40 Swings, Slings and Hammock Ideas

If you are a DIY-er and have a yard, this is a project we know you’re going to want to try. Swings, slings and hammocks are very popular, both with adults and kids alike.

Whether you want to watch your garden grow, see your grandchildren play, read a good book in the sun or simply have your coffee outdoors each morning – when you DIY a hammock, this is a project that you can use in just about every season. Depending on the weather your area gets, other than snowy or extreme weather, it’s easy to see that sitting in your hammock is going to be fun!

We’ve found you 40 great DIY projects to try. One thing to keep in mind is to always use high-quality projects. Don’t skimp on good materials, because these will be holding you and your family up, as you gently swing in the air. You really want to feel confident with what you’ve chosen.

Lots of these projects can be completed in a weekend or two. Macrame and crochet are terrific projects. Both adults and older teens can do these projects.

So let’s create a hammock! Happy DIY-ing!

Easy DIY Backyard Hammock

Want a classic cloth hammock? Try this DIY.

From MissLovieCreations

Step by Step DIY Hammock

Doesn’t this look great? A nice, big hammock perfect for naps.

From LittleDogVintage

Boho hammock

Isn’t this pretty? Look at this great hammock chair.

From Etsy.com by MECASADesign

Tarp Hammock

Going camping? Well, you’re going to want a tarp hammock.

From Instructables 

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

Want a cozy place to take a nap? Try this pallet DIY.

From TheMerryThought

Hanging Hammock Chair Pure Bliss

Isn’t this pretty? Perfect for your porch.

From FloraDecor 

Freedom Hammock Chair

Feeling patriotic? Try this hammock.

From Etsy.com by PelicanHammocks

DIY Hammock Stand

Don’t forget to make a good hammock stand. So you can enjoy it each day.

From HereComesTheSunBlog

Hanging Hammock Chair

Want a cozy hammock chair? Look at this one.

From FloraDecor 

Hammock Swing

Isn’t this sweet? Its actually perfect for your baby’s nursery.

From Etsy.com by UrbanWoodworkCo

Handwoven Cocoon Hammock Chair

Want a great chair? Look at this one.

From Etsy.com by ShorelineHammocks

Easy Setup for Hammock

Love hammocks? You’ve got to try this.

From Instructables

Light Blue Handmade Hammock Chair

Isn’t this pretty? Perfect for your backyard.

From Etsy.com by riverasswings

Lounge in Style With This DIY Mudcloth Hammock Chair

Want a great DIY hammock chair? Try this one.

From HGTV 

Macrame large hammock chair butterfly party

Love macrame? Look at this great chair.

From Etsy.com by HammocksNica 

PVC Hammock

Like PVC? Give this DIY a try to make a hammock.

From Instructables

Baby hammock swing chair macrame

Isn’t this sweet? A macrame chair for a baby.

From Etsy.com by HammocksNica

Traditional Hanging Hammock

Want a large hammock? This one is perfect for a snooze.

From FloraDecor

Ramador Chair Swing

Want to make a great outdoor chair swing? Look at this DIY.

From Ravelry 

Hammock Natural White

Want a great outdoor hammock? Try this one.

From Etsy.com by HammockBeds

The Hammock Desk

Want to be more comfortable when you’re working? Try this DIY.

From Instructables 

Large hammock chair with crochet edge

Love crochet? Take a look at this lovely chair.

From Etsy.com by HammocksNica


Want to make a classic hammock. Try this great DIY.

From ArtisanArt

Paracord Hammock

Like paracord? Make a DIY hammock out of it.

From Instructables

diy Hammock Chair

Want a budget friendly DIY. This one you can make for less than $40.

From DesignerTrapped

Cat Hammock

Do you have a cat? DIY them a hammock!

From Instructables

How To Make a Kid’s Hammock Swing and Mini Circus Tent

Want to make a hammock for kids? Try this great DIY.


Camping Hammock

Going camping? We know you’re going to want a terrific DIY hammock.

From Instructables 

Hanging Hammock Chair

Want a chair for the backyard? Look at this great hammock chair.

From FloraDecor

Hammock Chair DIY

Love hammock chairs? Look at this lovely DIY.

From ABeautifulMess

DIY Hanging Macrame Chair

Isn’t this lovely? A DIY chair you can macrame.

From ClassyClutter


Do you have a drop cloth? Well, then you have everything you need to DIY a hammock.

Drop Cloth Decorating

From MarthaStewart

Hammock Chair

Want to make a macrame hammock chair? Try this great DIY.

From Free-Macrame-Patterns 

DIY Foot Under Desk Hammock

Here is a unique hammock. Its actually to rest your feet!

From TheDabblingCrafter 

DIY Macrame Hammock Chair

Isn’t this fun? A macrame chair for any room in your home, or the front porch.

From FishAndBull 

Double Macrame Hammock Baby Swing Chair

Isn’t this sweet? Perfect for your little ones.

From AdelisaAndCo 

Easy Crochet Hammock

Isn’t this charming? You make it with crochet.

From Ravelry

Macrame Hammock Chair

Isn’t this pretty? A cozy macrame chair.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Iva Kvitka (original pinner unknown)

Hanging Hammock Chair with Macrame

Love macrame? Take a look at this great swing chair.

From MissionHammocks

Hammock chair

Isn’t this charming? Perfect for a cup of herbal tea and a book.

From Etsy.com by MECASADesign

Easy Hammock Chair

Want to make a hammock chair? Try this fun DIY.

From Ravelry