40 DIY House Number Project Ideas

Hey! Want to give family and friends a warm welcome when they come to visit? If you’re a DIY-er, then you can make a special house number sign, just for your home. There are lots of project ideas and inspiration out there to draw from, so you can create that perfect sign. Whether you are new to DIY projects or more experienced, this is a terrific project to try.

Because most signs are small to medium sized, this is a project you can often complete within an afternoon to a weekend’s time. This is a great gift idea, if you have friends who’ve just bought a new home or new neighbors have moved in nearby. What better way to make them feel welcome and at home?

You’ll find address signs here made from a variety of materials. The most common is wood, but there are also metal and ceramic signs too. With each of these materials you have lots of options to design a great looking sign. Because you are custom creating your home numbers sign, its easy to design it with your home decor colors and anything else that is special to your family, such as your monogram, family name or even the date that you moved into your home!

Take a look at these projects, we know you’ll find a terrific one that’s perfect for your home. So let’s get started. Happy DIY-ing!

DIY House Numbers Sign

Want to welcome guests? Try this DIY house numbers sign.

From ShadesOfBlueInteriors


Here is a modern house numbers sign. This one is bold and contemporary.

From Etsy.com by DecaModa

DIY House Numbers Sign Adds Curb Appeal

Doesn’t this add a lot of charm? Try this for your home.

From FamilyFocusBlog

Personalized House Number Plaque

Isn’t this charming? It has the house number and the family’s last name on it.

From Etsy.com by SassySquirrelink


Isn’t this pretty? Made from paint sticks too.

From HomeStoriesAtoZ

Metal Address Sign Powder Coated

This address sign is made from metal. Don’t the numbers stand out nicely?

From Etsy.com by SSMetalFab

DIY Address Plaque

Love the contemporary style numbers. This address plaque also has a planter too.

From MyAnythingAndEverything

House Number Yard Sign with Stakes

Isn’t this pretty? A house number sign you can put in your yard.

From Etsy.com by SecondNatureDesigns1

Address Number Post Planter

Want a great looking house number sign? Try a post with a planter.

From Shanty-2-Chic

House number sign

Like flowers? Take a look at this lovely sign.

From Etsy.com by LazyHoundWorkshop

DIY House Number Sign

Doesn’t this look great? A house number sign.

From CrafivityDesigns

Address Sign

Isn’t this charming? Let everyone know where you live.

From Etsy.com by ItsASignAndDesigns

House number sign

Want a house number sign with a planter? Take a look at this large sign.

From Etsy.com by WillBMoreServices

What a perfect addition to any home

Here’s a great way to personalize your home. Add your initial and your house numbers.

From Interiors-Designed

house number signs with figure 3

Here is a very classic house number sign. You add a symbol you like along with the house number too.

From Etsy.com by CapeCodBaySigns


Want a great house numbers sign? Try this one.

From SewAtHomeMummy 

Personalized House Number Plaques

Like monograms? This house sign has your street address and last initial too.

From Etsy.com by WheelerCustomWoods 

How to Make a Modern House Number Sign

Want a modern house number sign? Try this one.

From LittleHouseOfFour

Golden Retriever Metal Address Numbers

Love dogs? Try this house number sign.

From Etsy.com by MegaMetalDesigns


Want a big house number sign? Try this one.

From Remodelaholic

House number sign address sign

Isn’t this lovely? Its carved out of wood.

From Etsy.com by MikesFineDesigns

Make a House Address Number Monogram

A monogram personalizes your home number sign. This one is bright and colorful.

From CraftCuts

Rustic Address Sign

Want your name on an address sign? Try this one.

From Etsy.com by The LiztonSignShop

Need this for our yard

What a great house numbers sign! Its personalized for your family.

From Pinterest, saved by Kimberly Smith (original pinner not known)

Blue Hydrangea House number sign

Isn’t this pretty? With lovely hydrangeas on it.

From Etsy.com by DipintoAdArte

Scrap Wood Project: Bead Board Address Sign

Want a unique address sign? Try this one, made from bead boards.

From RefreshLiving

Firefighter Helmet Address Sign

Are you a firefighter or have one in the family? Take a look at this great address sign.

From Etsy.com by MegaMetalDesigns

Cedar Street Number Planter

Isn’t this charming? It has your house numbers and a plant in it too.

From Ana-White 

Vertical House Number Sign

Here’s a stylish number sign. Looks great for your home.

From Etsy.com by RefinedInspirations 

DIY Address Number Wall Planter

Isn’t this pretty? Welcome guests to your home with this address number sign.

From Shanty-2-Chic

DIY Solar Address Sign

Like solar? Try this great address sign.

From TheSeasonalHome

Arts and Crafts Cottage

Here’s a great house number sign. It has a lantern so people can see your home even in early evening.

From ParadeOfHomes

Container Gardening

This classic and modern house number is great. It is also large so everyone can easily see it.

From 4Men1Lady

Rustic House Numbers Sign

Isn’t this charming? A house numbers sign with a lamp.

From TheHoneyCombHome


Want to customize your house numbers sign? Here you add your family’s initial to it.

From ALittleCraftInYourDay

Welcome Home- a unique home address sign DIY

Here’s a fun house number sign you can make. Its made from nails in a board.

From TheRefurbishedHome

House Number Plaque

Want a bright and colorful house number sign? Try this one.

From ATurtlesLifeForMe

How to Make an Easy DIY Address Post

Why not put your house number sign on a post? Then everyone can see it right away.

From HelloFarmhouse


Want your house to have more curb appeal? Try adding this house number planter box.


From BeMyGuestWithDenise

DIY Cedar Planter Box

Here’s a great house number sign. Its actually a planter.

From Shanty-2-Chic