40 DIY Fancy Cupcakes

Want to make something sweet for a party? Cupcakes are the perfect DIY choice! We’ve found you 40 terrific cupcakes to admire, with scrumptious recipes & directions to follow. Most are great for beginning DIY-ers to do & get terrific results. A few are ideal for more intermediate or advanced DIY-ers. So we know you’ll find that cupcake that is not only sweet, but that your family & friends say “Wow!” when they see them.

One of the great things about cupcakes, is that it is so easy to make a dessert for everyone to enjoy at the party. Most recipes make about 24 cupcakes, if you need more, you can always double or triple the recipe. Or consider making 2 different types of cupcakes, which always looks pretty.

Cupcakes are easy to customize, as you can change the flavors and colors as you wish. So if you’d prefer to make strawberry cupcakes instead of vanilla, this is quite simple to do. What a great way to put a smile on the birthday girl or boy’s face, DIY-ing cupcakes in their favorite flavor, or adding other customizations like fun candy toppings!

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!


How to Make Ruffle Flower Cupcakes

Love dahlias and chrysanthemums? DIY these pretty flower cupcakes!

From JennyCookies

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Cookie monster fan? DIY these fun cupcakes.

From CupcakeDiariesBlog

Zoo Animal Cupcakes

Aren’t they adorable? Zoo animal cupcakes!

From PoshInProgress

How to Make Easy DIY Unicorn Cupcakes

Love unicorns? These are super easy to DIY too!

From Tikkido

how to Mermaid Cupcakes

Mermaid fan? DIY these great cupcakes for your next party.

From BeingLibby 

Sesame Street Cupcakes

Is your little boy or girl having a birthday party? These are the cupcakes you’ll want to DIY!

From CakeCentral

Unicorn Cupcakes

Aren’t these sweet? DIY these fun cupcakes.

From MyKidsLickTheBowl 

Easy Farm Animal Cupcakes

Look at these super cute farm cupcakes! DIY these for your next kids party!

From BlueIStyleBlog

Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes

Aren’t these sweet? Strawberry cupcakes.

From ALatteFood

Easy Make at Home Corgi Cupcakes

Love corgis? DIY these yummy cupcakes.

From TheDapple

How to Make Mermaid Cupcakes

So much fun! Bright & colorful mermaid cupcakes.

From Cosmopolitan

Flamingo Cupcakes

Flamingo fan? DIY these sweet cupcakes.

From PartyIdeasUK 

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

What fun for a bridal shower or another “over 21” party! Champagne cupcakes.

From RecipeGirl 

Shark Week Inspired Cupcakes

Such fun cupcakes! Great for a summer party.

From TammiLeeTips

Perfect Dozen Cupcake Bouquet

Why, these look like you need to put them in a vase! Such lovely flower cupcakes.

From Etsy.com by JessyBakes

Buttercream Blossoms

So delightful! Cupcakes in bloom.

From BakedBlooms

Pig Cupcakes

Perfect for a beginner baker. These are super cute, an easy DIY.

From PartyPinching

Dinosaur Cupcakes

Dino-themed party? DIY these super cute cupcakes.

From TwoSistersCrafting

Jungle Animal Cupcakes

Super cute! DIY these for a kid’s birthday party.

From BettyCrocker

Leprechaun Cookie Cupcakes

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? DIY these fun cupcakes.

From PartyPinching

DIY Succulent Cupcakes

Do you love succulents? DIY these cupcakes for your next party!

From ThinkMakeShareBlog

Dino Bites

Does your family love dinosaurs? DIY these fun cupcakes.

From Parents

Easy DIY Peppa Pig Party Food Ideas

Does your kids love Peppa Pig? DIY these adorable cupcakes.

From BrownieBites

Jungle Animal Cupcakes

Such cute animals! Perfect for your child’s birthday party.

From Instructables 

Pig Cupcakes

Aren’t these adorable? Sweet lil’ pig cupcakes!

From SweetCakesByLynetta

Marshmallow Flowers Cupcakes

Marshmallow fan? DIY these pretty flower cupcakes.

From CoolCreativity

Minion Cupcakes

Minion fans in your house? DIY these fun cupcakes!

From BettyCrocker

Barnyard Cupcakes

Is your kid having a farm themed party? Here are the perfect cupcakes to DIY.

From PartyPinching

Lion Cupcakes

Perfect for a kid’s birthday party! A big cake surrounded by cupcakes, creating a cute lion’s face.

From UsingMainlySpoons

How to Make DIY Cactus Cupcakes

Love cacti? DIY these pretty cupcakes!

From DesignCreateCultivate

Flower Cupcake

Perfect for a birthday party or bridal shower. Such lovely cupcakes!

From Cake.Corriere

Easy Lion Cupcakes

Roar! These cupcakes are yummy!

From KitchenFunWithMy3Sons

Succulent Cupcakes Recipe

Aren’t these adorable? DIY them if you love succulents.

From Delish

Buttercream Flower Cupcakes Tutorial

Aren’t these pretty? DIY these sweet cupcake flowers.

From AvalonCakeSchool

Bouquet of a dozen red roses cupcakes

Perfect for Valentine’s Day! These roses will last until you’re ready for a treat.

From BakedBlooms

DIY Flower Cupcake Bouquet

Want to give someone a sweet bouquet? DIY this with tempting cupcakes!

From 4theloveoffoodblog

Flower Gallery Cupcakes

So bright & colorful! Here’s a variety of flower cupcakes.

From Wilton

Succulent Garden

Aren’t these beautiful? Cupcakes that create a garden scene.

From BakedBlooms

Floral Frosting Cupcakes

Why, they look so real you might have to plant them! Lovely variety of flower cupcakes.

From SugarAndCharm 

DIY Cupcake Bouquet

So cute!!! Perfect for a baby shower or bridal shower.

From SeeVanessaCraft