40 DIY Vintage Apron Ideas

If you are a DIY sewer - we want you to get excited! Because we have the perfect project for you: vintage aprons! Even if this is your very first DIY sewing project, you can feel confident, as this is a super beginner friendly one to try. Most vintage aprons you can make with a yard of fabric, or even less. While aprons may sound super old fashioned, they are incredibly … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Vintage Apron Ideas

40 Fun T Shirt Projects

Are you a t-shirt fan? Lots of people are. If you're a DIY-er, you'll also be pleased to know that there are many fun projects out there - to make your tees the very best they can be. We've found you 40 fun t-shirt projects to try. Whether you're looking for a special tee just for the holiday season, one to wear to the beach to work on your day, or you'd like to make … [Read more...] about 40 Fun T Shirt Projects

40 DIY Puppets

Hey DIY-ers! We have a super fun project for you today: puppets! We've found you 40 DIY puppet projects to try - whether you are a brand new beginner or a more advanced DIY-er. One of the best things about being a crafter or DIY-er is being able to make things for your family and friends. Here you can make puppets that will make your kids and grandkids grin from ear to ear. … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Puppets

How to Make 41 Easy and Fun Infinity Scarves & Wear Them

Make 41 Easy and Fun Infinity Scarves & Wear Them Have you tried making an Infinity Scarf yet? This is an easy and fun craft project. If you are new to a craft technique like knitting, crochet or sewing, you’ll be pleased with your results if you make an Infinity Scarf. This is a craft if you are in a time crunch – many of the projects we’ve found can be done in 30 minutes … [Read more...] about How to Make 41 Easy and Fun Infinity Scarves & Wear Them

40 Mittens and Gloves Crafts to Make

Mittens and gloves are a fun to make. Can't knit? No worries, there are many types of mittens and gloves you can make by sewing - either using a favorite old sweater or soft fleece fabric. Fingerless gloves are now popular with women, men, teens and even kids - so we've found you patterns for these too. Just think how convenient it will be to find change in your pockets or make … [Read more...] about 40 Mittens and Gloves Crafts to Make

40 Fun DIY Bow Crafts to Make at Home

What could be sweeter than your little girl all dressed up, complete with a pretty bow in her hair? We thought you'd agree. Even if you are new to bows, you'll be pleased to discover that this is a craft where a beginner can have successful results. Many Moms and girls make bows to match outfits or for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, parties and other celebratory … [Read more...] about 40 Fun DIY Bow Crafts to Make at Home