41 DIY Ideas to Make Fragrant Soap at Home


Do you make soap? This is a fun craft to try. Soap makers will be pleased to discover that they can now make soap in dozens of scrumptious flavors – from classics such as lavender or oatmeal & honey to more exotic ones like apple cider or soap shaped like cupcakes. Best of all, many soap crafts today can be made without lye or even palm free, which many crafters appreciate for its ease and convenience. Homemade soap is a wonderful treat to make for your family, especially to encourage kids at bath time. Imagine just how thoughtful homemade soap is to receive as a gift – both indulgent and so personalized to the gift recipient. Here are 43 soap making crafts, so give it a try!

How to Make Lye Free Soap

How to make lye free soap pioneersettler

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5 Palm Free Recipes


By LovinSoap.com

Make Soap Without Using Lye

safe lye soapmaking brownthumbmama

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How to Make Milk Soap

How-to-Make-Milk-Soap-From-Scratch-788x1024 thenerdyfarmwife

From TheNerdyFarmWife.com

Make Your Own Organic Castile Hand Soap with Printable Labels

DIYOrganicHandSoap liagriffith

By Liagriffith.com

Easy Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

EasyFoamHandSoapvert homemademommy

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Apple Cider Soap

Apple-Cider-Soap-994x1024 thenerdyfarmwife

By TheNerdyFarmWife.com

Aloe Vera Soap Recipe

aloe-vera-soap-recipe1  soaprecipes101

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How to Make Any Soap Recipe Palm Free

How-to-make-any-soap-recipe-palm-free thenerdyfarmwife

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Pink Himalayan Salt Grapefruit Soap

Himalayan-Salt-Grapefruit-Soap-Recipe  apumpkinandaprincess

By APumpkinAndAPrincess.com

Homemade Lavender Soap

Homemade-Lavender-Soap1  draxe

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Piping Soap Cupcakes


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Basic Soap Recipes

basic soap recipes  soap making essentials

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Rosa Rugosa Soap Recipe

Rosa-Rugosa-Handmade-Soap-Recipe  thenerdyfarmwife

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Green Tea and Agave Homemade Soap Recipe


By SoapDeliNews.com

Pine Tar Soap Recipe

Old-Fashioned-Pine-Tar-Soap-800  thenerdyfarmwife

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How to Make Winter Rose Soap

rose-soap1_800 hobbyfarms

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Baby Carrot Soap

baby-carrot-soap-palm-free-recipe thenerdyfarmwife

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Coconut Lime Soap

Coconut-Lime-Soap-3-650x439 offbeatandinspired

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Cranberry Sauce Soap

cranberry sauce soap humblebeeandme

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Easy Soap Making Recipes for Kids

simple-soap buzzle

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Make Your Own Healthy Hand Sanitizer (created by a pediatrician in NJ, mentioned in the article)

alcohol-free-hand-sanitizer-2 onegoodthingbyjillee

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DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs

DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs

From MomentsWithMandi.com

Natural Homemade Summer Festival Soap Recipe


By SoapDeliNews.com

Peppermint + Mocha Soap

Peppermint Mocha Soap offbeat and inspired

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Aloe Rose Soap

Aloe-Rose-Cold-Process-Soap-Recipe-palm-free  thenerdyfarmwife

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Natural Mountain Man Detox Soap Recipe


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Oatmeal & Honey Soap Recipe

Oatmeal-and-Honey-Soap-1024x807   thenerdyfarmwife

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Sea Clay Avocado Facial Bar

Sea clay avocado facial bar  soapqueen

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Garden Mint Soap

Garden-Mint-Soap-Cold-Process-Soap-Recipe  thenerdyfarmwife

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DIY Chemical Free Moisturizing Body Wash

DIY Chemical free body wash Mary Crimmins

By MaryCrimmins.com

Naughty Kitty Soap Recipe



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Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bar Recipe

pink himalyain salt soap queen

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Handmade Raspberry Lemonade Soap Recipe


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Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Soap Recipe


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Honey & Dandelion Soap

Dandelion-and-Raw-Honey-Soap-892x1024  thenerdyfarmwife

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Natural Clay Soap Recipe

Natural-Clay-Soap-Using-Funnel-Pour-Method  thenerdyfarmwife

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Cinnamon and Patchouli Soap

cinnamon and patchouli soap humblebee and me

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Natural DIY Lanolin Shaving Soap Recipe


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How to Make Lotion Bars

lotion-bars adelightfulhome

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Low Tide Soap

low tide soap humblebee and me

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