40 Fantastic DIY Tie Dye Project Ideas

If you’re like most DIY-ers, we bet you have at least 1 tie dye shirt that you’ve created some time. But we’re about to astonish & surprise you – because there are so many awesome DIY tie dye projects out there for you to try!

Did you know that you can tie dye sneakers & socks? Or sheets & pillowcases? Your kid’s favorite clothing – so it looks bright & colorful? Yes, of course you can make dozens (if not hundreds!) of tie dye tees – but you also can make cozy sweatshirt sets, hoodies and blankets too. So no matter what season it is, you’ll always have something tie dyed to wear or adorn your home with!

We’ve found you 40 fun and totally amazing tie dye projects to try. Some are especially ideal for beginners. You’ll also see some of the classic tie dye patterns in here, such as spiral tie dye or the crumple tie dye. Other tie dye styles are a bit more advanced. But be confident – because there are projects here you can easily try, enjoy & get terrific results from, right from the start.

If you are brand new to tie dye, keep in mind this one simple tip – do wear clothing while you are DIY-ing that you would be okay if it was stained with dye. Because sometimes you wind up with a spot or splotch of dye that won’t come out, no matter what you do! Now is not the time to wear your favorite white crochet top with light colored pants!


So, let’s get started! Happy tie dying and DIY-ing!

How to Make Your Own Tie Dye Sweats

Comfy & tie dye too! Perfect to wear for your next workout.

From IceCreamAndNeonDreams


Want a great tee for 4th of July? Try DIY-ing this one.

From Lacrema 

How to Make Tie Dye Socks

So fun and charming! You can wear tie dye every day with these DIY socks.

From TheTipToeFairy

Tie Dye 101 (the classic spiral)

Doesn’t this look awesome? We know you’ll want to DIY a classic spiral for
your tie dye collection.

From JediCraftGirl 

Tie Dye Knit Summer Dresses

Perfect for summer. DIY these to enjoy those perfect summer days.

From TheTipToeFairy

How to Tie Dye a Dog Bed

So adorable! DIY this for your pup.

From TidDyeYourSummer

DIY Sharpie Tie Dye Shoes

Did you know that you can tie dye sneakers? Try DIY-ing these!

From FunLovingFamilies 

Rainbow Swirl Tie Dye

So amazing! Try this fun DIY.

From CraftyChica

Sharpie Tie Dye Shirt

Want to try a modern tie dye technique? DIY one with Sharpies!

From CherryBlossom56

Spiral Tie Dye Techniques

One of the most popular tie dye tees, a spiral. DIY one today!

From TieDyeYourSummer

How to Tie Dye at Home (the Right Way)

Curious about how to tie dye? Here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

From MomTastic

Reverse Tie Dye

What a fantastic tee. Simple to make but such a unique look.

From TieDyeYourSummer


Want a vivid, colorful tee? You’ve got to give ice tie dying a try.

From Brepea 

Shibori Tie-Dye Technique

This is a Japanese technique for tie dye. We love the classic look of this tie dye.

From TieDyeYourSummer

DIY Easy Dyeing with Ice

Tie Dying with ice is very popular. A modern way to do DIY tie dye.

From MadeByBarb 

Heart Tie Dye

Perfect to give as a gift. This is a charming tie dye tee.

From TieDyeYourSummer 

End of Summer Tie-Dye Beach Towels!

Here is a fun summer project. Why not DIY tie dye beach towels?

From LearningResources 

Ice Dye Technique

This is a fun & classic tie dye style. Best of all, it is simple to make.

From TieDyeYourSummer


Want a tie dye tee with a unique look? This is one you’ll want to try.

From TheTipToeFairy 

Rainbow Tie Dye

What is prettier than a rainbow in the sky? Why, one you DIY and then wear!

From TieDyeYourSummer

Tie Dye Hoodie

We love the subtle colors in this tie dye. Everyone notices when you have a great hoodie on!

From Etsy.com GoodlooksDesign

Spider Tie Dye

What a stunning tie dye. Fun to make, whether you like spiders or not!

From TieDyeYourSummer 

DIY This! Watercolor Pillowcases that Match your Decor

Tie dye home decor is lots of fun. Why not DIY watercolor pillowcases.

From Curbly

Kaleidoscope Tie Dye

Just like The Beatles said “Kaleidoscope eyes!” Amazing tee you’ll want to DIY.

From TieDyeYourSummer

The New Modern Tie Dye

Want to try a fun tie dye? Here is a stunning modern one.

From MadeByBarb

String Tie Dye

So pretty! This is a DIY tee we know you’ll want to make.

From TidDyeYourSummer 


What a great DIY tie die top for summer! With bleach and tie dye.

From HeyWandererBlog

Crumple Tie Dye

Here is one of the classic tie dye styles. DIY this one, you can use several colors.

From TieDyeYourSummer 


Do you love bleach tie dye? Here’s a fun set to DIY, you can make this in an afternoon.

From ItsAllChicToMe

Stripes Tie Dye

A stipes tee can be done many ways. With thick or thin stripes and either horizontal or vertical stripes too.

From TieDyeYourSummer 

DIY Tie Dye Set

Cozy and not just for cooler weather. Why not make these with friends and wear at your next get together?

From CuratedByCassidy 

Ombre Tie Dye

What a fun tee, like a popsicle in the summer. Bright & colorful.

From TieDyeYourSummer 


Don’t these look amazing? DIY a top or a sweatshirt too.

From SuttonAndGrove

Bullseye Tie Dye

What an awesome tee! Here is one you’ll want to DIY.

From TieDyeYourSummer 

DIY Bleach Tie Dye

So stylish! Here’s a great DIY look in time for summer.

From AmandaPuleo