DIY Ideas

Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)

As some of you have given me valuable tips for the “Wire Headband” and Sascha even posted a video tutorial on my Facebook page, it came clear to me that I have to craft a homemade copy of a hair band with wire frame. Said and done! With my first headband I made it myself very easily and converted a fabric belt from Asos to a headband. Because that worked so easy, now I have … [Read more...] about Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)

DIY Sharpie Marker on a Lamp Shade Idea

This is a lamp shade DIY project that has personality and doesn't cost much to do. This project was originally on but is no longer online. If  the original poster would like it removed, please contact us. We also moved many of the comments over so you can read the previous discussions. This was listed on our sharpie marker ideas page. ..Well I couldn't … [Read more...] about DIY Sharpie Marker on a Lamp Shade Idea

DIY Zadig et Voltaire Cut-Out Skull T-Shirt

Thanks to the amazing work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen, the sparkly clutches of Thomas Wylde, and the wearable art of Zadig et Voltaire, skulls have found a place in high-end and mainstream fashion. Even the goodest of the good girls are sporting skulls on everything from blinged out bags to preppy polos. Original post found on Runway which is no longer a live … [Read more...] about DIY Zadig et Voltaire Cut-Out Skull T-Shirt

Knit with Fingers – Make A Scarf Without Knitting Needles

Have you ever heard of finger knitting? I’ve tried it out, unfortunately after 2 days of knitting I had cramps in the fingers, and the result didn’t look that “pretty”. Practically inclined as I am, I was looking for something “finger-like” and found it in my manicure / pedicure set. Here are the step-by-step instructions with pictures: Material And Tools – For This DIY … [Read more...] about Knit with Fingers – Make A Scarf Without Knitting Needles

40 Fun Duct Tape Crafts

Hey! Do you have duct tape handy? Well, get excited - because you've got all you need to make some of the most fun DIY projects for adults, kids & teens!  One of the best things about duct tape is just how versitle it is. Did you know that each year, the Duct Tape company holds a prom clothing competition, offering scholarship money to high school students who create the … [Read more...] about 40 Fun Duct Tape Crafts

40 DIY Gender Reveal Ideas

I bet a lot of people are asking you if you are having a boy or a girl. So, why not throw a DIY gender reveal party to make a big announcement? Gender reveals have become super popular. Some are done as big family parties and others are shared on social media - seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Whatever type of gender reveal you choose, there are lots of great ways … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Gender Reveal Ideas

40 DIY Starbucks Drinks

Hey! Are you a huge Starbucks fan? Well, if you're a DIY-er, you are really in for a treat. It might surprise you - but there are quite a few Starbucks drinks that you can easily make at home! Saving you time waiting in line & a bit of cash too. Now that's something to smile about! We've found you 40 delicious DIY Starbucks recipes. They cover every season of the year - … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Starbucks Drinks

40 DIY Birthday Cakes

Are you about to wish a family member or friend "Happy Birthday"? Then we know you're going to want to make them a terrific cake! Fortunately, you're a DIY-er, so you've got lots of choices to pick from! We've found you 40 fun and festive birthday cakes - for adults, kids and teens. Why there is something here for everyone. Whether you are new to baking or would feel … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Birthday Cakes