40 DIY Tablecloths & Placemats

Do you want your kitchen or dining room to look great? Well, if you’re a DIY-er, this just became so much easier. We’ve found you 40 projects to try, so you can make tablecloths and placemats. Especially if you are new to DIY – we really want you to pay attention, because this is a project that will really give you a lot of confidence!

Most of these projects you can finish in several hours, if not a weekend. These make terrific housewarming gifts too. Be sure to take a look at the seasonal and holiday tablecloths & placemats we’ve found for you, which will help to make the holidays even more special this year. This is something you can hand down to your children and they will treasure it so much, because you made it yourself.

Don’t know how to sew, even a single stitch? No worries! We have a number of no-sew projects listed in here for you too. You’ll be pleased to see that you can get terrific results from these too.

A tablecloth you buy can often cost between $30 and $65, depending on the size of your table. But if you DIY it, you can typically save at least 1/2 of this cost, which making tablecloths that still look fantastic.


So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

15 Minute Reversible Placemats Tutorial

Want great reversible placements? Try this DIY.

From RaegunRamblings

No-Sew Tablecloth

Want a no-sew tablecloth? Try this DIY.

From ASmithOfAllTrades 

Elegant Stripes Tablecloth

Isn’t this pretty? A striped tablecloth.

From Etsy.com by HommeStudioTreasures

Easy No Sew Placemats

Want to make placemats but don’t know how to sew? Try these!

From CraftyAllieBlog

Petal Tablecloth

Isn’t this a sweet tablecloth? Perfect for a quinceanera.

From Etsy.com by Jessmy

DIY Double Sided Cloth Napkin Tutorial

Make napkins, to go with your tablecloth & placemats! Try these double-sided ones.

From TheHappyHousie

Daisies in grey

Like the Provence style? Look at this tablecloth.

From Etsy.com by FabricOfProvence 

DIY Bordered Table Linen

Want a great looking tablecloth? Try this one.

From Blog.Fabrics-Store 


Here’s a great DIY for beginners. Try this one.

From WildAndWanderful

Round Tablecloth by Roostery w Spoonflower

Isn’t this a beautiful pattern? Love this tablecloth for a round table.

From Etsy.com by Roostery 


Need a great party tablecloth? Try this one.

From OhHappyDay

DIY No-Sew Placemats

Aren’t these cute? Make simple no-sew placemats.

From 100Things2Do 

DIY Graphic Print Tablecloth

Want to make a contemporary tablecloth? Try this DIY.

From LetsMingleBlog

Dry Erase Placemat Tutorial

Want to make dry erase placemats? Try this great DIY.

From MellysNews


Love the ombre look? DIY this tablecloth.

From EllivenStudio

No Sew Napkins

Want to make fringed napkins to go with your placemats? Try this DIY.

From MaisonDePax

Dip Dyed Tablecloth

Love the tie-dye look? Try this DIY.

From TwoDelighted 

No Sew Burlap Placemat and Outdoor Entertaining

Love burlap? These are no sew!

From HoosierHandmade 

DIY Bunting Tablecloth

Love the bunting look? Try this super cute tablecloth.

From TheSweetestOccasion

How to Make Placemats

Aren’t these adorable? DIY placemats.

From RealCoake


Want a cornered tablecloth? Try DIY-ing this one.

From HappyStrongHome

How to Make Easy No-Sew Placemats in a Few Minutes

Want a great beginner project? Try this one.

From AHomeToGrowOldIn

Easy DIY Bandana Tablecloth

Want a terrific USA patriotic tablecloth? Try DIY-ing this one.

From TheGraciousWife 

Blush Pink Ruffle Tablecloth

Isn’t this sweet? Perfect for a girl’s party.

From Etsy.com by blushLULA

diy indigo shibori dyed placemats

Want blue and white placemats? Try this lovely DIY.

From LovelyIndeed 

How To Make A Grain Sack Tablecloth

Love the rustic look? DIY this tablecloth.

From SoMuchBetterWithAge 

Burlap Placemats

Love the rustic look? DIY these great placemats.

From FamilyMomentos

Colorful Crochet Tablecloth

Isn’t this pretty? Perfect for Christmas and holidays.

From ASubtleRevelry 

How to Sew Placemats Quickly and Simply

Love fabric placemats? Try this simple DIY.

From LittleHouseLiving

Easy Reversible Tablecloth with Dena Designs Fabrics

Isn’t this pretty? DIY a quilt style tablecloth.

From QuiltedCupcake

Reversible Placemat Tutorial

Want reversible placemats? Try this DIY.

From GluesticksBlog

DIY Sunburst Tablecloth

Need a tablecloth for a special event? Here’s a great one to DIY.

From U CreateCrafts

Easy DIY Holiday Placemats

Getting ready for the winter holidays? Try DIY-ing these great placemats.

From Blitsy

Count Your Blessings Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Want a Thanksgiving tablecloth? Try DIY-ing this one.

From HymnsAndVerses


Looking for a beginner’s project? Try this one!

From Whip-Stitch

How To Make Your Own Linen Napkins (Placemats)

Love linen napkins and placemats? Here’s a great project for spring and summer months.

From SoMuchBetterWithAge

DIY Dip Dye Placemats

Love the ombre look? Try these simple placemats.

From DesignLoveFest 

An Easy Method for Sewing Your Own Placemats

New to sewing placemats? Try this great tutorial.

From Craftsy 

DIY Fabric Coasters Tutorial

Make these to go with your placemats & tablecloth. This is a great DIY project.

From Outnumbered3-1

How to Make Christmas Placemats

Getting ready for Christmas? DIY these great placemats!

From RealCoake