great small swimming pools

Adding a swimming pool can be so much fun for your family. But this can actually hurt your property value a lot too.

From About-Ruth 

Fireplace Reveal — Our Electric Brick Fireplace

A fireplace can be a great feature in a home. But not everyone wants the upkeep of one.

From NestingWithGrace

Grey Bedroom

When trying to raise your property’s value, painting with sad colors is a poor choice. Dark grey can run the risk of being very depressing and its hard to light the room.

From IStome

DIY Firepit Area on a Budget

Keep in mind, not everyone is going to want a firepit. This can be hard to remove.

From TheSpoiledHome

How to Build a Pavilion in a Weekend

You may love the idea of a pavilion, but not everyone may want that much shade. This could hurt your property’s value.

From EverydayShortCuts 

DIY Solar Panels You Can Make at Home

Some jump to solar power to save money. But this can also hurt your property value, because the next homeowner may not want it and thinks it is an eyesore.

From TheFrugalChicken

A Solar Hot Tub and Fountain

Hot tubs are a great feature. But you should think twice about adding either solar to your home, or hot tubs, because both can hurt your property value, not everyone wants them.

From GreenHomeBuilding

DIY Tin Roof Gazebo

Yes, its lovely but it also has a very distinctive look. Not everyone is going to like it.

From AddisonMeadowsLane 

How to Build a DIY Firepit for Only 60

Yes, they can be budget friendly. But firepits can also be hard on your yard and property value too.

From KeepingItSimpleCrafts 

70s Style Bathroom

Don’t hurt the value of your home. If you re-do the bathroom this way, people are going to think twice about buying your home.

From Instagram, posted by mafaragao 

How to Build a Pond and Waterfall in the Backyard

A pond can be a fun feature, but this one has a ton of rocks. Can make it very unsafe, especially for young children and senior citizens.

From FamilyHandyman

Above Ground Plunge Pool

Sure, Tony Robbins has one and swears by it. And you can make this one super cheap. But should you? It could hurt your property values!

From Instructables

Fringe Faux Leather Pendant

Now this is a light fixture people are really going to notice. When you’re trying to raise your property value, its better to go with something more classic.

From CB2

Zoraya Burgundy Damask Wallpaper

Bold & deep wallpaper can just be too strong, especially for a small room. If you’re trying to raise your property value, this can be a huge mistake.

From FifthAndFoster

How to make a container pond in a stock tank

Lots of people love a pond as a backyard feature. But raised water just attracts mosquitos and this “pond” is not attractive.

From Penick

Fake It Til You Make It–The Making of a Faux Fireplace

A faux fireplace is a tricky thing. While lots of people want a real one, not everyone wants a faux one!

From WoodShopDiaries


Yes, it looks fantastic! But it also takes up a ton of space and will be hard to remove for the new homeowner.

From Remodelaholic

Shabby Chic Bathroom

When your bathroom commands this much attention, it is hard not to notice it. This can hurt your property value.

From Pinterest, saved by BG Eclectic Designs

Laika 1 Light Drum Pendant

This is a huge, very distinctive light fixture. Think carefully before picking something like this.

From Wayfair

How to build a natural pond

As you can see, this is a natural pond. But there are many ways it can become messy and out of control as a water feature.

From HyperBrain

Hot Pink Butterfly Wallpaper Removable

If you want to try something extreme to your walls, consider removable wallpaper. This bold look is too much to live with permanently.

From Pinterest, saved by Missy Willman Haehnel

Tiered Rattan Pendant

Lighting fixtures that are easily dated are a huge no-no. We don’t recommend choosing something like this.

From Anthropologie

Hot Pink Flamingo Print Kids bathroom Wallpaper

This hot pink wallpaper is very strong, especially for such a strong space. Remember if you are trying to raise your property value, people are going to have opinions when you make choices like these.

From DecorPad


Imagine this in your dining room. Its attention-getting, but your house value doesn’t need to be noticed this way.

From LuluAndGeorgia

Spring Paisley

Wallpaper with this too much personality is a bit too strong. Choose something a little softer when trying to raise your property value.

From Wallsauce

Manhattan Pendant

Oddly shaped and distinctive light fixtures are something you don’t want to pick. Choose more classic fixtures instead.

From Anthropologie

Kids World Map Wallpaper

Before you add a mural or very distinctive wallpaper to your child’s room, think about your sinking property value. You’ll want to choose something much more simple.

From Etsy.com by Murwall 

Three Tier Fringe Gold Chandelier

Don’t choose lighting fixtures that stand out too much. They also shouldn’t be dated from decades long past – like the 1960s!

From RocketStGeorge

How to DIY a Rainbow Mural in Your Child’s Room

It’s one thing to keep this up for a year or a little longer. But when you’re trying to raise your property values, be sure to paint over something that is so strong and distinctive.

From MelanieLissackInteriors

Mille Pendant

This is a lighting fixture that really stands out. If you are trying to sell your house, people are either going to love it..or hate it.

From LuluAndGeorgia

Love One Another Natural Pendant Light

This light is supposed to provide natural style light, which is great. But light fixtures that are so stylized you should probably avoid when trying to raise your property value.

From CB2

Justina Blakeney Fela Tassel Chandelier

This is a chandelier to get noticed. Tassels are something that would be very dated.

From LuluAndGeorgia 

Large Hammock Pendant design by Cyan Design

What, is this a hammock? No, its a light fixture that will lower your property value!

From BurkeDecor

Bungalow Chandelier

Doesn’t this look like sea grass? Very beachy.

From Anthropologie