40 Ideas to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Huge

Now, we don’t want you to pout if you have a small bedroom. Instead…if you’re a DIY-er, start getting excited! We’ve found you 40 terrific projects, to make your tiny bedroom feel so much bigger than it is. Some of these can be done in an hour and others are going to take much more time. But we can assure you, there are some quite simple things that you can do to really improve your small bedroom!

Whether you own or rent a home or apartment, housing costs can truly be expensive in lots of places. There are many people and families who just need to choose smaller spaces out of financial practicality. We think you’re going to be impressed at how creative some of your fellow DIY-ers have been, with what they are doing with their small bedrooms!

Remember to think specifically about your small bedroom before you get going on DIY projects. One of the first things you can do is to improve the lighting and also consider changing the paint on the walls. Both of these things can really make your small bedroom seem larger and more roomy each time you are in it. And these are DIY projects that even a beginner can do confidently and get terrific results too.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

Creating space in a small bedroom

Paint the walls a light pastel or even white. This makes the room seem more spacious.

From ABeautifulSpace

Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House Photo Tour and Sources

Look at how well this makes use of space in a small bedroom. Very smart!

From Ana-White

Plenty of Shelf Space Next to the Bed

Love to read? DIY bookcases in your small bedroom!

From HouseAndGarden 

Small Hutch for the Storage Bed Headboard

Have a small room? DIY storage that works well with the space that you do have, you’ll be glad you did.

From Ana-White

Use the Storage Space Under the Bed

Think about just how much space there is under your bed right now. If you have a small bedroom, be sure to use that for storage!

From OneKindDesign

Loft Bed Small Bookcase and Desk

Loft beds are a smart idea! A real space saver for a small room.

From Ana-White

Small Condo, Small Budget Bedroom Makeover – Before & After

Look at the great closet! When you can get organized, your room simply seems a lot bigger.

From Addicted2Decorating

A Platform Bed with Storage Below

Isn’t this fantastic? Use the space under your bed with DIY storage!

From TinyHouseFor

Add a Desk that Fits in Your Small Bedroom

DIY a small desk that fits perfectly to the room. So you can use your laptop or write correspondence.

From ViveRemCasa

A Full Closet is Hidden Under This Bed

Now here’s a savvy use of storage space. Perfect if you love clothes & have a tiny bedroom!

From Cool-HomeDecorations

Bunk Beds for a Small Room

Have 2 kids sharing a small room? DIY these great bunk beds!

From Ana-White

Get Savvy About Storage Ideas

When you have a small bedroom, you need to be super savvy about storage. Every square inch counts.

From ApartmentTherapy

How to Build a Murphy Bed

A murphy bed folds up into the wall. It’s a huge space saver in a small bedroom!

From RefashionablyLate

Make the Most of an A Frame

Pointed ceiling and a small room? See how they made the most of it?

From ShabbyChicMania

Create Shelves That Fit the Space Perfectly

When you have a small bedroom, sometimes a small shelf is all you need. Perfect to hold books you are reading or other items.

From MyKidsTime

Study Area and a Closet in a Loft

You can see how this makes the most of every square inch of space. If you’ve got a small bedroom, this is how to do it!

From DesignBump

Master Bedroom Makeover

See how a lighter color makes the room look bigger? Go with a pastel shade that’s your favorite.

From SuburbsMama

Small Bedroom with a Splash of Color

Isn’t that eye-catching? Add a “pop” of color to your small room to make it seem larger.

From Decor8Blog

Use Free Floating Shelves in Your Bedroom

Yes, these can hold a lot of items! They also take up just a little space, perfect for a small bedroom.

From Bjurfors

Vanity with Hooks, Drawers and Lighting

You can DIY a vanity for your small bedroom. It wont take up too much space.

From PalletFurnitureProjects

Include Open Shelves

A bookcase takes up space on the floor. Open shelves use room on your walls to hold things, its a savvy system!

From TheDesignChaser

Bunk Beds with a Chair for Reading

Have kids or teens? Bunk beds are a terrific space saver in a small bedroom.

From LizMarieBlog

An Elevated Bed with Shelving and Storage

This is an excellent tip when you have a small bedroom. Elevate the bed and put storage under it!

From ApartmentTherapy 

Add Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

One or a few mirrors can create the illusion of space. This is inexpensive to add to your bedroom.

From BrosteCopenhagen 

How to Make a Fold Out Sofa/Futon/Bed Frame

A futon bed folds up and out. It easily saves a lot of space.

From Instructables

Utilize the Bed Headboard Too

Keep your books & other items handy. Make a DIY bookcase out of your headboard.

From Fastighetsbyran

DIY Murphy bed for under $150 – with video & plans

Here’s a budget-friendly way to save space in your bedroom. DIY a murphy bed.

From YourModernFamily

A Bright Cozy Space with High Ceilings

Sometimes a small room isn’t so small. Like this one – with great, high ceilings!

From VirLovaStyle

The designer’s small studio apartment features an ingenious loft bed packed with storage

Loft beds are extremely efficient with space. DIY one in your small bedroom!

From LivingInAShoebox

Be Savvy About Bed Storage

Hey, that space under your bed? Use it to store clothes, toys & other stuff!

From FilmPhotographyLocation

Modern DIY Murphy Bed Plans

What’s great about this DIY murphy bed is that it also has storage. So you save so much room all the time!

From ByBrittanyGoldwyn


Choose a bed that is “right sized” for you. Don’t get a huge bed that takes up too much space!

From OHightOhNine

How to Make Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Don’t neglect improving the lighting in the room. This can make a huge difference!

From HappyHoliday21

Bedroom Makeover: BEFORE & AFTER!

When you have a small bedroom, keeping it well organized can make the space look much bigger. Put in the time to keep your space neat and tidy.

From AvenueLifestyle