DIY weekend projects

40 DIY Christmas Wreaths

Are you in a Christmas-sy mood? Well, we've got a real treat in store for you! 40 fun & festive Christmas wreaths that you can DIY!  Most wreath projects can be 100% completed in a day or even an afternoon. This is a terrific project for a beginner too, because lots of them are far simpler than you might think. To DIY a wreath, you'll first need to think if you want to … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Christmas Wreaths

40 Home Office Organizing Ideas

Hey! Do you have a home office? Well, you're going to be excited about the DIY projects we share with you today then. We've got 40 great DIY's, especially for your home office! If you have a home office, then you completely understand just how important it is to have everything just as you like it there. While a company buys your office furniture, computer and supplies - if … [Read more...] about 40 Home Office Organizing Ideas

40 DIY Cooler Carts and Stands

Hey! Have we got a terrific DIY project for you today! If you love the outdoors & spending time with family and friends, then this is one you're going to want to try. Why not make a cooler cart or cooler stand? It can be time consuming to go in and out of the house to bring your guests drinks if you're entertaining. What also tends to happen - is you wind up with a home … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Cooler Carts and Stands

40 DIY Chandelier and Ceiling Light Fixture Ideas

Are you DIY-ing a room in your home - or every single one? Well, then you aren't going to want to overlook the lighting fixtures. This is often something that people notice, without realizing that they do. It is a great way to make a subtle change in a room's decor - also while keeping your DIY budget well under control. We're going to address the biggest challenge in … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Chandelier and Ceiling Light Fixture Ideas

40 DIY Lampshade Projects

Do you want to refresh a room in your home? Well, we have a top DIY secret to share with you! The #1 way to do this & save money is to DIY both your pillows and lampshades. Both of these projects are quite budget friendly but also are quickly noticed by anyone who comes into your home. Even if they are there all the time, like an extended family member who lives in the same … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Lampshade Projects