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40 No Sew Project DIY Ideas

If you are a huge DIY fan, but don't sew - you are not alone. We've found you 40 DIY projects that are going to make you grin from ear to ear, because they are 100% no sew! Whether you want to make stuffed animals, decor for a room in your home, a cozy blanket or more, there are terrific projects here for you to try. What's truly amazing, is that all of them do look as if … [Read more...] about 40 No Sew Project DIY Ideas

40 DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Wish your bedroom had a new look? If you're crafty, its easier than you might think. There are many fun bedroom decor crafts to try. Whether you'd like to create new bedroom furniture or copy a fancy store's expensive bedroom decor style look - it can be done in a few days or just an afternoon. Most DIY bedroom crafts involve wood working, sewing, painting or working with … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

35 DIY Inspirational Sharpie Craft Ideas

Do you have Sharpie or permanent marker pens? It may surprise you, but these pens can create many crafts. They are not just used to keep your laundry or spice rack organized well! Crafters have discovered that you can create watercolor like affects using Sharpies on fabric, to make beautiful t-shirts and pillows. You can make customized mugs, dishes and wine glasses, ideal for … [Read more...] about 35 DIY Inspirational Sharpie Craft Ideas

40 Fun DIY Bow Crafts to Make at Home

What could be sweeter than your little girl all dressed up, complete with a pretty bow in her hair? We thought you'd agree. Even if you are new to bows, you'll be pleased to discover that this is a craft where a beginner can have successful results. Many Moms and girls make bows to match outfits or for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, parties and other celebratory … [Read more...] about 40 Fun DIY Bow Crafts to Make at Home