40 Fun Cat Toys and Play Space Ideas

Your cat is about to be very happy you’re a DIY fan! Did you know there are lots of terrific DIY projects, especially for your cat or kitten? So you can make every moment of their 9 lives even more fun and entertaining.

We’ve found you 40 DIY projects, especially for cats – so you can create a terrific play space, a cozy spot for them to nap in the sun or toys that they will bat all around your home like crazy! There are projects here for every DIY fan, whether you are brand new to this or more experienced. You’ll find woodworking, needlework, refurbished, sewing and more. We encourage you to try projects that are new to you, because if you want to make something for someone else (like your cat!), it will keep you motivated as you learn new DIY skills.

Remember to always, always, always use high-quality project materials. Especially when you are creating items for pets, these are items that will probably wind up getting in their mouths, as they are chewed on. Your cat may also knead their claws on the project, as this is something cats do often to self-soothe and relax. So you want to be sure that all of your project has been thought out with your pet’s full comfort in mind.


When you DIY pet items, this is the perfect time to customize things. You can add your pet’s name, use their favorite materials and even match your home’s decor. This is especially ideal when you are creating cat furniture such as a cat tree, because you can make it so it easily compliments the room naturally.

Show this post to your cat and pick out a few favorite projects. It’s time to get started. Happy DIY-ing!

new toy

Keep your cats entertained for hours. Here’s a fun toy to DIY.

From FourWhitePaws

Cat toys Catnip Sushi

Hungry for sushi? Your cat would love these!

From Etsy.com by FelineFun 

Natural Cork Cat Scratcher

Love cork? Try this cat scratcher.

From Etsy.com by RusticWildRoots

Trendy DIY Color Blocked Cat Scratcher

Isn’t this pretty? Fun for your kitty and goes nicely with your home decor too.

From Shelterness

Cat toys Catnip Dougnut

Aren’t these cute? Perfect for playtime.

From Etsy.com by FelineFun

Large Driftwood Cat Climbing Tree

Isn’t this beautiful? Its a cat tree.

From Etsy.com by CustomDriftwoodArt

DIY Cat Tent for Kitties Who Play Hard

Want a cat tent? Your kitties will love to play in this!

From DearCrissy

The Majestic Modular Garden System

Does your cat love to climb? Try this.

From Etsy.com by MoisesCustomDesign 

Cat Hedral

Want a pretty cat bed? Try this unique looking one!

From YankoDesign 

The Original Wood cat tower

Does your cat love looking out of the window? Well, then they need this!

From Etsy.com by CattyCornerMarket

Make a Cat Tree Using Real Branches

Isn’t this pretty? You can DIY a cat tree with real tree branches.

From ByBrittanyGoldwyn

Wooden Crate Pet Bed

Want a cozy bed for your cat? Try this DIY.

From TheInspiredHive

Cat toys Catnip Pizza

Hungry for pizza? This is a cute cat toy.

From Etsy.com by FelineFun

Kit-ty Tree Deluxe with Topper Assembly Cat Tree Kit

Want a cat tree that looks like a real tree? Try this one!

From Etsy.com by PetTreeHouses 

Tutorial DIY Modern Cat Scratcher IKEA Hack

Want a great cat scratcher? Try this one.

From We-Are-Scout

Driftwood Cat Tree and Scratching Post

Isn’t this pretty? Add a scratching post for your cat.

From Etsy.com by FeathersByPhoenix 

DIY Cat Perches

Does your cat love to climb and hang out? Make this DIY for them.

From FoxFlat

15 in Giant Cat Kicker Toy

Does your cat love to play? Try this toy.

From Etsy.com by CustomKittyCreations

DIY Cat Tent

Here is a simple cat tent you can make. Your cat will love it!

From Instructables

DIY Suitcase Bed -Modern Cat Magazine

Want a cozy cat bed? Try this vintage DIY.

From Catsery.com sourced from Modern Cat Magazine

DIY Cat Scratcher

Want your cat to have a good scratching spot? Try this DIY.

From AlmostMakesPerfect

How to Make an Amazing DIY Indoor Cat Garden

Want your cat to have an indoor garden? DIY this one.

From TheAntiJuneCleaver

Make a Jingle Bell Cat Collar

Want your cat to have a great collar? Try DIY-ing this one.


DIY Vase Scratching Post

Isn’t this pretty? A DIY scratching post.

From MeowLifestyle

Make your own Litter Box holder

Want to keep your cat’s litter box tidy? Try this DIY.

From RepurposefulBoutique 

My Cat is Never Impressed

Want to create an indoor grass play space for your cat? Try DIY-ing this one.

From MommaToldMeBlog

Felt Mouse DIY Cat Toy

A classic cat toy. This is sure to be a favorite.

From LiaGriffith

Not only yourself your cat also need a nice place to sleep

Doesn’t this look like fun? A great cat tree.

From Fancy.com, sourced from daily,geek-living.com

Traffic Cone Scratching Posts

Here’s a great scratching post. You can DIY this.

From SoFancyBlog

DIY magic carpet hammock

Isn’t this cozy? Perfect to DIY for your cat.

From SettleDownSlinki

DIY Cat Puzzle Tutorial

Does your cat love puzzle toys? Try this one.

From TheGlamCat

How to Make a Cat Condo

Want a cat condo? You can DIY one.

From HGTV 

Cat Treat Jar Decal

Give your cat a yummy treat. Put their name on their treat jar!

From LiaGriffith

DIY Magic Wand Cat Toy

Wands are not just for Harry Potter books. This is a favorite DIY cat toy!

From TheGlamCat 

Rope Bowl Cat Bed

Isn’t this adorable? Cozy for your pet feline.

From LiaGriffith

Baby Sock Cat Toy

Isn’t this adorable? A cat toy from a baby sock.

From MarthaStewart

How to Make a Vintage Kitty Camper out of Cardboard Boxes

Want a cozy spot for your cat to nap? Try this vintage camper box.

from Cuteness

Fishing Pole Cat Toy

What cat doesn’t like fish? So they’re going to love a fishing pole toy.

From LiaGriffith

Easy Cat Toys to Make from Wine Corks

Got wine corks? In a few minutes, you have cat toys too.

From SweetMakesThree 

Felt Sushi Cat Toy

Want sushi? Your cat will!

From LiaGriffith