40 DIY Homemade Structures to Plant Vines: Trellis, Arbor, Pergola


Do you love to garden? Well, this doesn’t surprise us one bit: a lot of DIY fans also have “green thumbs!” Here is a great project, one that you can most often get done in a weekend.

A trellis or other homemade structure to grow vines, vegetables or flowers can be a real showstopper in your garden. We’ve included classic, vintage, modern and contemporary styles in here. So you’ve got lots to choose from. So whether you want to grow fresh veggies or beautiful blooms, there is the perfect DIY right here for you.

Most of these projects can get done in a weekend. Typically a trellis is created either from wood or metal and sometimes with plastic such as PVC. If you are working with a material that is brand new to you, try asking a DIY buddy for a little assistance. One of the things you really want to be sure is that your trellis is nice and sturdy and can take the weight of growing veggies or flowers as this gets larger and taller.

This is a fun DIY that will certainly get you a lot of compliments from the neighbors and your family and friends. Happy DIY-ing!

Jasmine vine trellis

Love jasmine? Try this DIY trellis.


From Pinterest, saved by Janet V (unknown origin)

Obelisk Trellis for Garden

Isn’t this pretty? A lovely DIY trellis.

From Instructables

Vertical Gardening: Teepee Trellis

Isn’t this beautiful? A trellis.

From SerendipityLifeGarden

PVC Trellis

Want to make a simple trellis? Try this PVC one.

From Instructables

Good Idea to Close the Opening Under the Deck Off for Safety And Purpose Wood Framed Wire Trellis

Like cucumbers? Look at these trellises.

From GardeningAndLiving 

Cucumber Trellis

Want to grow cucumbers? Try this trellis.

From Instructables

How to Make a Bean Pole Teepee

Isn’t this charming? Grow beans.

From ArtfulParent

Garden Trellis

Want to make big trellises? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

Geo Tomato Cage

Want a tomato trellis? Look at this unique one.

From TerraTrellis

Pallet Garden Trellis

Love wood pallets? Try this trellis DIY.

From Instructables

Trellis built pergola style using a cattle panel

Isn’t this great? Such a pretty trellis.

From Pinterest, Saved by George Vander Dussen (original pinner unknown)

Expandable Collapsable Garden Trellis

Looking for a trellis that can grow as your garden does? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

Make a Rustic Trellis for Annual Vines

This is a very traditional trellis. Its made from branches.

From CoffeeForRoses

Bamboo Tomato Trellis

Like bamboo? You can make a trellis from it.

From Instructables

Gracie Modern Arbor

Love the style of an arbor? Here is a modern one.

From TerraTrellis

Metal Trellis for Garden Vines

Like a metal trellis? Try this one.

From Instructables

Barbed Wire Trellis Bristling with Spiky Spirals by thedustyraven

How stunning! Isn’t this lovely.

From Postris

Strawbee Mood Light Trellis

Want an indoor trellis? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

July Connecticut Organic Garden Part 2

Isn’t this a charming teepee trellis? Perfect to DIY.

From SerendipityLifeGarden


Grow 100lbs of Tomatoes in 20 Square Feet

Want a great trellis? Try this one for tomatoes.

From APieceofRainbow

Bougainvilea Trellis

Isn’t this beautiful? A great trellis to DIY.

From Pinterest, saved by Michelle-Marie (original poster unknown)

Ina Wall Trellis SR

Want to grow vines or flowers? Try these lovely tall trellises.

From TerraTrellis

Vegetable Garden Design: DIY Bean Trellis

Want to make a large trellis? Look at this DIY.

From Gardenista

DIY Garden Trellis

Isn’t this pretty? A garden trellis.

From Instructables

Ladders in Decor This one is for March

Want a lovely Spring trellis? Try this DIY.

From AshbeeDesign

Plantation at Pelham Residence Greenville SC

Love a metal trellis? Try DIY-ing this one.

From TheCollinsGroup

DIY French Tuteurs Garden

Aren’t these lovely? Classic trellises.

From SheHoldsDearly

Mattress Springs Trellis

How eco-friendly! Isn’t this a great trellis?

From 1001Gardens 


Here is a tall trellis. Perfect for growing.

From RedNeckModern

DIY Mirrored Trellis

Isn’t this pretty? Its a trellis with mirrors.

From DesignSponge

Freestanding Trellis

Isn’t this pretty? A freestanding trellis for your garden.

From Lowes

Mid Century Trellis DIY

Lovely contemporary trellis. Perfect to grow on!

From ABeautifulMess

About Fences Arbors and Garden Structures

Isn’t this pretty? Look at how vines can climb it.

From Growing-Image


Aren’t these charming? Lovely chevron trellis.

From Remodelaholic

Texas: Simple Ideas for Design

Don’t these vines look great? So decorative!

From InspiredDesignPublications

Make a Pea Trellis

Love peas? Try this trellis.

From GardenTherapy 

Rose Trellis with Benches

Isn’t this sweet? An old-fashioned rose trellis, complete with benches.

From ContentinaCottage

Downspout Cover Trellis Large

Tired of looking at your rain spouts? Why not make them into trellises?

From Garpa

Cambridge Trellis

Here is a classic trellis. It’s very charming.

From FortuneAndGloryUSA

DIY Trellis

Want to make a budget-friendly trellis? Try this DIY.

From Gina-Michelle