40 Brilliant DIY Book Art Ideas

Hey! Are you a DIY-er and a book lover too?!? We have the perfect project for you: book art! It might surprise you – but it’s possible to make things out of books.

Before you recoil in complete shock, at the thought of destroying some of your favorite books to do DIY’s projects with, realize just how eco-friendly it is, to take some of your old books and make things from them. Yes, you can always recycle an old book – but if you adore books, then quite likely you would especially appreciate home decor or other fun items that you’ve created made from old books.

We’ve found you 40 simply brilliant book art project ideas. These make fun teacher Thank You gifts, or a lovely gift for your local librarian or an author you know. If you have a friend or family member who loves books or words, such as doing crossword puzzles – then a DIY project created from a dictionary would be special to make for them.

Some of these projects are ideal for beginners and others will appeal more to someone who is more experienced with DIY projects. But we are confident you will get great results.

So, let’s get started. Happy DIY-ing!

How to Print Photo Art on Book Pages

Here’s a unique DIY. Make fun photo art.

From SimplySeptember

Book Art Paper Birds

So pretty! Charming book art with a bird theme.

From Etsy.com by ButterflyBooksCo


Simply stunning. Here is a DIY you’ve got to try.

From AWonderfulThought

Folded book art – Initials with & heart wedding gift

So charming! The perfect gift for someone you love.

From Esty.com by LandKCreative

How to Book Fold – Simple Tutorial

We know you won’t want to miss this one. Learn how to do book folding.

From DoodleAndStitch

Book Wreath

Such a lovely flower. The perfect book art wreath.

From Etsy.com by HollsNBare

Folded book art custom name or date

What a lovely gift. Ideal for room decor.

From Etsy.com by JoJosReticules

How to Make DIY Book Page Wreath (Quick & Easy Method)

A great DIY wreath for beginners. This is one you can DIY in an afternoon.

From RestorationBeauty

Small hanging book page wreath

Isn’t this sweet? We love this wreath.

From Etsy.com by PrettyPagesDesigns

13.5 inch Heart Shaped Repurposed Book Page flower wreath

Simply delightful! If you love roses and books, choose this.

From Etsy.com by TreecycledCrafts 

book puff ball tutorial

What fun! Try this book art DIY.

From lyssa-beth.blogspot

Petal Book Page Wreath

Isn’t this pretty? What a lovely flower.

From Etsy.com by CreatingMoore

Book Art: Crafting Paper Roses

So pretty! You’ve got to DIY these.

From LindaKsienkiewicz

Book Page Wreath Paper Flowers

So charming! This is a flower wreath we know you’ll love.

From Etsy.com by StarkeyandCo

Upcycled book page wreath

Love books? This is a wreath you’ll want.

From Etsy.com by NerdyDoe 

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case Made from an Old Book

Do you love knitting & old books? This is a DIY you’ll want to do.

From TheGreenWife

Paper wreath 20″ dictionary

Love dictionaries? Here is the paper wreath for you.

From Etsy.com by PatchworkGiraffe

30 minute DIY Vintage Notebook

Have an old book you love? Why not DIY it into a notebook?

From TheCraftingChicks

Coffee Cup Folded Book Art Pattern

Very unique! Try this fun book art DIY.

From Etsy.com by PreMadeReMade

Book Pages Pencil Cups

Perfect Thank You gift for any teacher. A fun book art DIY.

From The3rsblog 

DIY Gift Box

Here is a fun book art DIY. Give this one a try.

From MakeAndDoCrew 

DIY Activity Book & Fabric Giveaway

Here’s a fun book art DIY. Try this one.

From CosmoCricket 


Are you a book lover? DIY this for your kitchen.

From Town-n-Country-Living

Freebie Friday – Book Frames

Love books? You’ll want to DIY these frames.

From LeahKoenig

Awesome Bookmarks from Old Books

Have old books you love? Here is a great book art DIY.

From CraftsALaMode 

paper flowers holiday wreath

Very eco-friendly. Perfect for the holidays.

From AlisaBurke

book page roses

So pretty. Try this DIY book art.

From TwiggStudios

DIY Book Page Wreath

So amazing! We know you have a book or two onhand to DIY this.

From KnickOfTime

DIY faux curled rosewood wreath

So elegant. Try this great book art DIY.

From ByStephanieLynn

Book Page Canvas Wall Art

Isn’t this lovely? DIY this for your home.

From KnickOfTime

How to Make a Book Page Garland

So stylish. This is a great book art DIY.

From MakingItInTheMountains 

Garlands, vintage, white, type

Here is a simple DIY. Perfect book art to make.

From ABeachCottage 

Repurposed Book Page Canvas Hymn Art

So elegant. Perfect DIY for your home.

From KnickOfTime 

How to Decorate a Fall Mantel with Vintage and Found Items

So stylish. Lovely DIY home decor with book art.

From PostcardsFromTheRidge 

Folded Book Art

Here is a great book art tutorial. Fun for beginners.

From Instructables

Book Folding DIY

So pretty! DIY this book art, for a gift or the holidays.

From MeSewCrazy

Book Folding Basics Explained

Curious about book folding? Here is a great DIY.

From LoveBookFolding 

Simple Valentine’s Day Bunting

So pretty for Valentine’s Day. DIY this fun book art.

From SimpleAsThatBlog