DIY Ideas

40 DIY Gender Reveal Ideas

I bet a lot of people are asking you if you are having a boy or a girl. So, why not throw a DIY gender reveal party to make a big announcement? Gender reveals have become super popular. Some are done as big family parties and others are shared on social media - seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Whatever type of gender reveal you choose, there are lots of great ways … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Gender Reveal Ideas

40 DIY Starbucks Drinks

Hey! Are you a huge Starbucks fan? Well, if you're a DIY-er, you are really in for a treat. It might surprise you - but there are quite a few Starbucks drinks that you can easily make at home! Saving you time waiting in line & a bit of cash too. Now that's something to smile about! We've found you 40 delicious DIY Starbucks recipes. They cover every season of the year - … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Starbucks Drinks

40 DIY Birthday Cakes

Are you about to wish a family member or friend "Happy Birthday"? Then we know you're going to want to make them a terrific cake! Fortunately, you're a DIY-er, so you've got lots of choices to pick from! We've found you 40 fun and festive birthday cakes - for adults, kids and teens. Why there is something here for everyone. Whether you are new to baking or would feel … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Birthday Cakes

40 DIY Puppets

Hey DIY-ers! We have a super fun project for you today: puppets! We've found you 40 DIY puppet projects to try - whether you are a brand new beginner or a more advanced DIY-er. One of the best things about being a crafter or DIY-er is being able to make things for your family and friends. Here you can make puppets that will make your kids and grandkids grin from ear to ear. … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Puppets

40 Energy Bites Recipes

Hey! Are you a DIY-er who needs a little energy? Well, then we have a great treat for you today! 40 yummy, irresistible energy bite recipes. There's a lot to like about energy bites. Most of them are super easy to make. They are healthy treats and a great way to give yourself a little boost as the day goes on. Just think of them as a homemade energy bar. We've found you a … [Read more...] about 40 Energy Bites Recipes

40 DIY Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Hey! Are you a huge fan of DIY projects & also enjoy a glass of wine every now and then? Well, we've got the perfect project for you today: hand painted wine glasses! We've found you 40 terrific projects, for inspiration and ideas. One of the great things about a wine glass is that there are about a zillion things you can do with it. Keep in mind that most adults … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Hand Painted Wine Glasses

40 DIY Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Hey! Are you a DIY-er & getting married soon? Well then, we have a set of projects that is going to make you grin from ear to ear! 40 DIY bridesmaids gift ideas! It's a fact: being part of a wedding party has become a lot of work these days. So don't be shy about expressing your thanks. Today's brides usually give at least 2 gifts to their bridesmaids, sometimes even … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Caring for Leather with the Best Leather Conditioner

Leather is one of the most durable materials. It’s used to make a wide range of items, including shoes, handbags, wallets, knife case, tote bags, and belts, among others. It’s also naturally resistant to dirt and stains. However, after some time, your leather products will ultimately become dirty. The extent of dirt depends on how you use the product as well as your maintenance … [Read more...] about Caring for Leather with the Best Leather Conditioner

40 Pottery Barn Inspired DIYs

Hey! Are you a DIY-er & a huge Pottery Barn fan? We've got a real treat for you then - 40 terrific DIY projects, just for you! If you've seen Pottery Barn furniture & decor, then you know it is modern & contemporary in style - and also very high quality. What is terrific is that when you do a DIY project, you also can create something that is high quality too and … [Read more...] about 40 Pottery Barn Inspired DIYs