40 DIY Birthday Cakes

Are you about to wish a family member or friend “Happy Birthday”? Then we know you’re going to want to make them a terrific cake! Fortunately, you’re a DIY-er, so you’ve got lots of choices to pick from!

We’ve found you 40 fun and festive birthday cakes – for adults, kids and teens. Why there is something here for everyone. Whether you are new to baking or would feel confident appearing on one of those baking shows on TV, there is a DIY birthday cake here you can make.

Always read the recipe to be sure you have all of the ingredients. You can make some customization to a cake – but baking is very specific. The ingredients create the cake. But when it comes to the decorating – why, you can do just about anything you think will make the birthday boy or girl grin from ear to ear!

Happy DIY-ing!

How to Make a Gilded Watercolor Cake

How elegant! Perfect for a birthday party.

From Brit.co

How to Make a Candy Cake

Does your kids have a sweet tooth? DIY this candy cake.

From Fun-Squared 

A Sweet Ice Cream Social Birthday

Ice cream a favorite of your family? DIY this cake!

From FreshMommyBlog

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB8 Cookie

Here’s a fun Star Wars birthday cake – its actually a cookie! A sweet treat for everyone to enjoy.

From EclecticMomSense

Farm Birthday Party

Is your child having a farm birthday party? DIY this sweet cake and cupcakes for them!

From Pinterest, saved by Marie Cornett

Hydrangea Cakes

Perfect for a spring or summer birthday. Very sweet cake!

From SugarHero

Fourteen for the Fourteenth

Do you want to make a really big cake? Try this 14 layer one!

From Bakerella 

Avacado Lime Tart

Want a truly unique birthday cake? Try this for someone who doesn’t just want chocolate, vanilla or strawberry!

From GoFeminin

How to Make this Cake Block Minecraft Birthday Cake

Do your kids play Minecraft? DIY this fun cake!

From EatingOnADime 

Lego Cake

Does your kid love LEGOS? DIY this cake for them.

From InKatrinasKitchen 

Jessica’s 3rd Birthday Cake

Look, its Princess Ariel to celebrate a little girl’s birthday. What a sweet DIY cake.

From Flickr by Mike Carter

Farm Cake

Does your child’s birthday party have a farm theme? DIY this adorable cake!

From CakeCentral

Minecraft Cake

Wow! What a great way to say Happy Birthday!

From Pinterest, saved by Jennifer Roemhild

Chocolate Flower Cake

Friend or family member who loves flowers? DIY this cake!

From TheCakeBlog

Willy Wonka Birthday Cake

Got a sweet tooth? Here is the cake for you!

From LayersCakesAndConfections

Style Sweet Turns 2

Cakes with buttercream frosting are rich and sweet. DIY this for your next birthday.

From StyleSweetCA 

DIY Unicorn Emoji Cake

Is your teen a unicorn fan? Here’s the perfect cake to DIY.

From PartyPieces

1001 idees pour la decoration du gateau princesse

Do you have a princess celebrating a birthday? DIY this cake!

From Pinterest, published by ArchZinePR

How to make a smash cake for a 1st birthday

Is your little one turning 1? DIY them this smash cake!

From OneLittleProject

PJ Masks Cake

Want to make a fun birthday cake for your kids? DIY this one!

From MyKidsLickTheBowl 

DIY Star Wars Death Star Birthday Cake

Star Wars fan? This is the DIY cake for you!

From YouMeAndB

How to Make a Unicorn Cake

Does your child like unicorns? This is a great cake to DIY.

From Rosanna Panisino

Butterfly Cake

Want a cake for your little girl? Try this adorable one.

From WhatILiveFor

Zoo Animals and Book Themed Cake

Isn’t this sweet? Perfect for a little one’s party.

From CakeCentral

My dream birthday cake

Sweet tooth? DIY this birthday cake made from candy.

From Pinterest, saved by Ian Dudzinski

Princess Cake

Want a great cake for your lil’ princess? DIY this one!

From Pinterest, saved by Ashley Beckett 

Minecraft Grass Block Birthday Cake for My Nephew

If your child likes to play Minecraft then they will love this cake! So much fun!

From CakeCentral


LEGO fan? This cake has edible chocolate LEGOS all over it!

From Makeoodle

DIY Giant Cupcake Smash Cake

Isn’t this sweet? Its a giant cupcake – perfect for a smash cake!

From PhanessasCrafts 

Unicorn Cupcake Cake

Love cupcakes & unicorns? We have the birthday cake for you!

From Pinterest, saved by Lisa White

How to Make a NO BAKE Candy Birthday Cake

Does your kid or teen like candy more than cake? Here’s the cake to DIY for them.

From GigglesGalore 

R2D2 Chewbacca Birthday Cake

Are you a huge Star Wars fan, or do you know one? Then this is the cake for you!

From Instagram, posted by pixycakes

Money Birthday Cake

Is your teen saving up for a car or a cellphone. Make them smile with this DIY birthday cake.

From Pinterest, pinned by Linda Terry

Easy Unique 1st Birthday Smash Cake

1st birthday coming up? This one is perfect for new bakers.

From DirectorJewels 

How to make a peacock cake

Wow! This is a cake you’ll get lots of compliments on baking.

From TipJunkie 

DIY Abstract Watercolor Cake

How pretty! A great DIY birthday cake.

From SugarAndCloth

How to Make Sugar Dahlias

Want show-stopping flowers for your birthday cake? Try these!

From LulusSweetSecrets

Smash Cake Recipe and Tutorial

Is your little one turning 1? DIY this smash cake.

From CookingWithKarli

Smash Cake Portraits Pittsburgh

That 1st birthday is so special. That’s why you need a sweet cake like this one.

From StudiosBlog

Fruity Pebbles Treats Cake

Does your kid love Fruity Pebbles? Pick this cake!

From GloriousTreats