DIY Bookshelf Made from a Spice Rack

LE and I tagged along with John to Chicago a few weeks back just so I could go to Ikea to buy their $4 wooden spice racks that have popped up around cute kids' rooms across the blogosphere. Even before LE was born, I knew I wanted forward-facing bookshelves. Supposedly, they foster more of a desire for reading than traditional bookshelves since kids can actually see the … [Read more...] about DIY Bookshelf Made from a Spice Rack

40 Smart Ideas & Hacks For a Better Life

Hey! Want to hack your life? Well, its possible these days. There are some great DIYs you can do that will help you save time, money and a whole lot of hassle too. Whether you want your kids' playroom to be better organized or you'd like your home office to be more streamlined so you never run out of paperclips. Or perhaps you want to be sure that you always get breakfast every … [Read more...] about 40 Smart Ideas & Hacks For a Better Life

Doll Headboard DIY

Start by having a metalsmith cut a piece of sheet metal into four 31/2x56-inch strips. He can also predrill three holes in each strip, one 2 inches from both ends and one in the center, or you can do it yourself. Make six 31/2-inch-square wood blocks from any attractive 4x4 lumber. Screw the wood blocks through the predrilled holes of the metal strips using No. 12x11/2 … [Read more...] about Doll Headboard DIY