53 Classroom Door Decoration Projects for Teachers

Classroom Doors

Updated for January 2017. If you’ve noticed the giant bins of school supplies populating every Wal-Mart in your area, then you know it’s about to become every parent’s favorite time of the year: back to school. But parents aren’t the only ones counting down the days, teachers are too. Our gift to you, our teachers, is a bunch of classroom door decorations for almost every season through the next 180 days. We’ve got back to school classroom door decorations, holiday themed classroom doors, and even a good one for the end of the year.

Fun Classroom Doors

Out of this world learning!

From the Clutterfree Classroom

Ellie would be proud. Up Door Design from Disney.

Found on tumblr


Extra butter? Popcorn Decorated Door Display.


Found on Pinterest

The class that fits together, sticks together.

Puzzle Pieces
From Inspire, Love, Learn

Technology and learning look pretty good together. iPhone Classroom Door Decoration.


Found on Pinterest

You haven’t even walked into the room yet, and you have an assignment. Crossword puzzle door decoration.


Found on Pinterest

They forgot indigo. Paint and brush decoration for class door.


From a creative art teacher at Maple Grove Elementary

Happy campers indeed!


From The First Grade Parade

Possibly the coolest door you’ve seen.

Chalkboard Door

Found on flickr

Don’t forget the red carpet.

Movie Stars

From Rainbows Within Reach

Everyone gets their 15 minutes. Class celebrity for door decoration.


From Flying into First

Super heroes, or super learners? Heroes on classroom doors.

Super Heroes

From Kicking it with Class

Great way to display the school year reading list on your classroom door.


From Lessons with Laughter

Reading is the key.

Treasure Chest

From Barnard Island

Sounds like a delicious year ahead.


Found at Demenglog.com

Animal-Themed Classroom Door Decroations

Whimsical birds ready to take flight.

Whimisical Birds

From Kindergarten Khronichles

Whooooo is it? Owls on Classroom doors.


From Mrs. Lee’s Kinder Kids

This is o-fish-al pun of this post. Fish decorated on the class door.


From The Cole Train

It may not be in the best interest of the fish, though.

Rainbow Fish

Found on Pinterest

So they can say yes, they were raised in a barn.


From Learning English-ESL

Behave in the bee hive – classroom door decorations.

Bee Hive

From Room Mom 101

What will you find this year? Monkey idea for classroom decorations.

Learning Safari

From Buzzing About Second Grade

Dr. Suess-Themed Classroom Doors

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Dr Suess Balloons

From Buggie and JellyBean

There’s a Wocket in my Pocket! Dr. Suess Classroom door decoration idea.

Wocket in My Pocket

From MPM School Supplies

The Lorax


Found on Pinterest

Fall Classroom Doors

Happy haunting!

Halloween Haunted House

From A Faithful Attempt

The classroom mummy. Mummy decoration on the door.


From My Classroom Ideas

Mad scientists are the best kind.

Mad Scientists

Found on Pinterest

Apples, not just for the teacher’s desk.


From the Applicious Teacher

May your students be all ears this year.


From Teach, Blog, Repeat

It’s important to greet your students with a smile!

Scarecrow Face

From Piccry

The Thanksgiving Tree Classroom Door.

Falling Leaves

From Le Compas

Winter Classroom Doors

No witches in this candy house. Gingerbread Classroom Door Decoration Idea.

Gingerbread House
From Beg, Borrow, Steal

All aboard!

Polar Express

From The Very Busy Kindergarten

Just hanging around. Christmas Ornaments on a class door.

Christmas Ornaments

From My Classroom Ideas again

Hung with care. Stockings on a class door.


Found on Pinterest

Walk, run, or waddle into winter. Penguin door.


From Indulgy

Styrofoam cup snowman says to recycle. Snowman for winter classroom door decoration.


Found on Pinterest

You better watch out. Santa Door Decoration.

Santa Claus

Found on Pinterest

Valentine’s Day Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

Fall in Love with Book Character Classroom Door

I would choose Bilbo or Frodo

A Tree full of Hearts makes a great Valentine’s Day door idea

This Door has a Big Heart

Class door covered with rolled paper in the shape of a heart, with a Happy Valentine’s Day ribbon for added flair.

I Mustached You a Question…Will You Be My Valentine?

Kids’ pictures with a mustache added; nice play on a pun for a classroom door idea.

Hugs and (Hershey) Kisses Class Door

Fun and yummy idea with each student’s name on a Hershey Kiss tag.

Spring Classroom Doors

Spring is in bloom.

Spring Time

From Tip Junkie

Flying through the year.


From Ashleigh’s Education Journey

Your classroom family tree.

Classroom Family Tree

From Mrs. Lirette’s Learning Detectives

Ladybug fly away home.


Another from Learning English-ESL

Feeling lucky? St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Door Decoration Idea


From Klassy Kinders

Every student is a treasure.

Pot of Gold

A second one from MPM School Supplies

Cupid’s helpers.

Valentine's Cupids

From Mrs. Price at Kahalu’u Elementary

Wear your heart on your door instead of your sleeve.

Valentine's Letters

From Ms. Rosario’s electronic portfolio

There’s more than one way to say you love learning.

I Love You ASL

From One Lesson at a Time

Little Bunny Foo-Foo – Easter Door Decoration Idea for a School door.


From Imgarcade

Everyone’s Favorite

It’s the final countdown!

End of the Year

Found on Pinterest

Possibly photo op if you leave the face hole open over the window?


From School Counselor Blog

Con”grad”ulations are in order at any age.


Found on Pinterest