DIY Zadig et Voltaire Cut-Out Skull T-Shirt

Thanks to the amazing work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen, the sparkly clutches of Thomas Wylde, and the wearable art of Zadig et Voltaire, skulls have found a place in high-end and mainstream fashion. Even the goodest of the good girls are sporting skulls on everything from blinged out bags to preppy polos.

Original post found on Runway which is no longer a live site. If the owner wishes this content removed, please contact me.

Cut outs are a fun and fresh form of embellishment and lucky for us they are easy enough to do on your own. Try livening up a white tee with a deathly skull- if drawing isn’t your strong-suit, print out a picture, lay it between the layers of your shirt and hold the shirt up to a window to trace a shape on to the back. Keep the shapes simple- the less pieces you cut out the less you have to sew and the quicker the process will be!