40 DIY Sock Monkey Stuffed Animals


Hey! Do you love to DIY & have a couple of socks? Don’t worry….they don’t even have to match each other for this project to be fantastic! We’ve got some great DIYs for you today – make sock monkey stuffed animals.

Most of you may have seen the classic sock monkey stuffed animal, made from red toed thick winter socks. This grey and white monkey is a beloved DIY craft that has inspired many different sock animals that we now share with you. Whether you are a beginner to sewing or more advanced, there is a DIY here that we know you’ll have fun creating!

If you are making a stuffed animal to give to a little one, remember a few practical tips. It is unwise to give a baby a DIY stuffed animal that has items that could be pulled off or chewed off, such as buttons, ribbon or any sewing or embroidery thread that can come loose. Remember today lots of kids (and adults) also have allergies, so if you have a pet or someone in your house smokes, be sure to double check with the parents before you gift them with the DIY stuffed animal.

What’s really fun about these DIY stuffed sock animals is that you can see just how creative a simple sock can be! No longer will you be looking at an extra sock from your laundry as something to be irritated by – now it is DIY crafting supplies!

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!


Mismatched Socks? Sew a Sock Snake

Got a lot of socks? Try this DIY.

From GrosGrainFAB

Sock Monkey Horse Pony

Horse lover? Look at this great sock stuffed animal.

From Etsy.com by StarlightSockMonkeys

Handmade Sock Rabbit

Hip hop! Hip hop! Isn’t he cute?

From Etsy.com by supersockmonkeys 

Sock Panda

Pandas are super cute. DIY your own with socks!

From CraftPassion

Handmade Sock Giraffe

Such a cute zoo animal. Get this for someone who loves giraffes.

From Etsy.com by supersockmonkeys 

Sock bunny sewing pattern

Hippity hop! Don’t these put a smile on your face?

From Etsy.com by TheMinersWife 

Sock Reindeer

Perfect for Christmastime! DIY these great reindeer.

From CraftPassion 

Sock Monkey Kitty Cat in Brown or Pink

Are you a huge cat fan? Look at this new stuffed friend!

From Etsy.com by StarlightSockMonkeys

Sock Beaver Pattern

Aren’t these adorable? DIY your own.

From CraftPassion 

Handmade Sock Zebra

Love zoo animals? Take a look at this great zebra.

From Etsy.com by supersockmonkeys

Sock Kangaroo Pattern

Love cute kangaroos? DIY this one.

From CraftPassion 

Sock Bunny

Isn’t this adorable? Try this DIY.

From CraftPassion

Sock Elephant Pattern

Want to make a sweet elephant? Take a look at this great pattern.

From CraftPassion 

Rainbow Sock Monkey

Want a colorful sock monkey? Take a look at this one.

From Etsy.com by StarlightSockMonkeys

Adorable Sock Bunny

Aren’t these sweet? Such cute lil’ sock bunnies!

From Etsy.com by BraxtonHarperDesigns 

Sock Sloth

Want to make a sloth? DIY this one!

From CraftPassion

Handcrafted Sock Monkey Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer

Perfect for the Christmas season. Its Rudolph!

From Etsy.com by SockMonkeyFarm

Single Sock Dog Tutorial

Dog lover? DIY this sock animal.

From CutOutAndKeep

Sugar Skull Sock Monkey

Here’s a unique sock monkey. A sugar skull one.

From Etsy.com by MonkybunsSockMonkeys

Make Sock Kittens

Cat lover? DIY these cute kittens.


From PassionForum

Baby Sock Monkey Dog Doll

Love dogs? Take a look at this adorable sock monkey.

From Etsy.com by MarysMonkeys 

Sock Pug Puppy Pattern

Pug fan? Here’s the DIY you want to do.

From CraftPassion 

Dachshund Wiener Sock Dog

Is this your favorite dog breed? Then you’re going to want to look at this sock monkey stuffed animal!

From Etsy.com by sockmonkeyangel 

How to sew your own sock monkey

This is the classic stuffed sock animal. So cute!

From CraftPassion

Monochrome Sock Monkey

Isn’t this cute? Its monochrome.

From Etsy.com by Squigglymonkeys

Sock Sloth

Isn’t he adorable? A great sock stuffed animal.

From CutOutAndKeep 

Sock Monkey Puppy Dog

How adorable! A puppy dog.

From Etsy.com by StarlightSockMonkeys

Sock Raccoon Softie Pattern

Isn’t he adorable? Make this sweet softie!

From CraftPassion

Handmade Sock Monkey

Love the rainbow stripes! So colorful!

From Etsy.com by supersockmonkeys

Anatomy of a Sock Bunny

Love bunnies? Try this DIY!

From nikitaland 

Handmade Sock Cat Kitty

So stripy! What a friendly sock cat.

From Etsy.com by supersockmonkeys 

How to Sew Sock Penguin

Love penguins? DIY these sock softies.

From CraftPassion

Handmade Sock Dog

So cute! What a great stuffed dog.

From Etsy.com by supersockmonkeys 

Sock Shark

This shark is more cute than scary. DIY this one!

From CraftPassion

Handmade Original Sock Bear

Isn’t this cute? An adorable bear.

From Etsy.com by supersockmonkeys

No Sew Snake Sock Stuffie

Looking for a no sew project? This is one you can make out of socks!

From MamaPapaBubba 

Sock Unicorn Whale

How unique! Perfect if you like unicorns.

From CraftPassion

How to Sew a Sock Owl

W-h-ooo is this? Why, its a sock owl!

From CraftPassion

Sock Monkey and A Friend

What’s this? A sock monkey and a raccoon, super cute!

From ABeautifulMess

Mila’s Sock Snake

Got a lot of single socks? Here’s the perfect DIY!

From Kollabora