40 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her


“Happy Valentine’s Day!” If you’re looking forward to saying this to someone special – then we’ve got some terrific DIY projects for you to take a look at. 40 great Valentine’s Day gifts, just for her.

Now, we know you’ll be thrilled now to have to spend the afternoon standing in line at the mall to her something. But DIY-ing her Valentine’s gift actually makes it even more wonderful, because your wife, fiance or girlfriend will know that it was created just for her. That you took the time to make something with her exactly in mind. Today that just doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

Whether you are new to DIY projects or more experienced, there are some great projects here for you to try. If you are new to a specific type of DIY project that you’d like to do, we recommend that you ask a family member or friend whose done it before for their opinion, so you can create that perfect Valentine’s day gift for your sweetie.

One of the best things about DIY-ing a gift is that you have the opportunity to custom create it – from the size, the colors, the flavor, the shape, the fabric and just about anything that is involved. So all of your sweeties likes and dislikes can always be kept in mind as you are DIY-ing. That alone gives you the ability to make such a thoughtful gift, no matter which one you choose.

Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy DIY-ing!


White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift that’s sweet too. White chocolate raspberry truffles.

From GarnishAndGlaze

DIY Gemstone Soaps

Does she love gemstones? Make her these pretty soaps.

From HonestlyWTF

Love Birds Custom Wood Picture Frame

Isn’t this a sweet picture frame? Just for lovebirds.

From Etsy.com by HomeWetBar

DIY Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

If she’s sweet, these are the perfect gift. DIY these.

From SoapQueen

DIY Homemade Lavender Rosemary Candles

Does she love lavender? DIY these candles for her.

From LiveSimply

Heart Picture Frame

Isn’t this sweet? The picture frame is a heart.

From TheLumberjackFarmer

Soothing Lavender Oatmeal Bath Bombs Recipe

What could be better than the delicious scent of lavender? DIY these bath bombs for her.

From BeautyCrafter

Mailbox trinket jewelry box

Isn’t this sweet? With handprints and your names on it.

From Etsy.com by KaztielKrafts

Heart made from Pallets

Isn’t this charming? Its made from pallet wood.

From Pinterest, saved by the UPcycled City the Upcycling Community 

Rosemary Pressed Candles

Does she love the garden? DIY these candles for her.

From GardenTherapy

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes Soap Tutorial

Aren’t these sweet? Adorable soaps to DIY.

From SoapQueen

Established 2017 Heart Picture Frame

Perfect for showing the length of your relationship. A heart picture frame with a date on it.

From Etsy.com by EBirdCreations

DIY Star Wars Garden Pots

Does she love Star Wars and gardening? DIY her these pots!

From LemonLimeAdventures

Sand Dollar Bath Bomb DIY

Does she love the beach? DIY these bath bombs for her.

From SoapQueen

Pallet Rocking Chair

This Valentine’s Day, are you expecting a baby? She’ll love it if you make this rocking chair!

From 1001Pallets 

Your New Favorite Use For Coconut Oil DIY Scented Candles

Does she love coconut? DIY these candles for her.

From ThriveMarket

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Does she like hazelnuts? Make her these sweet truffles.

From Foodal

Coconut Rose Body Scrub

Does she love body scrubs? Make her this one.

From Blog.Lulus

Adventure begins tree picture frame

Give her a picture frame and put a photo of the 2 of you in it. What a sweet gift.


From Etsy.com by DesignCAB

DIY Pumpkin Spice Soy Candle

Does she love pumpkin spice? DIY this candle for her.

From ActivatedNest

Coconut Shea Butter Soap

Does she love coconut? Make her this soap.

From SimplyStacie

Large Jewelry Box

Does your wife love her jewelry? DIY her a great jewelry box.

From LumberJocks

Star Wars Light Saber Pencils

Does she love Star Wars? DIY these pencils for her.

From KeepingItSimpleCrafts 

Rustic DIY Pallet Wood Hearts and Free Templates

Would you give her your heart? Then choose this DIY.

From Remodelaholic

Peanut Butter Truffles

Aren’t these sweet? Make her peanut butter truffles.

From SwankyRecipes

How to Stencil a Wooden Jewelry Box

Isn’t this pretty? She’d love this DIY from you for Valentine’s Day.

From CuttingEdgeStencils

How to Make Your Own Death Star Lamp

If she loves Star Wars this is perfect! DIY this for her.

From 9gag

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Personalized Hand Painted Wooden Sign

What a sweet, romantic sign. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

From Etsy.com by studioninetwenty

Rustic Jewelry Box

Isn’t this charming? Perfect if she loves the rustic style.

From Etsy.com by Dustyroadgurl

Mermaid Song Bath Bomb

Does she love mermaids? Give her this fun bath bomb.

From Etsy.com by PurePoetryCosmetics

DIY Galaxy Soap

Want to make her something out of this world? Try galaxy soap.

From BeautyCrafter

DIY Star Wars Marquee Wall Art Tutorial

Is Star Wars her favorite movie? DIY this for her.

From AshleyGrenon

Together Is A Wonderful Place To Be

Isn’t this romantic? What a lovely wood sign.

From Etsy.com by SpunkyFluff

Melt in your mouth Kahlua Chocolate Truffles are made with just 5 ingredients!

Does she love Kahlua? Then DIY these for her.

From CookiesBlog17

Coffee Bath Bomb

Does she start the day with coffee? DIY these bath bombs.

From Etsy.com from MamanSucre

Star Wars LEGO Art DIY

This is one of Star Wars’ most famous lines. DIY this LEGO art for her.

From Pinterest (source unknown) saved by Georgia Woodman

“of all the things my hands have held” Sign

Sweet & romantic wooden sign. How lovely for Valentine’s Day.

From Etsy.com by ItIsAllInTheDetails

Brownie Truffles

Does she love brownies? Make her these truffles.

From Foodstrr

DIY Vanilla Latte Coffee Lotion Bars

Does she love a latte each day? Make her these great lotion bars.

From TheMakeupDummy

Red Velvet Truffles

Does she love red velvet? Try DIY-ing these truffles for her.

From DessertForTwo

DIY Mermaid Bath Bombs

Sparkly and fun! She’ll like these mermaid bath bombs.

From BeautyCrafter