17 Pier One Inspired DIY’s

Hey! Are you a huge Pier One fan? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people admire their great contemporary style. But not always the price tag. Fortunately, as a DIY-er, you can get that same terrific Pier One look – for a lot less.

We’re showing you 17 Pier One Inspired DIY’s here, from furniture, decor and even holiday projects too. So whether you’d like something for every season or for Fall, Winter, Summer or Spring, you’ll find it right here. There are woodworking projects here, as well as upcycling thrift store items and sewing projects too, so we’re sure you’ll find a project that’s perfect for you to try.

If you’ve never done a woodworking or sewing project before, we recommend you ask a family member or friend to be your “buddy” on the project. They may point out where you need a little extra help – as anyone trying a new DIY for the first time can need a little assistance. Remember that having a DIY buddy is great, because you can offer to be theirs in the future!

So get excited & look forward to receiving lots of compliments on your Pier One inspired DIY’s. We can imagine people won’t be able to tell the difference between your DIY & the items they see in the store or the catalog!

Well, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

Free Plans to Build a Pier One Inspired Ashworth Nightstand

Love the Pier One look? Try this DIY.

From DesignsByStudioC 

Paper Mache Table

Here’s a great DIY. Perfect for beginners.

From KnockOffDecor

Ornament Wreath AKA How I saved 60 bucks

Love those sparkly ornament wreaths? DIY your own!

From CookingAtCafeD 

Get the Look: Pier One Chalkboard Knock Off

Want a great chalkboard for family notes? DIY this one.

From MyThriftStoreAddiction

Two Toned Turned Leg Farmhouse Table

Like the farmhouse style? DIY this great table.

From Ana-White

How to Make Faux Coral Inspired by Pottery Barn

Want the look of coral in a room? Save cash and DIY it.

From HomeStoriesAtoZ 

Golden Ruffle Pillow

Want great pillows? Now you can DIY them!

From KnockOffDecor 

DIY Pier One Chalkboard Containers

Aren’t these adorable? So easy to organize your kitchen now.

From DecoratingAddict 

Pier One Inspired Faux Autumn Leaf Placemats

Perfect for Fall. DIY these placemats.

From ComfortSpringStation 

Free Plans to Build a Pier One Inspired Rivet Cabinet

Need a terrific cabinet? Experienced woodworkers will like this DIY.

From DesignsByStudioC

Glitter Dragonfly Ornament

Isn’t this lovely for springtime? Its a dragonfly!

From KnockOffDecor 

Faux Birch Placemats

Want a great placemat for Fall or Winter. Try this unique DIY project.

From KnockOffDecor

My Entryway Bench

Save money & DIY. Look at the great results you can get!


From Ana-White 

DIY Topiary Trees from Dollar Store Supplies

Love topiary? Give these a try.

From HomeMadeLovely 

Chalkboard Label Glasses

Aren’t these great for a party? DIY these for yourself or a gift.

From KnockOffDecor

Free Plans to Build a Pier One Inspired Glenfield Media Stand

Want a great media stand? Take a look at this one.

From DesignsByStudioC 

Round Pedestal Table with Nailheads

Doesn’t this look great? A contemporary classic.

From KnockOffDecor