DIY Pom Poms for Your Baby’s Nursery

Nursery Pom Poms

Tissue pom poms have become a popular addition to nurseries of late. You can buy a great assortment of colors from fabulous etsy stores like Pomlove, or if you’d prefer to make your own, simply follow the instructions below.

You’ll need:
– Tissue paper (you may like to choose a variety of colors)
– Floral wire
– Fishing line


Step one:
Take a pile of eight sheets of tissue paper and accordion fold it, creasing after each fold. The width of your folds will become the pom ‘petal’ widths, so take this into consideration when folding.

Step two:
Secure a piece of floral wire around the center of your folded tissue paper, being careful to avoid creasing the paper. Attach a piece of fishing line to the floral wire, to assist hanging.

Step three:
Cut each end of the folded tissue paper. Remember the cut will help create the silhouette of your pom pom, so a circular cut will create a more rounded pom than an arrow cut.

Step four:
Carefully separate the tissue paper layers to create your finished pom pom.

Note: Create varying pom pom shapes and sizes by changing the number of tissue paper sheets used and end cuts.

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