40 Fun Homemade Stamp and Stencil Decor Ideas

If you are a DIY fan, you’re going to be thrilled to get to know stamp and stencil projects. Why? Well, this is one of the most affordable and quickest ways to customize your home decor and clothing items. Best of all, making homemade stamps and stencils is something that even a beginner DIY-er can do with confidence.

When you DIY stamps and stencils, its easy to make flowers, birds, animals and patterns that you especially like. Some of the things you may want to decorate could include t-shirts and tops, pillows, linens and more. One of the fun DIY projects you’ll see here is creating stencils that show a favorite greeting or saying, just as if you are using social media.

This is a great way to make gifts for family, friends and anyone who is special to you. They will especially enjoy how you have customized them to include images and patterns that are their favorites. One thing you can do with teens and kids is to actually make the items together, which makes the gift even more special. This is a gift that will be treasured and certainly will have someone grin from ear to ear when they receive it.

So let’s make some stencils and stamps! Happy DIY-ing!


DIY Rubber Stamp

Here’s how to make a classic rubber stamp. Its fun and simple.

From TheCraftedLife 

Freezer Paper Stencil

Look at how lovely these look! Fun to make with teens.

From PrettyProvidence

Mandala Style Stencil

What a beautiful stencil. Its a mandala.

From Etsy.com by StencilsLabNY

Dandelion Stamp Set

Do you love nature? Try these fun hand carved rubber stamps.

From Etsy.com by talktothesun

Forest Feathers wall stencil

Aren’t these elegant? Lovely wall stencils.

From Etsy.com by StenCilit

DIY Freezer Paper Graphic Tee

Here’s a fun DIY stencil project to do with kids and teens. Its simple to do with freezer paper.

From ByDawnNicole

Wall Stencil Firework burst

Wow! What a great wall stencil.

From Etsy.com by OliveLeafStencil

leaf hand carved rubber stamp

How elegant! This is a pretty rubber stamp.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

From Etsy.com by AtelierDeerday 

Single cloud stencil

Isn’t this sweet? Look at this charming stencil.

From Etsy.com by IdealStencil

Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial

Isn’t this a sweet stamp? Why not make this one for your stationary.

From CargoCollective


Stenciling signs is a fun way to decorate. You can easily customize a sign.

From Etsy.com by luxeloft

Custom Pet Portrait Stamp

Do you love your pet? Make a stamp of them!

From Etsy.com by CassaStamps

NASHIK Medallion Circular Stencil Indian Floor Wall Stencil

Isn’t this beautiful? What an intricate stencil.

From Etsy.com by DizzyDuckDesignsUK

Who Knew

Here’s a simple way to make a stenciled sign. This is a great DIY project.

From Domestically-Speaking

Butterfly Stencil

Love nature? Try this great stencil.

From Etsy.com by LaserAnything

Saturn Rubber Stamp

Here’s a stamp that’s out of this world! What a fun stamp.

From Etsy.com by SombrasBlancas

Batman Mask Wall Decal

Love comic books? Try this fun wall stencil.

From Etsy.com by looksugar

How to make Soap stamps

Here is a unique stamp to DIY. You make it out of soap.

From RiverLeaSoap

palm leaf hand carved rubber stamp

What a pretty stamp! Perfect for cards and decor.

From Etsy.com by StudioMo

How to Stencil Pallet Art Using Feather Stencils

Isn’t this lovely? Make beautiful pallet art!

From CuttingEdgeStencils

Ocean Waves Rubber Stamp Hand Carved

Look at how lovely this hand carved stamp is. Its perfect for cards and decorating.

From Etsy.com by EnchantingStamps

How to Make a Stencil

Want to make stencils cheap? This is a great DIY for you.

From SalvagedInspirations

Handmade Stamp

Do you make handmade items? Here is a terrific stamp for you.

From Etsy.com by OpenSpaceDesign

How to Make and Use a Grainsack Stripe Stamp

Love old fashioned linens? Try this great stamp.

From EllaClaireInspired

Peony Flower Stamp Set

Love flowers? Here is a great stamp set.

From Etsy.com by LittleStampStore

DIY Inspirational Quote Sign

Isn’t this sweet? Why not stencil this sign?

From ByWilma

Hand carved rubber stamps inspired to washi tapes

Love washi tapes? Try these sweet rubber stamps to DIY.

From MemiTheRainbow

Easy DIY Foam Stamps

Here is a simple way to make stamps. Start with foam.

From LilBlueBoo

Make Homemade Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are a classic. Try this fun DIY.

From BlogGuidebook

DIY Rubber Stamps

Want to make your own rubber stamps? Here is a simple tutorial.

From LovelyIndeed

Fast and Easy DIY Stamps

Here are some fun DIY stamps. Especially great for with kids and families too.

From Everyday-Is-A-Holiday 

How to Print Your Own Cushion Covers

Want new cushion covers? Take a look at this fun stamp!

From WildAndGrizzly

Printmaking with Preschoolers

Here are some fun stamps for little ones. Stamping is a great craft for families.

From WarmHotChocolate

Green Craft Magazine Autumn 2014

Look at what you can do with old apples and eco-friendly paint! Isn’t this beautiful?

From Stampington

How to Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

Here is a great way to make rubber stamps. For adults or children.

From FaveCrafts

Foam Stamps

Here are great stamps you can make out of foam. Try these!

From SnapCreativity

Create With Kids Make Your Own Bottle Top Stamps

Aren’t these adorable? You make these with foam shapes.

From VanessasValues