40 Great Vertical Gardens Anyone Can Grow


If you’re a gardener (or know one!) then we bet you’re always planning. Trying to figure out how to make the best of the “good” spaces in your yard and garden. You know – the ones with the sunlight. Where you can grow the most veggies, flowers or other types of plants.

Well, this DIY is going to make you grin from ear to ear. Because vertical gardening is all about making the most of the space you’ve got. Even people with teeny, tiny gardens or apartment rooftops love to do vertical gardening – and get fantastic results with it. Best of all, so many vertical gardens that you can make look fantastic! So you are adding something to your home and garden that truly has that “wow” factor your family and friends will admire.

This is a DIY that is usually fairly simple to make. We’ve found you 40 great projects to try, keeping in mind that different types of gardening may appeal to you. If you want to grow succulents, herbs, flowers or plants – then you’ll easily see specific vertical gardens that are ideal for them. There are vertical gardens that are eco-friendly too, made from PVC, pallets or even soda bottles!

So get out your seed catalog, visit your favorite gardening center and start to plan your new vertical garden. Because whether you’ve got a big, small or medium sized space – there is one you can build that is perfect! Happy DIY-ing!


Bottle Tower Gardening

Want a great garden? Here’s one to try with little space.

From Container Gardening

Portable PVC Vertical Garden

Want a small vertical garden? Try this one.

From Instructables

How to Build a Vertical Planter

Want a vertical garden? Try this set of planters.


From CreatingReallyAwesomeFunThings

How to Make a Rain Gutter Garden

Isn’t this garden green and leafy? Perfect for a small space.

From 1001gardens

Modular Vertical Garden

Try this great vertical garden. This is a terrific DIY.

From Instructables

DIY a Towering Tiered Garden for Your Patio

Here’s a charming vertical garden. Try this one.

From GoodHousekeeping

Vertical Garden

Want to grow tomatoes or other plants? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

succulent vertical garden

Doesn’t this look great? So many pretty colors too!

From Tumblr, posted by mixgreen

Vertical Garden DIY Ideas Using a Wooden Pallet

Pallets are perfect to make a vertical garden. This is a great DIY to try.

From ApartmentTherapy

Modular Vertical Garden

You can have a garden anywhere. If you choose vertical gardening.

From Instructables 


Like succulents? Try this lovely garden.

From TheUrchinCollective

Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

Want a small garden? Try this one made from soda bottles.

From Instructables

Gutter Garden Growing Your Food in a Small Space

You always have room for a vertical garden. Look at this one.

From ApartmentTherapy

Vertical Pallet Garden

How colorful! Here’s a great way to garden.

From Instructables

Creative Idea DIY Brown Old Wooden Garden Ladder Design

Isn’t this charming? A ladder with plants on it.

From GardeningLiving

Make a Pallet Garden in 7 Easy Steps

Here’s a great one for beginners. You can make a vertical garden in 7 easy steps.

From BrightNest

Vertical Garden Made from Scrap Materials

Here’s a vertical garden that has some depth. Perfect for bigger plants.

From Instructables

Rain gutters as planters

Now here’s a very simple DIY. Just install rain gutters as your vertical planters.

From BeAGardeningStar 


Backyard Oasis How to Make Your Own Vertical Garden

Isn’t this pretty? A vertical garden full of flowers.

From ApartmentTherapy

Create your own vertical garden

Isn’t this lovely? Indoors or out, its a breath of fresh air.

From Estiloydeco

How to Make a Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

If you love herbs, this is the perfect one for you. Try this vertical garden.

From DIYCozyCottage

EP 29 Hanging Garden

Have a wall? Turn it into a garden!

From Homemade-Modern

Chevron Two Tiered Vertical Planter

Want a garden in a small space? Try this set of planter boxes.

From JenwoodHouse

Repurposed Ladder Garden

Isn’t this sweet? An old ladder filled with plants.

From Pinterest, uploaded by Marionberry Cottage (origin unknown)


Have a little space? With a fence, you have a garden.

From DeborahSilver

A swing for your herbs

Do you really like herbs? Create an indoor or outdoor vertical garden.

From Kreativ welt

How to Build a Vertical Planter

Here is a great way to add a garden to your porch. It makes good use of any space.

From DecorAndTheDog

DIY Galvanized Planters and Ladder

How vintage! A ladder with lovely flowers on it.

From ChalkAndChocolate

DIY Pallet Vertical Herb Garden

Love herbs? Look at this great vertical garden.

From 99pallets

Ladder Garden…here’s some great ideas

Isn’t this charming? Its a vertical garden on a ladder.

From OutdoorAreas

Remax Select Properties

Doesn’t this garden look great? Lots of color in it.

From KeonaWiley

Vertical Garden in 10 Minutes

Want a quick and easy one? Try this vertical garden.

From Instructables

DIY Ladder Vertical Garden

Isn’t this vertical garden great? It even has a Welcome sign on it.

From ShadesOfBlueInteriors

Aquaponics Vertical Garden

Like Aquaponics? Try this vertical garden.

From Instructables

DIY Workshop Vertical Planter

Want a bigger garden? Try this great planter.

From JaimeCostiglio

Self Watering Vertical Garden with Recycled Water Bottles

Here is a large vertical garden. Its also eco-friendly.

From Instructables 

Vertical Pallet Herb Garden

Like herbs? Try this vertical garden.

From LifeStorage

DIY PBC Vertical Garden

Here’s a vertical garden that doesn’t take up much space. Why, its perfect!

From Instructables

Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Planter

Isn’t this ladder sweet? It’s all full of plants!

From Ana-White