40 Front Door Initial/Monogram Ideas


“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

If you remember the Wizard of Oz book or movie, it’s easy to relate to Dorothy’s longing to return home. There is so much that is wonderful about being at home – your closest loved one, homecooked meals, perhaps a beloved pet (like Toto!) and you know you are always welcome there at any time. This is a great DIY, to welcome your family and friends to your home, with a special initial monogram that lets everyone know exactly whose home this is.

What’s so terrific about this DIY is that you can customize it to show a bit of your family’s unique personality and what makes you special. If you are a military family, this is something you can express in your monogram. If you have a favorite sport such as baseball, you can create a monogram initial that shows this too. Holiday monograms are quite popular also, and a lovely way to say “C’mon In!” to your extended family and friends who visit especially during this time of year.

This DIY makes a perfect housewarming gift if you know someone who has moved to a new home. If you are looking for a DIY project that you can sell, consider creating initial monograms. Because so many families would like door decor that identifies who they are to their loved ones.


We’ve found you 40 fun DIY projects to try, there is something here for everyone. Most of these initial monograms are done in either wood or metal. So let’s get started. Happy DIY-ing!

How to Make a Large Cut Out Monogram The Easy Way

Love 3 letter monograms? Try this one.

From InMyOwnStyle

Monogrammed Door Decor

Let everyone know this is your family home. Very welcoming!

From Etsy.com by LnLWoodworks

MTO Deluxe Deco Mesh Wreath for Spring Summer or Everyday Decor

Want a pretty and bright monogram? Try this one.

From Etsy.com by SecondNatureDesigns1

Monogram Spring Wreath

Love spring? Try this wreath.

From CraftaholicsAnonymous

DIY Monogram Address Plaque

Here’s a great monogram. It has your street number on it too.

From ALittleCraftInYourDay 

DIY Wreath

Here is a very classic style. A contemporary wreath and initial monogram.

From TheIdeaRoom

PERSONALIZED Monogram Glass Storm Door Decal –Door Decal

Want a monogram for your glass door? Look at this one.

From Etsy.com by JaykasDecalBoutique

How to Make a Baseball Monogram Wreath

Baseball player or fan? DIY this monogram.

From CraftCuts

Monogram Wreath

Isn’t this charming? A stenciled letter and a wreath.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Cristiana Dourado 

DIY Fall Wreath

Isn’t this pretty? A fall wreath with a monogram too.

From CraftaholicsAnonymous

DIY Front door monogram

Isn’t this pretty? A lovely front door monogram.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Laura Bullard

Wreath with Initial

Here is a classic wreath with an initial. Lovely for your front door.

From Etsy.com by WeatheredFreeDesigns

Owl Letter Wooden Hanger

Love owls? Look at this monogram.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Ursula Mason (original pinner unknown)

Monogram Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Looking for a Christmas monogram? Try this DIY.

From CraftaholicsAnonymous

How to Make a Monogrammed Burlap Wreath

Want a wreath and a monogram? Try this DIY.

From TheShabbyCreekCottage 

18″ Wooden Initial Monogram Deer Antler Door Hanger or Wall Decor

Do you have a cabin or live in the woods? Try this great monogram.

From BrookshireBoutique

Spring Wreath

Isn’t this pretty? Lovely for spring.

From Pinterest.com, saved from wedding-solution.com

Floral Monogram

Isn’t this pretty? A lovely monogram.

From Pinterest.com, Saved by Britany Blankenship (original pinner unknown)

Initial Valentine Heart Door Hanger

Happy Valentine’s Day. Here is a great monogram.


From AshleyNicoleDesigns

Monogram Fall Wreath

Want a monogram for Fall? Try this DIY.

From CraftaholicsAnonymous

Monogram Door Decor

Love the rustic look? Look at this DIY.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Start today Not tomorrow 

Burlap Military Wreath

Are you a military family? Look at this beautiful monogram wreath.

From Etsy.com by KnitsAndWreaths

Monogrammed Christmas Boxwood Wreath

Want a Christmas monogram? Try something like this!

From NewEnglandHomeAccents

Wooden Door Hanger Monogram

Isn’t this pretty? A fun DIY.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Ursula Mason (original pinner unknown) 

Spring/Summer Hydrangea Wreath for Front Door

Love hydrangeas? Look at this monogram wreath.

From Etsy.com by Flowenka

Wooden Anchor with Connected Single Letter

Do you love boats? Try this monogram.

From Etsy.com by MattieVs

Baseball Monogram

Baseball fan or player? Try this monogram.

From Pinterest.com saved by Sherlyn Hidalgo Pacheco

Single Letter Door Hanger

Want a big monogram? Try this one.

From Etsy.com by WhipporwillCharm

Single Initial Pumpkin Monogram Fall Decoration

Love Fall? Try this monogram.

From TheCuteKiwi 

Turkey Monogram

Happy Thanksgiving! Look at this great monogram.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Jenny Winchenbach Leverknight

Wood Script Monogram Border Circle

Isn’t this pretty? A 3 letter monogram.

From MonogramLane

Wooden Door Hangers

Isn’t this charming? Fun to DIY.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Ursula Major (original pinner unknown)

St Patricks Day Monogram Painted Four Leaf Clover Shamrock With Wood Initial

Love St. Patrick’s Day? Try this monogram.

From DPlusThreeDesigns 

Milk can decal

Here is a unique way to add a monogram. On a milk can at your front porch!

From Etsy.com by LMCADesigns

Single Letter Monogram

Feeling crafty? Here’s a great DIY.

From Pinterest.com saved by Ursula Mason (original pinner unknown)

Pineapple of My Eye Single Initial Wood Monogram

Love pineapples? Try this monogram.

From BeauJax

Horseshoe Door Hanger

Want to feel lucky? Add a horseshoe to your monogram.

From Etsy.com by letterworld

American Flag Letter Wreath

Are you Patriotic? Try this monogram.

From Etsy.com by InitialRememberance 

Front Door Decal –Monogram

Want a classic monogram? Here is one to try.

From InGenie

The Crucifix Cross Monogram Door Hanger

Are you Christian? You might like this monogram.

From HouseSensationsMetalArt