40 DIY Sharpie Mug Ideas


Hey! What could be better than starting out your day with a hot mug of coffee, tea or cocoa? Why, actually it would be really terrific if that mug was one that you’d DIY-d! Whether for yourself or a family member or friend. Just imagine how great it would feel, to sip that delicious beverage, from a DIY Sharpie mug that you’d created especially for that purpose. Yes, indeed, a wonderful way to begin any day. Or simply to take a break during it.

We’ve found you 40 great DIY Sharpie mug projects. You’ll be pleased to see that most of them are ones that a beginner to Sharpie projects will feel confident in tackling! Sharpie mugs are a great project, because you can actually wipe away any mistakes before you bake your mug for its permanent result. So if you sneeze or your hand slips while writing “I Love You Grandma!” no worries! You can easily correct that, and your loved one won’t notice your oopsie moment at all!

Sharpie mugs make terrific DIY gifts for a couple of reasons. The materials are quite budget friendly to get started doing this DIY. We know that once you’ve done 1 mug, you’re certainly going to want to do more! Best of all, its easy to fill a mug with small treats and tiny treasures such as candy, pens, pencils, coffee or tea, or even beauty items, so it becomes a truly personalized DIY gift just for your loved one.

So let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial

Love Sharpie mugs? Make this one!


From TaylorBradford 

Harry Potter Sharpie Mug

Harry Potter fan? Look at this great mug.

From Etsy.com by UniqueGeekStreak

How to Make Sharpie Mugs: Chevron Pattern

Love Chevron patterns? DIY these great mugs.

From DesignerTrapped

Sarcasm mug

Are you sarcastic? We found your mug!

From Etsy.com by KnotsofhopeStudio 

Winter Craft Project How to Make Snowman Mugs to Celebrate World Day of Snowman

A bit of snowman fun! Try DIY-ing these cute mugs.

From MomItForward

Made to order mugs

Isn’t this pretty? Covered with flowers and leaves.

From Etsy.com by MuggyWeather 


Psst! Want your design to really last? Follow these helpful tips.

From TheSitsGirls

DIY Personalized Gift Mugs

Looking for a great personalized gift? Try this DIY.

From PennyWiseCook

How to Make Sharpie Mugs

Aren’t these adorable? Make them for the kids’ grandparents.

From SpendWithPennies

Plant Doodle Mug

Love plants? Look at this mug.

From Etsy.com by TheBadgerCrafter

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Want to make some very sweet mugs? Try this charming DIY.

From OhHonestly 

You Are My Sunshine Sharpie DIY Mug

Isn’t this sweet? What a cheerful way to start your morning.

From Pinterest, original pinner unknown

before & after — painted cups

Want to make pretty Sharpie mugs? Try this DIY.

From ThisHeartOfMineBlog


Got mugs from the dollar store? You can DIY great looking mugs!

From DestinationDecoration

DIY Washable Sharpie Mugs

Want mugs you know you can wash easily? Do this DIY.

From JenniferMaker

How to Make Custom Sharpie Mugs Using a Simple Design

Want to make mugs that look great but are simple to do? Try this DIY.

From MainlyHomemade

How To Make A DIY Sharpie Mug That’s Washable!

Want to make washable Sharpie mugs? Follow this DIY.

From PracticallyFunctional 

How to Decorate a Coffee Mug Using a Porcelain Marker

Who could resist cute monsters? Have coffee with them!

From TutsPlus

diy Washable Sharpie Mugs

Love dots? Try this great Sharpie mug.


From DesignerTrapped

DIY Clever Coffee Mug

Want a great coffee mug for someone with a mustache? Try this one!

From TheDaysOfDawn

Design a Mug with Sharpies

Here’s a cute Sharpie mug! Make this one if you like tea.

From CraftyGirlsRock 

DIY Sharpie Mug Engagement Gifts

Are you getting engaged? DIY this great mug!

From Something Turquoise

DIY Painted Mugs That Won’t Wash Away

Love Sharpie mugs? Use these tips to make your next one!

From GluedToMyCraftsBlog 

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Need a great wedding favor? DIY these!

From EverMine

How to Transfer onto Ceramic

Want to make lovely Sharpie mugs? Look at these personalized ones.

From WithRelish

Long Distance Personalized State Relationship Mug

In a long distance relationship? Here’s a sweet mug!

From Etsy.com by HappinessInACup


Want to tell someone “I love you”? Make them this sweet DIY mug.

From BrenDid 

DIY Sharpie Mug The Right Way: Easy Personalized Gift Idea

Need a great personalized gift? A DIY Sharpie mug is always a terrific choice.

From TheThriftyCouple 

You’re My Person Coffee Mug

Want a mug for a friend or husband/wife? Try this one!

From Etsy.com by StevenStoreArt

Goals Today DIY Mug

Want a funny Sharpie mug? Try this one for a good giggle.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Brooke Nieter, original pinner unknown.

Personalized Initial Glitter Mug

Love glitter? This is a mug you’ll want to sip out of.

From Etsy.com by SamanthaCraftDesigns 


Want to transfer a design onto a Sharpie mug? Try this!

From DestinationDecoration

I like long romantic walks down every aisle of target

Want a ha ha ha romantic mug? Look at this one.

From Etsy.com by MaineMugs

all that glitters is gold

Love a touch of gold? Try these DIY Sharpie mugs.

From JyllAlongTheWay 

Personalised Mug

Want a really special Sharpie mug? One with your name on it is terrific!

From Etsy.com by Tillybop

His and Hers Sharpie Mug DIY

Looking for a DIY couple gift to make? Try this one!

From ABeautifulMess 

I’m Retired Do It Yourself

Know someone who is retiring? This is the perfect gift for them.

From Etsy.com by MaineMugs


Do you have hustle or a side hustle? Then you’ve got to DIY this mug.

From WhiteHouseBlackShutters

My Favorite People Call Me Grandma

Are you a Grandma? This mug is yours!

From Etsy.com by MaineMugs


Want a holiday mug for a Mom friend? Here’s a great DIY.

From NestOfPosies